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Bank renovation

The main objectives of banks are keeping of cash assets, making of cash and cashless payments, crediting. New financial institutions are opened every year and it is not easy for old ones to maintain their position against their background. They must constantly develop, update their suggestions and, of course, maintain the image. The leading role for each bank plays the prestige, which is maintained, among other things, by exterior and interior of the establishment. Therefore, the renovation and finishing works are carried out taking into account the aspects of activity of such institutions.

Renovation of banks is one of the responsible and labor-intensive types of work. Whether it is a separate building, or the first floor of a typical residential house, anyway requirements to the finishing materials and quality of repair will be extremely high. The bank has a difficult organization, its interior combines the areas of diverse functionality: security zones, rooms for individual customer service, banking halls, offices for employees and directors, safe-deposit boxes, etc. Each room requires a thorough and well-thought-out design. There are strict requirements to ergonomics, comfort, security and safety of each room. Alarm security systems, video control systems, automated access systems are the necessary elements of a reliable protection. While making the renovation it would be good to replace the deteriorated equipment, communication systems and utility networks. Premises of the bank should be convenient. Proper lighting, comfortable furniture, nice interior are not the small details, these are very important elements that will attract new customers.


Responsibility of the contractor

Since the bank is a place where the money transactions are processed, it must be provided with a proper security. It is important to make the client feel safe, however the crowd of the security guards in a small space will catch the eyes. The visitor will feel uncomfortable, as if he or she is not trusted. Bank security service imposes certain specific requirements to the contractor. Its task is not to allow unscrupulous companies to renovation and finishing works. The security service analyzes the registration documents, certificates of insurance and financial statements of the contractor, it also studies other customers’ reviews in details. As a result, only reliable and proven companies that are able to fulfill the obligations in a professional way and within the time limits set are allowed to work with banks. Therefore, banking institutions can entrust such serious and difficult work as repair only to professionals.

Competence of "Selectrenbau" in the renovation of banking institutions

One of the main activities of the company "Selectrenbau" for 16 years is to provide customers with professional renovation and finishing of bank institutions. The team of highly qualified specialists in various fields has implemented dozens of facilities of different complexity. If you choose services of our company, you can be sure that you will get only professional renovation for reasonable cost, provided by European quality. We are ready to vouch for each type of carried out work and guarantee that the implementation will be completed in the shortest possible time. We offer a complete solution for the preparation and implementation of a project to each customer who has appealed to our company, taking into account requirements set up to such establishments.

Favorable atmosphere

Specialists of "Selectrenbau" know the specifics of work of the banking institutions. We realize that the quality of renovation works in many ways can influence the creation of a favorable atmosphere for clients and comfort for the bank staff, therefore we provide a professional quality of these works.

“Face-lifting” and complex renovation of banks on the "turn-key" basis»

We carry out both “face-lifting” and complex (major) renovation on the "turn-key" basis of banking institutions. The range of works carried out by us also includes the replacement of engineering and communication systems, installation of air conditioning and ventilation systems in full compliance with current standards.

Renovation due to security of the bank

We will ensure safety of each bank premises, and will professionally design and install systems of video control, alarm and fire safety.

Original materials from reliable suppliers

We directly purchase and deliver foreign and domestic materials only from time-proved manufacturers that allow us to guarantee the use of reliable materials that meet national and international quality standards. Due to on-time delivery, we follow the schedule stipulated in the official agreement.

Innovative technologies and professional equipment

Since 2000, “Selectrenbau” is a member of the group of companies “Select Austria – Ukraine”. Collaborating with foreign partners, we apply Austrian and German technologies, use professional equipment for the performance of works of any complexity. It enables us to provide a long-term warranty on carried out works.

Guarantee of impeccable quality

We guarantee the European quality of works and for this purpose we provide:

  • renovation and finishing services of any volume and complexity;
  • individual approach to each customer;
  • use of original and reliable materials, professional equipment;
  • complete control of work at all stage;
  • optimal quality-to-price ratio, progress payment;
  • official agreement;
  • compliance with undertaken deadlines and responsibilities;
  • long-term warranty for works with the following post-warranty service.
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