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Architectural design

The basis of the construction process, that gives a rise to numerous construction stages of various buildings, undoubtly, is an architectural projecting. Exactly at this stage, as they say, the future facility is emerging. Designers, architects, design engineers and of course, customers of the company "Selectrenbau" have a direct bearing on its creation. As, creative and engineering developments are based on their vision of the future country house, cottage, restaurant, hotel, office building and other facility, that will be embodied in an exquisite, functional and comfortable construction in the future. Participating specialists have not only a great experience, but also creativity. Thanks to their capabilities, customers embody any idea. As a result, it is guaranteed, that will they get an original architectural solution for the construction, major renovation or reconstruction.

Since 2000 “Selectrenbau” is a member of the group of companies “Select Austria – Ukraine”. Due to it, the team of professional designers, architects, design engineers effectively collaborates with Austrian partners. It has opened the access to the European experience of colleagues, collaboration on the implementation of projects of any complexity and styles, Austrian innovations and technologies in the field of design and architectural projecting. In collaboration with Austrian partners, we have developed and implemented hundreds of facilities of both residential and public buildings (apartments, country houses, cottages, offices, restaurants and otherfacilities), that always met customer’s expectations. Projects comply with the requirements of regulatory technical base and provide solutions that take into account aesthetic, engineering, technical, fire-fighting, environmental, functional requirements, compliance with which is regulated by acts of the Governmental Authority of architecture and urban development.

Development stages of the concept for buildings and constructions

Project start is always associated with research work. Designers and architects obligatory study the provided building site to determine the architectural style of already existing neighboring buildings (in case of construction of office buildings, hotels, shopping centers, etc.), features of the natural landscape (if developing projects of cottages, country houses, restaurants and clubs). Geodesists and geologists perform calculations, which results are required to determine the soil structure, groundwater depth level, etc. Having obtained necessary initial data, architects and design engineers proceed to the development of an individual project, providing the customer with the following information for coordination:

  • general layout diagram;
  • individual plans for each floor with a schematic representation of functional zones;
  • floor-by-floor schemes in sections;
  • routing layouts of internal utility systems;
  • sketches of facades;
  • model of the building in 3D format.

When the primary project is coordinated with the customer, specifications and cost estimates are approved, the work on the project moves to the next stage - sketch. It’s main components are:

  • draughtsmanship of floor-by-floor plans with the determination of the functional load of each room, arrangement of door and window openings, niches, vertical utility systems, elements of interior (furniture, decoration items, equipment, etc.);
  • suggestions on the style of interior design, color palette and materials for interior decoration;
  • determination of materials for facades, planning of routing layouts of outdoor cables for illumination, development of schemes.

An integral part of the architectural projecting is considered to be a working project, which consists of various working documentations. It is designed specifically for engineers, foremen, construction workers involved in the construction of facilities. It contains the following drawings:

  • floor-by-floor plans with indication of exact sizes, plotting on the axis of structural elements (walls, windows, doorways) and supposed decor (columns, arches, porticos, etc.);
  • cutaways with indication of the necessary grade elevations, heights of each room;
  • plans and flooring schedule, elevation of walls and ceilings;
  • exterior finishing progress report, separately for each room;
  • main structural nodes and details of construction and removal elements;
  • construction features of facades;
  • construction scheme of a foundation and a roof;
  • specification.

Working project with detailed elaboration of schemes and plans is given to construction teams, which carry out the construction of a facility. Due to the fact that the company organizes work according to the closed-loop principle, processes are carried out without delays neither on the side of design engineers, nor on the side of builders. Vice versa –asa staff of our team, they successfully complement each other, which, of course, influences results: they are always immaculate.

Simultaneously with the development of the preliminary, sketch and working projects, specialists develop layout projects of utility systems. They take into account systems that are necessary for normal functioning of any facility: water supply and sewerage, heating (central or autonomic), power supply (centralized or from alternative energy sources), lighting, ventilation, air-conditioning, lightning protection, etc. Complementation items are selected in accordance with potential load, so that is why their use will not cause any complaints in the future.

Architectural projects developed by the company "Selectrenbau" definitely outstand with an original style. Employees with the same dedication work on the creation both of small household outbuildings and cottages and of country houses, prestigious clubs, restaurants, cafes, modern office buildings, entertainment centers, facilities, which are located in the industrial zone and constructions for agricultural purposes. In addition, each project - it is a creativity combined with functionality, artistic talent, multiplied by the professional knowledge.