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Construction team

If you dream to build your own house and you are ready to go into this issue, then you cannot avoid solving a number of problems. First of all, where to find the contractor who you could trust: should you visit some construction sites or ask friends? It is not an easy task to choose a team of professional builders. For the construction you need to find by yourself the separate teams that specialize in one type of work. For example, for the works with the foundation you need concrete workers and for the construction of walls – stone masons. And then there is a problem again –where to find roofers, etc. It is quite possible that the workers you found are very good specialists indeed, however nobody will be responsible for the final results. During the construction you will have to postpone your affairs and become a foreman at the construction site in order to determine the scope of work for each worker and check the quality of performance every day. In this case, in addition to financial expenses, you will face the stresses for your nervous system and the time expenditures. And at the end you won’t get full guarantees that the final result will meet the requirements of reliability, quality and safety.

If you need a professional team to carry out construction works of European quality, but there is a problem in choosing of a reliable executor - the construction team of "Selectrenbau" is always at your disposal.

For over 16 years we have been carrying out a range of construction works at various facilities, so that is why we can say without false modesty that we know everything about them. And besides, we not only know, but also are able to carry out them, using modern technologies, original materials, abiding European standards and regulations. We undertake the responsibility for a range of construction works on the facility - from the development of design project and to the full complementation and finishing of the facility on the "turn-key" basis.

The main advantage of "Selectrenbau" - people. Top-class professionals, with years of experience. Construction team - staff of qualified single-discipline executors: concrete workers, masons, roofers, crane operators, assemblers and other professionals. Like clockwork, each of them does works at the appropriate level and within the allotted time, ensuring maximum efficiency and results.

Our credo is changeless –the best value for money with European quality. You know in advance what you will get for paid money. You do not pay for square meters, but for the work that we carry out qualitatively.

Since 2000 “Selectrenbau” is a member of the group of companies “Select Austria – Ukraine” and due to it our team has gotten the opportunity to use advanced technological inventions of Austrian and German construction industry. We pay a lot of attention to the level of professional qualification of our staff, regularly provide practical courses and trainings regarding of innovative technologies and methods of the construction industry. In addition, over the years of successful work, we have formed a united and professional team of people who know and love their job. There are no random people in the team. Employees mandatory pass testing in their specialty before joining the company.

We provide and guarantee:

  • construction works of any volume and complexity;
  • individual approach to each customer;
  • use of innovative technological inventions of the Austrian and German construction industry;
  • use of only professional equipment, original and reliable materials;
  • full control over the working stages;
  • fair prices for materials and serviced with European quality, progress payment;
  • commissioning of stages according to the schedule;
  • long-term warranty on carried out works;
  • post-warranty service.

We are confident that we will justify the confidence of customers, and hope that transparent conditions of cooperation and high quality work will allow you to recommend our company to your relatives, friends and colleagues in the future.