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Certain types of works

When we talk about the renovation of apartment, house, office, restaurant, hotel, shopping mall and other facilities, we do not always mean a complete renewal or reconstruction. More often we have a need to change the decorative finish of walls, ceiling or floor, making them tidier or more up-to-date. The same situation is with the replacement of plumbing, electrical wiring, doors or windows. Staged renovation of separate elements of the premises or functional areas allows you to get the desired results within a short time and without major financial expenses. The main thing is to set the priorities, choosing the type of work you need to start from and move from one stage to another according to the plan. If you have a need in certain types of renovation that are need to be carried out in a short time and at a reasonable cost, then please contact us and you will certainly get the desired result.

"Selectrenbau" has been carrying out renovation and finishing works of any scale and complexity for almost two decades. In addition to the complex renovation of apartments, penthouses, country houses, cottages, offices, hotels, restaurants and other facilities, our employees are glad to offer services for certain types of work. As well as in case of complex renovation, we sign an official work agreement, specifying works necessary to you. Estimating department systematically analyses prices for renovation works both in Kyiv and in other regions, so as a result we provide customers with fair and competitive prices. The total cost depends on the area and specificity of renovation. To determine what kinds of work are expected, calculate the volume, time needed for the implementation and amount of materials, members of the company visit the facility to get the comprehensive information and then make detailed estimates that thereafter will be coordinated with the customer.


The "Selectrenbau" team includes qualified specialists: electricians, tilers, plumbers, painters and plasterers and others. We are ready to vouch for each type of carried out works and guarantee that professional implementation will be completed within strictly allotted time. Furthermore, the credo of the company is changeless – the optimal combination of cost and European quality. Cooperating with us, you do not pay for square meters, but for professional works, implemented in time. The renovation is a gradual and continuous process with the implementation of a range of planned works. You pay after the work is done.

During renovation we use only professional high-technology equipment, original and reliable materials that meet international and national standards. Customers are provided with long-term warranty on carried out works with the following post-warranty service.

The company "Selectrenbau" provides the following kinds of renovation services:

  • installation of drywalls (shaped constructions, openings, partitions, arches, suspended ceilings);
  • painting and plaster works;
  • electrical installation works;
  • fitters and plumbing works;
  • laying of ceramic tiles, natural stone, mosaics, parquet, carpet and laminated flooring;
  • installation of windows and doors;
  • repair and installation of engineering systems (air conditioning, heating, ventilation, electrical power supply, etc.);
  • restoration, finishing of the facade, roof repair.

Specialists of the company can work on one or more kinds of work simultaneously. It optimizes the use of working time in compliance with the requirements of technological processes.

Customers, who contacted the company "Selectrenbau" will surelyappreciate the following benefits:

  • 16 years of experience in renovation and finishing works, including complicated facilities;
  • individual problem-solving approach to each customer;
  • the use of innovative technologies, original materials, professional equipment;
  • three-step control at working stages;
  • fair prices for materials and serviced with European quality, progress payment;
  • official agreement;
  • long-term warranty for works with the following post-warranty service.

Installation of drywall (openings, partitions, arches, ceilings)

It is impossible to imagine the renovation and construction works that are carried out in flats, houses, offices, hotels, shopping spaces without the use of drywall. This eco-friendly and workable material is used everywhere, for example for smoothing of the walls, creation of partitions, niches, decorative items. With its help the professionals make reveals and openings, construct single-level and multi-level ceilings. You can quickly install and easily use this material, and also it allows applying the decorative finishes on top. Customers are offered such types of drywall works as:

  • installation of drywall onto the walls and partitions;
  • installation of suspended ceilings;
  • insulation of walls, partitions, ceilings;
  • soundproofing;
  • restoration of reveals;
  • arrangement of arches, decorative elements.

