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Renovation and decoration

Quality renovation of apartments, offices, retail and commercial premises with a tree years warranty. Internal and external decoration, facade works for country houses, cottages, villas, commercial premises, shopping and entertainment centers, administrative buildings. Professional level of performance of all works on a "turnkey" basis within the stipulated timescale.

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Project development (interior design - engineering - landscape)

Highly developed interior design of apartments, houses, commercial premises, offices, administrative buildings. Project development and installation of modern engineering systems of electrics and microclimate (heating - air conditioning - ventilation). Proper landscape design: the territory, lighting, irrigation, landscape gardening.

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Construction of country houses, cottages, villas, commercial premises, shopping and entertainment centers, office buildings, garages, parking places and much more. Quality workmanship using innovative technologies. Warranty for all works.

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HEATING - VENTILATION - AIR CONDITIONING - POWER SUPPLY (sale - designing - installation - maintenance)

Ukrainian construction company “Seleсtrenbau”

We started out dealing in 1997 and presented our company in the construction business, as "Renove". We immediately placed our strake on innovative solutions and concepts and have differentiated from many competitors by high quality of work and responsibility.

The actual date of the birth of our company is the year 2000, when we joined the group “Select Austria – Ukraine” company, so that is why the name of the company was changed to "Selectrenbau" (Group Select - Design - Renovation - Construction). Thereafter, due to the collaboration with Austrian partners, we are permitted to use the advanced Austrian and German technologies for the construction and finishing works, engineering systems and equipment, develop exceptionally comfortable and stylish European design. We purchase and supply materials, equipment, furniture, lighting and decoration items needed for projects directly from manufacturers from Western Europe and the United States without intermediaries. Thus, our customers with 100% guarantee get adequate prices and original products, used in design, renovation or construction.

We strive to create new, interesting and always original architectural and design facilities using advanced European technologies and quality standards. Our team consists of professionals of different specialties, so the company provides the following range of services: projecting, construction, renovation and finishing works, interior design, land improvement, development of engineering systems, landscaping. We collaborate with both private and legal persons, not only in Kiev and its region, but also in other regions of the country. If you look through the works presented in the Portfolio, you will certainly appraise their original design and excellent quality of our projects.

Customers, who choose the company "Selectrenbau" get the partner whose impeccable professional reputation provided by: the team of certified architects and designers, engineers and their own teams specialized in renovation and decorating works and in construction. Together, we guarantee high quality of all kinds of the work, timeliness of performance, reasonable prices. Working with us, you will get the facility of European quality for economically reasonable cost.

Today "Selectrenbau" - a diversified, efficient working company that is trusted by hundreds of customers and partners. Their respect was deserved by the following principles: straight dealing, quality and reliability. These concepts are the key for long-term successful business.

The company carries out complex projects and innovative architectural and design concepts for both private and public sectors: apartments, cottages, country houses, offices, restaurants and hotels, office buildings, shopping and entertainment centers and other projects.

Advantages of "Selectrenbau"

  • Comprehensive approach. Facilities complemented by our company will help you to avoid lots of troubles and financial losses related to the purchasing of necessary goods. We will timely complement the facility with original European, American and domestic products supplied at fair prices directly from manufacturers. For customers, it means the wide range of construction and finishing materials, furniture of various styles, lighting, decoration items, electrical equipment and other goods.
  • Shared responsibility. Unlike salons or show rooms, we are the sole supplier and provide qualitative installation of various groups of goods (construction and finishing materials, furniture, lighting, decoration items, electrical equipment), and thus do not overprice products offered to you, but vice versa, make them be optimal for our customers. As we undertake the full supply of the project with necessary goods and services, the company bears the shared responsibility for its impeccable implementation. If the goods are acquired by you or for you in different salons and the installation is provided by extraneous construction, renovation and finishing teams, then not only all kinds of responsibility are lost, but also deadlines are missed. It often happens in real life. Products acquired at our company are delivered to the facility according to the schedule, so that is why we never miss deadlines, damage goods and materials. Also we provide warranty with the following post-warranty service.
  • Transparent pricing. "Selectrenbau" provides customers with a clear calculation, reasonable prices for all kinds of goods and works. Project complement department regularly carries out financial monitoring, as well as in Kiev and other regions in order to guarantee customers competitive prices for the goods of domestic and foreign manufacturers by projects complement with shared responsibility represented by our company. In this case customers do not overpay for advertising, storage, use of commercial and warehouse spaces and other overhead costs that retailers include in the prices (shops, salons and show-rooms). Due to the cooperating with hundreds of manufacturers of Western Europe and the USA, as well as with domestic manufacturers and direct purchase (without intermediaries), the company provides the extensive range of goods of different price categories.
  • European quality. Subdivisions of builders and finishers perform the full range of services using the newest technological developments of the Austrian and German construction industry. It enables us to perform all types of work with the required quality, and provide customers the long-term guarantee for all types of work and commissioning of work stages according to schedule.
  • Exclusive author's design and architecture. Since 2000, "Selectrenbau" is a member of the group of companies “Select Austria – Ukraine”. Due to this, the team of professional and certified designers and architects has got the opportunity to cooperate with Austrian partners effectively. It has opened the access to the European experience of colleagues, collaboration on the implementation of projects of any complexity and styles, Austrian innovations and technologies in the field of design and architecture. Together, we have developed and implemented hundreds of projects for both private and public buildings (apartments, country houses, cottages, offices, restaurants and other facilities), that always met customer expectations. Together with Austrian partners, we create author’s and stylish interiors that provide customers the highest level of comfort. Specialists of the company constantly improve their knowledges, tracking fashion trends and trends in the world of architecture and design, visit world exhibitions regularly, drawing there new ideas. We are constantly expanding the assortment of used materials, furniture, lighting and decoration items, offering customers only original products. Developing projects, designers and architects of the company, take into account interests, requirements and wishes of customers. With us, you will bring into reality your bold ideas, and we will find professional and functional solutions for their implementation. All our projects are unique in their own way.

Official agreement and pricing

Cooperation with customers is carried out on the basis of official agreement, supplemented by a detailed cost estimate and stepwise schedule of all works stipulated by the project. The costs are calculated individually for each facility before the start of construction, allowing customers to allocate costs properly. During estimating process, we are ready to make adjustments in the list of used materials or equipment, defining the suitable variant according to the cost without compromising on quality. Provided documentation is understandable and justified. For us, it is a matter of honor and an important criterion for professional ethics to ensure appropriate use of customers funds. Signing the work agreement that includes the creation of an architectural project, interior design development, complement of the project with construction and finishing materials, engineering systems, supply of furniture and lighting, customers get significant discounts. It results in lower cost, but the quality of our work always remains high.

Duty of confidentiality

Employees of the company involved in the project, sign a commitment not to disclose personal or business information of customers.

Warranty and terms

Before the start of work on the project, we carefully plan the whole cycle of required works to provide the competent organization of the process. Supply department complements facilities with necessary materials and equipment, allowing us to follow the schedule agreed with the customer. We are sure in the quality of our services. Our customers get a 2-3 year warranty on implemented work, and after this period expiration, we provide a full range of post-warranty services. We always adhere to timescales. Implemented facilities always correspond to the project.

The trust of customers is our main value. We always strive to justify it by efforts of the large team, holding the high quality level of services. Over the years we have obtained the reputation of a reliable company, where come regular customers and their business partners, friends, relatives and this is the main criterion to evaluate our work. We are professionals and it is a matter of honor for us to perform our work at a decent level.