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Building facade design

Any building can get its own appearance, which stands out from the other for original style and individuality. This honorable mission is laid upon the facade which is literally the first element in the further formation of an opinion about the building and, consequently, about its owner. It is the design of facade, which draws attention to the facility and gets the first estimation from the visitors. Will it be an admiration or a disappointment depends on the taste of the owner and the skills of designers and architects who were involved into its development. Therefore, the development and implementation of a design project requires not only creative ideas, but also the knowledge of architectural styles and engineering experience. The combination of these characteristics allows professionals to create facilities, which due to the design of the facade get the vivid look and the eye-catching features.

Since 2000 “Selectrenbau” is a member of the group of companies “Select Austria – Ukraine”. Due to it, the team of certified designers and architects has gotten the opportunity to effectively collaborate with Austrian partners, use Austrian innovations and technologies. In collaboration with Austrian partners, we have developed and implemented a great number of design projects of both residential and public buildings (country houses, cottages, offices, restaurants and other facilities) of any complexity, style and architectural directions. There is an endless number of possibilities for us to design the exterior. An extensive list of used materials allows creating original architectural elements that turn projects into real masterpieces of art. Due to used innovations, the exterior of an existing building can be dramatically changed, aside from the development of the conceptual facade at the projecting stage. The main determining factors are customers wishes and designers’ skills!


You can order the development both of a separate design project of the facade and the implementation on the "turn-key" basis with the full complementation with necessary materials. Estimating department systematically analyses prices for façade materials and finishing works both in Kyiv and in other regions and due to it we provide customers with fair and competitive prices for works and materials. Upon completion of works, we provide warranty and post-warranty services. As we undertake the full supply of the facility with necessary materials and works, the company bears the shared responsibility for its impeccable implementation. We directly purchase and deliver foreign and domestic façade materials only from time-proved manufacturers and it allows us to follow the schedule stipulated in the official agreement.

Options of facade design

The facade of the building can match the interior style or get a completely different look. Everything depends on the vision of the real estate owners, their preferences and the desire to focus the attention on the structure or, on the contrary, make it inconspicuous. This also influences the choice of decoration and color range. Also the options of facade design depend on climatic conditions, architectural style of the buildings that stand nearby, number of floors, territorial specificity of the location and landscape features.

Stylistic decisions

The main styles of facades are the following:

  • Hi-tech - trendy design option, characterized by simple shapes and lines. Facades are formed of constructions, including glass, chrome-plated metal, plastic. Monochrome colors dominate - black, white, metallic;
  • Modern – outstands with bold and original design ideas at the basis of which are zigzags, asymmetry, color contrasts and unusual combinations of colors. It is complemented with appropriate decorative elements;
  • Eclectic - involves the mixture of styles and gives the opportunity to experiment with the external look of the building. It is considered to be a fashionable and bold solution that is suitable for the creation of a charismatic image. It requires careful development of each element;
  • retro style - general concept that includes formerly popular types of design. It includes buildings with elements typical for Romanesque and Gothic, Baroque, Rococo, Empire styles - absolutely different, but classical solutions. Buildings with retro style facades are certainly decorated with stucco works, arches, statues, balustrades, stained-glass windows;
  • classic style - sustained and exquisite type of design, characterized by strict straight lines, pastel colors of finishing, minimal decor or its absence. Buildings are elegant and aristocratic.

Specialists of "Selectrenbau" that work on the design projects of the facades follow not only the requirements to the harmony of lines in combination with optimal materials consumption, but also matching of the structure with the surrounding architectural environment. Certainly, necessary rules and regulations are taken into account while the process of development. Due to the use of special software with possibility of 3D visualization, we demonstrate our customers the finished facade at the design stage.

The process of creating the facade consists of several stages.

  1. The concept (preliminary sketch and visualization:
  • preparation of design specification, selection of stylistic solutions;
  • measurements and photo fixation of the facility (for completed facilities);
  • elaboration of the concept and preparation of sketches of several facade variants without going into details;
  • creation of a realistic image of the selected variant of the facade in 3D (at least 2 images and angles).
  1. Preparation of technical documentation:
  • schematic representation of measurement diagrams;
  • development of elevations of the facade walls taking into account and indicating the decorative elements;
  • evelopment of elevations of the facade walls with the layout and definition of facade materials being used);
  • sectional drawings and thorough development of details (if required).
  1. specifications, which include a list of materials, equipment for lighting, decorative elements.
  2. Calculation of works and materials cost.

Carrying out of facade works according to the project.

selectrenbau-stroitelstvo-dizajn-fasadov-zdanij-3.jpg selectrenbau-stroitelstvo-dizajn-fasadov-zdanij-4.jpg selectrenbau-stroitelstvo-dizajn-fasadov-zdanij-2.jpg selectrenbau-stroitelstvo-dizajn-fasadov-zdanij-5.jpg
selectrenbau-stroitelstvo-dizajn-fasadov-zdanij-8.jpg selectrenbau-stroitelstvo-dizajn-fasadov-zdanij-9.jpg selectrenbau-stroitelstvo-dizajn-fasadov-zdanij-6.jpg selectrenbau-stroitelstvo-dizajn-fasadov-zdanij-7.jpg
selectrenbau-stroitelstvo-dizajn-fasadov-zdanij-10.jpg selectrenbau-stroitelstvo-dizajn-fasadov-zdanij-14.jpg selectrenbau-stroitelstvo-dizajn-fasadov-zdanij-12.jpg selectrenbau-stroitelstvo-dizajn-fasadov-zdanij-13.jpg
selectrenbau-stroitelstvo-dizajn-fasadov-zdanij-16.jpg selectrenbau-stroitelstvo-dizajn-fasadov-zdanij-17.jpg selectrenbau-stroitelstvo-dizajn-fasadov-zdanij-15.jpg selectrenbau-stroitelstvo-dizajn-fasadov-zdanij-18.jpg
selectrenbau-stroitelstvo-dizajn-fasadov-zdanij-21.jpg selectrenbau-stroitelstvo-dizajn-fasadov-zdanij-22.jpg selectrenbau-stroitelstvo-dizajn-fasadov-zdanij-19.jpg selectrenbau-stroitelstvo-dizajn-fasadov-zdanij-20.jpg


selectrenbau-stroitelstvo-dizajn-fasadov-zdanij-25.jpg selectrenbau-stroitelstvo-dizajn-fasadov-zdanij-24.jpg selectrenbau-stroitelstvo-dizajn-fasadov-zdanij-26.jpg selectrenbau-stroitelstvo-dizajn-fasadov-zdanij-23.jpg

Contacting the company "Selectrenbau" customers get the beautiful facades that will please the eyes of real estate owners and delight guests for a long time.