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Bank interior design

As they say, money likes not only silence, but also secure storage. Therefore, when creating design for financial institutions, we do our best to provide them with maximum security, show presentable look and status. Today’s banks have ceased to play a role of permanent money storage facility a long time ago. These are modern hi-tech establishments that serve customers regarding different positions of their business, private life. In addition, each of them wants to attract customers not only by attractive offers, but also demonstrating their respectability, where an important role belongs to the interesting and thoughtful design. Exactly interior design of the bank tells potential customers or partners about the establishment.

The development of the bank design requires special attention from project authors (architects) - because such interior is aimed to inspire confidence and make a positive impression on potential or regular customers. The image, prestige and reputation of the banking structure depend on the extent to which the kind of activities of such establishment was taken into account in the development stage. Designers and architects who are developing the concept of the design project in such way that anyone, once entered the bank will realize that it was the right choice. Effective and harmonious design plays a pivotal role in the company presentation.

Financial establishments have the complex organization system of their work that affects design approach. The better the design of premises is thought out, the more accurate goes work of the personnel, and the better service customers get. It means that the interior is to be thought out to the last detail and designed in accordance with the following criteria:

  • functionality. The bank should be convenient not only for visitors but also for employees, so competently zoned space and professional equipment of each work place are the priority course of development;
  • safety. It is provided not only for people, but also for money, documents, valuables that are stored in the bank. Therefore, the right choice of professional equipment, reliable materials are always determined by this criterion;
  • comfort. A person, who came to the bank, should feel relaxed and confident, and services are to be provided quickly and professionally at the same time;
  • respectable image. When people see the presentable interior of the establishment, they are more tended to trust it.

The design development of banks seems to be a simple task only at first sight. However, it is a deceptive impression, as the development of the competent design of bank interior is a complex and multifaceted work, both from the aesthetic and technical perspectives. It requires a certain qualification and professionalism from authors of the project. It is much more difficult to create a representative and stylish interior without redundancies and pretentiousness, but at the same time, with authentic and exquisite style.

One of the priority areas of the Selectrenbau work is the development and implementation of author’s design projects for bank establishments. Since 2000, Selectrenbau is a member of the group of companies “Select Austria – Ukraine”. Over these years together with Austrian partners we have implemented dozens of similar projects. Such collaboration opens us the access to the European experience of colleagues, collaboration on the implementation of projects of any complexity and styles, Austrian innovations and technologies in the field of design and architecture. We combine customer requests into a single concept, and on this basis create an original and unique interior. Selectrenbau team – professionals experienced to work productively with all kinds of projects. Specialists will develop both an individual and comprehensive design projects. We will professionally perform construction and finishing works, assemble modern and efficient air conditioning systems, ventilation, heating, fire safety, video surveillance and security alarm systems, carry out the full complementation of the facility with necessary materials and goods from foreign and domestic manufactures. Construction and finishing teams complete the implementation of the facility on the "turn-key" basis with warranty and post-warranty service.

Selectrenbau divides the creation of interior design for banks into several stages:

  • we study customer requirements to the space arrangement, taking into account the corporate identity and financial capabilities;
  • provide the further concept development of the bank interior, taking into account the corporate identity;
  • plan space zoning and develop interior design of premises. These include: halls for customers, indoor premises for bank staff, VIP areas to serve customers, etc.;
  • we define design accents: color palette, stylistic direction, finishing materials, equipment, furniture, lighting, decoration features.

At each stage of the work, we closely work with each customer, so that is why completed project always corresponds to the wishes and requirements of the bank's management.