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Man-made water features building

Almost every person associates recreation with nature and water. That is why people prefer to spend vocations on the sea, or even rent a house by the lake or river. So why not to organize a place for relax on your own area outside the house?

  • Firstly, it admires when a small water feature with waterfall adorns the landscape outside the house.
  • Secondly, it relaxes, as it is so pleasant to spend time with a cup of tea, enjoying the coolness of the water and contemplating the light ripples on the water surface after a busy working day.

Project development and subsequent professional installation of artificial water features is a responsible and meticulous work that requires the competent technical performance, conjugated with the talent of decorator. Since 2000, “Selectrenbau” is a member of the group of companies “Select Austria – Ukraine”. Due to the collaboration with Austrian and German partners, we can use European experience, advanced Austrian and German technologies to create artificial water features. For over 16 years we have been carrying out individual projecting, installation and provision of necessary facilities for fountains, waterfalls, cascades, ponds and streams of any complexity and scale. Over the years, we have implemented dozens of individual and professionally designed water features.


The creation of artificial water features looks as follows:

  • determining of optimum location for water feature;
  • specification of size and volume of the water feature;
  • selection of material for reservoir basin;
  • selection of professional materials, equipment and components, water décor (if necessary);
  • illumination (if necessary);
  • make-up an estimate;
  • technical drawings;
  • work performance.

We offer various options of artificial water features that can be done on the terrain: pond, cascade, stream, fountain or waterfall.

Construction of a pond

Pond - is not only an engineering and technical facility, but also a good place to spend time. We create ponds that bring only bright colors and pleasant emotions in your life. At the same time we do not forget that pond - it is an integral part of the landscape. It gives a positive mood all year round. In summer you can swim in it and enjoy the humidity and coolness. In autumn - it surprises with bright colors of autumn spell. In winter - attracts fans of ice skating or ice-hole bathing. In spring – it shows the beauty of the awakening nature. Pond construction begins with the project. We offer several variants of water feature location and its size, coordinate every detail with customer. It will require a site inspection, measurements and soil examination. The following stages are excavation, landscaping, laying of utility systems. At the final stage water illumination elements are installed, benches and other decorative items are mounted.

Projecting and construction of a waterfall

The sound of falling, flowing water is extremely pleasant for the human ear. That is why the construction of ponds with waterfall is so popular. The latter can be configured as a separate construction. Everything starts with an idea, sketch and scheme that are approved by the customer. The following stage is laying and paving of waterfall basin, waterproofing, pump connection and installation of decorative elements.

Construction of a fountain

The fountain can be placed both at the entrance and in rest area, amid lawns or in the garden. The construction involves the use of special pumping equipment, which feeds water under pressure. The design of a fountain is selected according to the exterior of the house - they should be in harmony with each other. Water container is finished with natural stone, marble, tile and other materials. The amount and diameter of dispersion of jets depends on design, size and complexity of fountain construction - all these parameters are selected individually.

Construction of a cascade

Construction of water features in the form of cascade is a service for aesthetes. On the assumption that the cascade is a water overflow from different levels, one can make a conclusion how complex this construction is. Cascades adorn the landscape groups (for example, rockery) and naturally complement an artificial pond or stream. The peculiarity of cascades is a constant movement of water in a closed cycle. It is very important to timely replenish its reserves, watch over its level and purity. Powerful and durable pumps are necessary for such water features. We use only innovative technologies, professional equipment and components from time-proved manufacturers. It allows us to provide customers with long-term guarantee.

Construction of a stream

Artificial stream fulfils practical functions along with decorative one. It is used as a water reservoir for watering of adjacent territory, for space zoning. More often the construction of artificial water features in form of streams is performed in the gardens, under the shaggy trees, near the baths or pools. The technology of stream arrangement consists of the proper preparation and waterproofing of soil, earthworks carried out manually. Stream banks are strengthened, so that the soil won’t be washed out after some time. Stream bottom is stoned, the lighting is installed, the bank is decorated with shrubs and evergreens, coarse pebbles and sand.

selectrenbau-landshaft-sozdanie-vodojomov-4.jpg selectrenbau-landshaft-sozdanie-vodojomov-3.jpg 197-197.jpg 199-199.jpg
selectrenbau-landshaft-sozdanie-vodojomov-5.jpg selectrenbau-landshaft-sozdanie-vodojomov-8.jpg selectrenbau-landshaft-sozdanie-vodojomov-6.jpg selectrenbau-landshaft-sozdanie-vodojomov-7.jpg


selectrenbau-landshaft-sozdanie-vodojomov-11.jpg selectrenbau-landshaft-sozdanie-vodojomov-10.jpg selectrenbau-landshaft-sozdanie-vodojomov-9.jpg selectrenbau-landshaft-sozdanie-vodojomov-2.jpg