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Air conditioning

The task to create a microclimate in accordance with human requirements to the air temperature is handled by air conditioners of various modifications. Of course, the same temperature readings can be achieved by using natural ventilation of rooms, but not all of them are provided with appropriate technical conditions. For example, in summer rooms or offices, located on the southern side, will be just like a sauna without air conditioning. The same can be said about offices inside the floor and without windows through which the ventilation is provided. What to say about salesrooms, cinemas, restaurants and workshops of hot manufacture – it is impossible to work there without regular cooling and air purification, regardless of the time of year.

Specialists of the company "Selectrenbau", who carry out the design and installation of air conditioning systems, base their work on customer's needs. For us there are no technical conditions for which it is impossible to select one or another air conditioner. Therefore, we are constantly monitoring offers from manufacturers of cooling systems and take into account all new goods produced by them, from single-packaged window air conditioners to complex multi-channel systems. During project development, we certainly take into account the area of rooms, interior features, selecting for the complementation indoor units that are suitable according to the location type (wall, floor, ceiling embedded) and functional capabilities. Equipment used in projects is produced by world industry leaders (Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Daikin) and is highly reliable, provided with high-quality components, ensuring flawless operation and precise control.


Since 2000, "Selectrenbau" is a member of the group of companies «Select Austria - Ukraine". It enables us to make direct purchases (without intermediaries) and delivery of equipment and component parts directly from leading international manufacturers to customers’ facilities at fair prices. As a result, we create air-conditioning systems to provide people with comfortable environment at home, work or on vacation.

To fully meet human needs in the cool, clean air, the manufacturing industry produces all kinds of climate control equipment. The most popular are air conditioning with different functions (air quality and temperature, circulation air velocity, humidity, antibacterial and antifungal properties), sphere of operation (home, industrial), location (window, wall, floor, ceiling embedded, hidden).

  • Window air conditioners. Installed in the window aperture, it is a monoblock and it combines external and internal units, cools the space inside the room, carrying the heat outside. Designed for small areas. Easy to install and reliable in operation, but require the special construction of the window.
  • Simple wall split air conditioning systems. Consist of internal (located indoors) and external blocks (installed outside on the facade of the building). Interconnected by electric cable and special copper pipeline system through which the coolant moves. As a freezing unit runs an outdoor block, with a set of compressor, heat exchanger, receiver, required automatic machinery and fans. The indoor block includes a set of filters, decontamination devices, heat exchangers, fans. Remote-controlled operation.
  • Multi wall split air conditioning systems. Imply the connection of some internal blocks to the external one. In addition, each block installed inside of different rooms is controlled separately, allowing individually adjust the temperature and air velocity. Require the development of preliminary project, describing cable routing schemes, layout of freon pipelines, taking into account the estimated energy consumption.
  • Column split air conditioning systems. Favorably outstand with the mobility of the system. Do not require the mountingto the ceiling or walls. Used for places (sales areas, cinemas halls, night clubs), where the powerful cooling is periodically used.
  • Floor and ceiling split air conditioning systems. Installed in residential, public buildings, where walls are not suitable for the installation of internal blocks. Characterized by air direction that flows along the walls or ceiling. As for the rest, it works in the same way as wall ones, remote-controlled operation.
  • cassette and duct split air conditioning systems. Designed for rooms with suspended ceilings. Internal blocks, utility systems are hidden in the ceiling void, and due to it the cohesiveness of the interior is saved and the full air-conditioning is provided. Duct air-conditioners can be installed in the next room and connected to the service device only by means of air ducts, so this type of air conditioners is almost noise-free, eliminates drafts and direct impact of the cold air flow on people, and slightly affects the design of the room. These air conditioners are widely used for almost all types of rooms.

Regardless of what a person is doing in the room and how long it takes, one should feel comfortable there. As our general state, mood, ability to work are directly conjugated to the environment we stayin. The appropriate temperature in an apartment or house, office or hotel rooms, production workshops can be provided, if to select and install the special climate control equipment. The company "Selectrenbau" not only finds a suitable solution for the arrangement of air-conditioning, but also provides the full supply of the facility with necessary equipment and carries out its installation, ensuring flawless operation.

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