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Since 2000, "Selectrenbau" is a member of a group of companies «Select-Austria - Ukraine". Due to it, our team of specialists in heating, ventilation and conditioning systems has got the opportunity to fruitfully cooperate with Austrian partners. It has opened the access to the European experience of colleagues, cooperation on the implementation of projects, use of innovative technological innovations of Austrian and German climate control equipment.

"Selectrenbau" team provides the professional projecting and installation of air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems at various facilities. We work with different types of air conditioning and ventilation equipment, gas, electrical, pellet and solid fuel boilers, alternative energy, installing them and necessary component parts at the different in scale and complexity facilities. Customers of the company are the owners of apartments, country houses and cottages, offices, restaurants, hotels, bank institutions, shopping and entertainment centers and other facilities. Specialist select the appropriate variant for them that corresponds to construction features of the premises, creating comfortable environment for people in cold or hot season and reducing energy consumption.

Taking into account the extensive variety of tasks that are to be solved in the working process, the team consists of specialists with different qualifications.

It includes:

  • projecting engineers - work on the creation of air conditioning, ventilation, heating projects. Carry out necessary measurements at facilities, produce drawings and schemes. Select the appropriate variants of equipment;
  • Engineers (project control) – specialists, who monitor the timely supply of materials and equipment at the facilities entrusted to them, check the quality of the installation, test “turnkey” systems;
  • Power engineering specialists – are responsible for the electrical part of projects, starting from the connection to the power supplies of required capacity, ending with the selection of tools for the transition to an autonomous mode in case of emergency outages. Control the automatic setting;
  • Metalworkers - perform work operations on the installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (boiler, pumps, pipelines, radiators or convectors, ventilation ducts);
  • Electricians - carry out the installation of heating systems using the infrared principle of operation, hot air curtains or electric convectors and connection of air conditioning systems (indoor, outdoor units).

Thus, due to the availability of necessary specialists and competent work organization, we are a self-contained flexible subdivision that, if necessary, works on several sites simultaneously. We always guarantee adherence to deadlines and perfect quality of projecting and installation operations.

Our specialists are professionals of the top drawer. Each of them works in this field for a long time and has not only an extensive experience, but also necessary knowledge, including related to the functioning of innovative equipment. As more and more customers strive to use for their property the modern equipment with a high efficiency at low energy cost that meets environmental requirements.

The team of climate control, ventilation and air conditioning specialists consists of:

  • experts with experience and specialized education;
  • continuous professional development, knowledge of modern technologies and skills to use them;
  • competent projecting, taking into account construction features of the facility;
  • selection of the appropriate technical solution that has increased efficiency, reasonable cost, and extensive operational capabilities;
  • original equipment and component parts from the leading manufacturers of Western Europe and the USA;
  • fair prices for equipment and services;
  • multi-staged control of projecting and installation stages;
  • provision of warranty package;
  • post-warranty service.

Customers, who have contacted "Selectrenbau" can be sure that our specialists will develop for them a reliable and functional heating, air-conditioning or ventilation systems and regardless of the facility type we will carry out the installation in a professional way. The key to it is a goodwill that our staff confirms ever day by their work. We offer a variety of technical solutions that will provide the comfortable, immaculate and low-cost heating, cooling and fresh air to the apartment, country house, cottage, office, restaurant, hotel, shopping and entertainment center.