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Backyard improvement

No matter how charming and original your house is, it will not look in a such way without appropriate framing. Landscaping is a range of carried out activities that unveils the beauty of the construction, emphasizes the refinement and, of course, demonstrates the status.

For almost two decades, "Selectrenbau" has been carrying out the professional landscaping of the adjacent territory of different complexity levels and scale. Experienced architects and landscape designers know how to bring the desired mood, creating a truly inspiring living space that corresponds to the character and lifestyle of owners.


Landscaping of the adjacent area is carried out in an integrated manner. Generally, it consists of the following complementary stages:

  • Levelling. It is carried out before the beginning of the major works (laying of the foundation, installation of utility systems, formation of the relief, laying out of the lawn and planting of the perennial plants). It is performed via manual work and required equipment, which provides proper quality and speed of work performance;
  • Arrangement of the paths.
  • Lighting. It is projected with main utility systems and involves the selection of a suitable method of cable routing, determination of the capacity, installation of alternative sources of electricity, selection of installation sites for lighting fixtures and coordination of the design. Outdoor lighting provides both the illumination of the house and decorative landscape items, fences. It plays the functional, aesthetic and protective roles;
  • Automatic lawn watering. Is required for the full-fledged care of the greenery when it is needed, but not at the time comfortable for an owner. Due to the possibility of programming, it is provided in an autonomous mode, with consideration to climatic conditions. It has different component parts, defined on the basis of expediency;
  • Arrangement of the lawns. It is a serious element of the landscaping. The grass mixture is selected depending on the project, climatic conditions and peculiarities of care. The most common are parterre, sports, Moorish and meadow lawns, and each of them becomes an elegant background for the buildings;
  • Planting of trees and shrubs. It is a responsible step that requires serious expertise and skills from the landscape designers and architects in working with plants of various types and sizes. They are put together according to the requirements of a combination of species (foliage, coniferous), shape and height of the crown, blooming period and color. It is complemented with works after the planting: pruning, fertilization, treatment with protective chemicals (if necessary);
  • Arrangement of fences. It is an integral part of ensuring protection and safety of the territory. They are made of different materials – wood, stone, brick, artistic forging or metal. The design matches the style of the house. The construction consists of several stages, including the laying of the foundation. It is also possible to add the hedge of twining plants;
  • Arrangement of sports playgrounds. It is considered as an element of a healthy lifestyle and takes into account the age, interests and hobbies of all family members. For its creation are used different technologies and types of covering (lawn, artificial grass, liquid rubber coating, rubber tiles), corresponding to the laws of tennis, volleyball, basketball, mini-football, suitable for fitness or gymnastics. Necessary equipment is also installed on the grounds.

The comprehensive approach to the landscaping of the surrounding area guarantees customers of the “Selectrenbau” the quality of each stage.

Customers, who contacted our company, get a reliable partner, providing the following benefits:

  • Comprehensive and professional projecting, including various aspects of landscaping;
  • Long-term experience in performance of all kinds of the work related to the improvement of the surrounding area;
  • Staff of own professionals (landscape designers, architects, project developers, engineers, power engineers, construction workers, green space workers), whose knowledge allows us to embody ideas of any complexity in a professional way;
  • The desired result is achieved due to the use of original materials, technologies and modern equipment;
  • Author's design projects that have individuality and charisma;
  • Warranty and post-warranty services on construction elements, equipment and machinery installed by the company;
  • Provision of specifications, estimates and quality certificates.
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