Qualified specialists of "Selectrenbau" perform drywall works of any complexity. Correctness of the technological processes and use of professional tools allow to create original constructions of perfect quality.

selectrenbau-remont-otdelnye-vidy-rabot-29.jpg selectrenbau-remont-otdelnye-vidy-rabot-28.jpg selectrenbau-remont-otdelnye-vidy-rabot-27.jpg selectrenbau-remont-otdelnye-vidy-rabot-26.jpg

Painting and plaster works

This type of activity includes all kinds of surface finishing: smoothing, priming and plastering of walls and ceilings, painting and other activities, which require the craftsmanship, since they carry the main aesthetic and functional load in the interior, being both protective and decorative element at the same time. Each stage is discussed with the customer in order to determine the most appropriate method and material that meets the requirements of environmental compatibility, durability, decoration and, of course, price. Finishing, carried out by professionals of "Selectrenbau" is notable for indefectibility, which corresponds to European standards. We provide a long-term warranty for the work, with the following post-warranty service.

selectrenbau-remont-otdelnye-vidy-rabot-21.jpg selectrenbau-remont-otdelnye-vidy-rabot-18.jpg selectrenbau-remont-otdelnye-vidy-rabot-20.jpg selectrenbau-remont-otdelnye-vidy-rabot-19.jpg

Electrical installation works

The safety of people that will be at the facility after the completion of renovation, as well as the reliability of use of the equipment depends on how technically correct the electrical installation works were performed. Therefore, the company's specialists consider electrical installation as a set of actions, which certainly includes the inspection of the facility, diagnostics of the parameters of electrical grid, evaluation of layout diagrams, and the installation of equipment of electrical grid.

"Selectrenbau" services include the following electrical installation works:

  • calculation of parameters of electrical grid load;
  • complete or fragmentary replacement of the old wiring;
  • selection and installation of sockets, switches, installation of lighting and other related electrical equipment;
  • installing of electrical equipment which is needed for the household use, including transformers, power supply units, accumulators and generators.

Specialists that perform the installation of electrical grid elements, provide customer a detailed report about the used materials, provided services and their cost. However the price of works is already determined at the stage of diagnostics and further changes can be made only after agreement with the customer. We regularly provide the electricians working on the facility with instructions, check their skills and their following the safety regulations, which gives us the assurance in absence of injury risk and ensures safety of future use of the installed equipment.

selectrenbau-remont-otdelnye-vidy-rabot-14.jpg selectrenbau-remont-otdelnye-vidy-rabot-15.jpg selectrenbau-remont-otdelnye-vidy-rabot-17.jpg selectrenbau-remont-otdelnye-vidy-rabot-16.jpg

Plumbing works

The list of plumbing equipment, used in the apartment, house, and office can be very long. And each element of the equipment is to demonstrate impeccable functionality, covering the household needs of people at the appropriate level. Proposed plumbing works include the laying and routing of hot and cold water pipes, heating arrangement, installation of convectors and radiators, sewerage system, filters and water purification systems, baths and shower cubicles, washbasins, toilets, bidets, faucets, towel dryers, synchronization of plumbing and electrical equipment work. Each abovementioned work requires accuracy and exactness, special skills and compliance with requirements to the installation and specialist of the company "Selectrenbau" possess them all. Customers are provided with a range of plumbing services of different complexity and configuration. The cooperation is built on the basis of the official agreement supplemented with a set of technical documentation. The company provides the warranty on the carried out works with the following post-warranty service.

selectrenbau-remont-otdelnye-vidy-rabot-11.jpg selectrenbau-remont-otdelnye-vidy-rabot-10.jpg selectrenbau-remont-otdelnye-vidy-rabot-13.jpg selectrenbau-remont-otdelnye-vidy-rabot-12.jpg

Laying of ceramic tiles, natural stone, mosaics, parquet, laminate, carpet flooring

Ceramic tile, natural stone, mosaics, parquet, laminate, carpet flooring - these coatings are used for various facilities: residential (apartments, country houses, cottages) and non-residential (office, shopping and entertainment, public, industrial). Therefore, the "Selectrenbau" team is ready to carry out the laying for each of them, executing work at the appropriate professional level.

