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About our landscaping team

Our team that works on implementation of landscape design projects was being formed in 1997. Now it is a team of specialists in different fields, who united for a common goal: a professional arrangement of the adjacent territory and creation of unique landscape of any facility.

Since 2000, “Selectrenbau” is a member of the group of companies “Select Austria – Ukraine”. In collaboration with Austrian and German partners, using European experience, advanced Austrian and German technologies, we develop a charming and comfortable landscape design, implement landscaping projects on the "turn-key" basis. Time saving, diverse special knowledge and technologies in the field of projecting and improvement of land plots – these are the services that our company offers you. We have been creating a harmonious image, style and comfort within the territory that surrounds different facilities for almost two decades and during this time we have implemented hundreds of authentic projects.

Landscaping team is a division of the company "Selectrenbau" that is fully staffed with necessary specialists.

The following specialists are working on each project simultaneously:

  • Landscape designers – are responsible for the creative part of the project, including the defining of the style, territory planning, selection of plants (perennial, annual), development of décor elements (sculptures, fountains, abours, etc.), lighting;
  • Architects - create projects of outbuildings, fences, etc., with a draughtsmanship of its model in 3D format;
  • Geodesists – carry out the inspection of the area;
  • Geologists - determine the layer-by-layer structure of the soil, the level and chemical composition of groundwate;
  • Hydraulic engineers - determine the necessary complementation of automatic watering systems, develop the technical part of the artificial ponds and fountains projects;
  • Power engineers - carry out all types of work related to the planning and arrangement of electric wiring system, lighting fixtures needed both for the lightning of the main building and architectural forms, sculptural and floral compositions used in the project;
  • Dendrologists - select perennials plants, grass mixtures that are necessary for each facility and set them out;
  • Agronomists - directly participate in the planting process of an orchard and berry fields, plan trimming, tying, formation of ornamental plantations, caring for berry crops;
  • Florists - create floral compositions that correspond to the certain design style;
  • Green space workers - prepare the soil, set out the planting material, provide plants with necessary care (primary watering, fertilizing, topiary, chemical plant protection etc.).

There are owners of cottages, country residences, elite clubs and restaurants, hotels and entertainment establishments among our customers. We create original author’s projects for all areas from several hundred square meters and to several hectares. There are no limitations for us neither on the relief of the terrain, nor on climate conditions. Each landscape design project created by us - is an example of the style and artistic taste. We are proud of each of them, because we have put not only our knowledge and craftsmanship into them, but also the soul.

There is no impossible idea for us. We know that there is no limit to perfection, so that is why we are always looking for new technologies and materials that allow us to do real marvels, turning a trivial landscaping into the fascinating creative process. At the same time, we always listen to the wishes of customers for whom the surrounding area becomes an integral part of their lives in the future. We do not use templates in our work, but always adhere to the requirements for certain design styles, providing them with individual features. As a result, customers get author’s conceptual solutions, created to emphasize the elite level and charisma of the facility. In such framing a cottage, hotel, restaurant or a country club will for sure earn the presentable status.

"Selectrenbau" landscaping team gives endless possibilities to implement the most original ideas. Working with us, customers receive the following benefits:

  • creation of a unique landscape design, which corresponds to the level of artistic and architectural value;
  • turning the surrounding area into a harmonious space determined by the age, lifestyle, tastes of the owners and carried out in one style;
  • improvement of the are functionality;
  • use of modern trends and technologies presented at the prestigious international exhibitions;
  • compliance with deadlines of works and optimization of processes, which reduces the costs;
  • guarantee for the quality of materials and equipment used for construction, lighting, watering or decoration at the area;
  • selection of healthy planting material, corresponding to the certain climatic zone and soil structure;
  • ensuring full care of landscape elements (plants, watering, lighting, ponds).

Our team is a team of like-minded people. Our work - is a well-adjusted mechanism. Our customers are people who appreciate the beauty and originality. Landscape projects from "Selectrenbau" are your desires, reinforced by our capabilities.