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Alternative energy sources

High efficiency of every alternative energy sources is directly proportional to climate conditions of the region where the object, for which those energy sources shall work, is located. Accurate research of energetic potential of the region allows determining the best matching alternative energy source and it will also help calculate ROI of such system for years ahead.

Last years alternative heating with solar panels or collectors, which replace conventional electric heating or standard provided by boilers, in private houses, offices, shopping areas, or cottages is becoming more popular.

Alternative energy sources, фото 1 - Селектренбау  Alternative energy sources, фото 2 - Селектренбау  Alternative energy sources, фото 3 - Селектренбау 

Installation of networks for alternative heating of a cottage, private house or shopping area will let you avoid expenses for connection to gas mains, as wellas from giant bills for electricity you spent for heating in the rooms, which will save you much money in a long perspective.

Advantage of heating networks on a basis of renewable energy sources:

-        Saving funds for electricity and gas up to 30-50%

-        Hot water in the house year around

-        High quality European (German, Austrian, Chech) and easy to use equipment

-        Relatively fast ROI of spent funds (4-5 years)

-        Independence from conventional energy sources

Alternative energy sources, фото 4 - Селектренбау  Alternative energy sources, фото 5 - Селектренбау  Alternative energy sources, фото 6 - Селектренбау 

Our specialists, in case of need, can select and install power station in your provate house or cottage. At suburbian projects located far from cities and its electric mains it’s important to have reliable and uninterrupted energy source because there are a lot of appliances in the house that could be damaged by interruptions in energy supply and cause dramatic issues in heating, ventilation or other engineering networks. For example, such appliances as pump station, circulating pump, and many other heating boiler types. There’s no need to explain that it’s not good to save money when selecting equipment for power station because it should become a reliable energy source to supply all engineering networks in the house with power.

Advantages of alternative energy sources are accessibility, renewability, and they are completely secure for environment.

Overall benefits of using alternative energy sources:

-        Lifetime exploitation: durability of batteries varies from 20 to 50 years, collectors –  up to 15 years (average value, collector can work even longer, as its lifetime depends on the material they are made of);

-        Independence from interruptions in power and gas supply, electricity tarrifs increase and circumsicion of consumtion;

-        Compatibility with household grids and heating networks;

Our advantages:

-        We solve all issues concerned with preparation, selection and installation of alternative supply networks;

-        Correct implementation of the project from calculations to installation (full work cycle);

-        Reliability and quality: we work with certified manufacturers from Europe, as well as purchase and deliver all equipment (solar collectors, boilers and other) ourselves from Europe to your project with the help from our joint company Select Baubedarf GmbH;

-        Free visit of the specialist and free project calcaulation:

-        Warranty service (depends of warranty term of service).

You can contact us by phone or via contact form at our website and we will give you a detailed advice on use and advantages of alternative energy sources and will create special offer for you.

We will also make all necessary calculations for free based on location of your project, number of floors and roof type, volume of power consumtion etc.

We will arrange a special offer for purchasing of alternative energy source for your cottage or private hosue.

Our engineers will do high class installation of all networks and ensure warranty and post-warranty maintenance.