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Administrative buildings

It is difficult to find a company whose activity would not imply an office. Own or a rented one, it is a place where specialists of different professions spend their working time, so it should fully comply with their requirements.

For over 16 years one of the main activities of the company "Selectrenbau" is a construction of administrative buildings. We create buildings for business centers, financial institutions, central offices of large corporations, etc that have the presentable exterior and are comfortable inside. We consistently hold leading positions in the construction sphere of office buildings for different purposes, so we know the specificity of space arrangement both for the ordinary staff, reception of visitors, as well as for administrative staff. Since 2000 we are a member of the group of companies “Select Austria –Ukraine”. Due to the collaboration with Austrian and German partners we have gotten the opportunity to use the European experience, advanced technological inventions of Austrian and German construction industry, professional equipment and tools for construction works and provide customers with long-term warranty for each type of work and commissioning of each stage according to the schedule.


Types of administrative buildings

Nowadays the construction industry involves the building of business centers, which differ in not only various architectural styles, but also in interiors, specially developed for each type of activity. Based on the objectives set by the customer, we are ready to carry out design and construction of the following facilities:

  • Business centers of "premium" class – they involve the use of innovative technologies while the construction of load-bearing structures, the original system of decoration of facades and glazing, open plan of the space, required level of energy efficiency, availability of utility systems (ventilation, air conditioning, heating, water supply, sewerage, etc.) required for the normal functioning of the offices. The projects provide construction of underground parking or covered outdoor parking places, high-speed elevators of different designs, allocation of recreation areas for staff and halls for visitors, meeting rooms, conference rooms and winter gardens;
  • Administrative buildings of "medium" class are designed according to the customer’s requirements and are constructed of pre-engineered structures. The materials being used meet the requirements of fire safety. They are eco-friendly and durable. Offices are connected to the systems of ventilation, air conditioning, etc. The construction of the own boiler room is possible. The interior space is organized with the help of wall partitions and different constructions, which in case of changing of the working conditions of employees allows to quickly redesign the rooms. The finishing corresponds to interior design projects and, as a rule, is made in a classic office style, which, however, can be changed according to the wishes of customers;
  • suburban business centers, combined with recreation areas – these are unique author’s projects of the company which involve the construction ofadministrative buildings for holding of presentations, meetings, conferences, conventions, in combination with opportunity of accommodation of guests and organization of leisure activities. Not only architects, but also specialists in landscape design work on the creation of project, that is why the facilities become so presentable;
  • administrative buildings in the countryside are built on the territory of agricultural enterprises, processing centers and logistics centers. There can be used a variety of technologies and materials, corresponding to the financial possibilities and the aesthetic requirements of the customers. They often have a multifunctional purpose, that is why they include the offices for staff and administration, cafes / canteens, conference rooms.

Each customer, who has applied to our company, may be sure: we will provide him a project that fully meets his requirements. As we have our own construction teams of experts with different specializations, the construction of the facilities of any complexity is carried out in strict compliance with schedules.

You can order not only projecting, construction or engineering works at the company “Selecrenbau”, but also entrust the full complementation on the “turn-key” basis with construction and finishing materials. Estimating department systematically analyses prices for construction works and materials both in Kyiv and in other regions and due to it we provide customers with fair and competitive prices for works and materials, carry out the full warranty and post-warranty services. As we undertake the full supply of the facility with necessary materials and works, the company bears the shared responsibility for its impeccable implementation. We directly purchase foreign and domestic materials only from time-proved manufacturers and it allows us to follow the schedule stipulated in the official agreement.

The main types of materials for the construction of administrative buildings

Our specialists work with various architectural styles, selecting for their implementation proper types of materials which quality is always proved by certificates. For administrative buildings often are used the following materials:

  • Concrete, complemented by the large glazed surfaces of different configurations – it is suitable for modern office centers with urban design;
  • Burnt brick is used in the construction of prestigious buildings of financial institutions, corporate headquarters, etc.;
  • Sandwich panels are used in the construction of administration buildings of industrial and agricultural enterprises, etc. In combination with facing materials for facades they can meet the requirements of any designer style;
  • Composite materials – these are different structural elements, which create a distinct individuality. They are suitable for financial institutions, branches of network companies located in several cities, etc.

Designers, architects, project engineers of "Selectrenbau" will certainly find a proper solution for the construction of an administrative building, using the most suitable materials.

Advantages of the construction of administrative buildings with "Selectrenbau»

Taking an order for the construction of the facility, we take every stage of implementation thoroughly. If customers apply to us, they get the following advantages:

  • Use of energy-saving technologies, professional equipment, original materials;
  • Full control over the working stages;
  • Fair prices with European quality, progress payment;
  • Official agreement;
  • Long-term warranty on carried out works and post-warranty service.

We construct facilities of European quality level that fully meet the modern tempo of life.

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