Fine stoneware and ceramic tiles have the necessary functional properties and decorativeness. Due to durability and hygienic properties, it is used in grocery stores, supermarkets, restaurants, bathrooms and kitchens. However, the key of its impeccable service is correct laying, that involves additional works in the preparation of surface. We provide qualified services for the tile laying and guarantee the professionalism of fulfilling. If customers order the complementation with necessary materials at our company, they get the comprehensive consultation on the types of goods, selecting the most suitable quality, design and timely delivery to the facility.

Natural parquet is widely used for the finishing of both residential and commercial premises. It is durable, eco-friendly, beautiful. In the house or office, where the floor is covered with parquet, you can feel cozy peaceful atmosphere. We offer our customers the assistance in purchasing, laying and sanding of natural parquet floors or decking. Specialists in parquet works will make preliminary calculations, having agreed the type of the wood, pattern, style of laying and of course, the cost with the customer. Long-term warranty, provided by the company – the confirmation of parquet specialists’ skills.

Selecting the floor covering, customers require the comfortable use and durability. Laminate, that is in high demand for facilities with different functions, meets these criteria. Material is of different colors and textures. If you need to arrange the smooth floor covering that goes harmoniously with the color of furniture then laminate flooring would be the best choice. Our specialists have an experience in the laying of different types of laminate that differ in size, latch types and used underlayment. They will promptly and professionally transform floors into the paragon of beauty, accuracy and functionality.

Carpet flooring in an apartment, house, office, hotel room immediately gives them comfort, provides heat- and soundproofing. Therefore, more and more customers contact the company "Selectrenbau" to lay the carpet flooring or carpet tile. The wide range of colors, patterns and printsenables to select original decorative solutions that not only improve the functional properties of the room, but also become its embellishment. At the same time, before laying specialists of the company carry out works on the floor leveling, providing in such way the floor flatness and close fitting.

selectrenbau-remont-otdelnye-vidy-rabot-2.jpg selectrenbau-remont-otdelnye-vidy-rabot-4.jpg selectrenbau-remont-otdelnye-vidy-rabot-3.jpg selectrenbau-remont-otdelnye-vidy-rabot-5.jpg

Installation of windows and doors

The further use of doors and windows depends on how properly they were installed. Deformations, squeaking, gapping, breakings of locks are just a few of the problems that await the property owners who hired the irresponsible workers. That is why we repeat again and again – if you want to avoid the troubles, contact the professionals! For 16 years "Selectrenbau" has been on the market of construction and renovation services, and during its professional activity it has managed to earn a reputation as a trustworthy and responsible organization, which is not afraid to perform the most complicated and labor-intensive works. The company's specialists use Austrian and German technologies, professional tools, quickly carrying out the installation of doors and windows of any design. Our customers are provided with long-term warranty and post-warranty service.

selectrenbau-remont-otdelnye-vidy-rabot-9.jpg selectrenbau-remont-otdelnye-vidy-rabot-7.jpg selectrenbau-remont-otdelnye-vidy-rabot-8.jpg selectrenbau-remont-otdelnye-vidy-rabot-6.jpg

Renovation and installation of engineering systems (air conditioning, heating, ventilation, electricity, etc.)

Projecting, installation, replacement of engineering and low-voltage systems is one of the priorities of the company. We work with dozens types of equipment, from the simple to innovative inventions, creating the full-fledged microclimate and comfort in the house, office, shopping and entertainment centers, warehouse and industrial facilities. Specialists of the company select for customers required solutions to provide energy efficiency, ventilation, air conditioning that meet service conditions. "Selectrenbau" has necessary certificates, licenses and permissions to carry out the following works:

  • engineering projecting;
  • installation;
  • repair of various equipment;
  • commissioning works;
  • service.

The company management pays particular attention to the personnel skill level. Therefore, the company employees regularly participate in trainings and seminars, study technical features of the new equipment, learn advanced installation and maintenance technologies.

selectrenbau-remont-otdelnye-vidy-rabot-22.jpg selectrenbau-remont-otdelnye-vidy-rabot-23.jpg selectrenbau-remont-otdelnye-vidy-rabot-24.jpg selectrenbau-remont-otdelnye-vidy-rabot-25.jpg

Restoration and finishing of the facade, repair of the roof

Facade works include the set of actions, after which the exterior becomes renovated, the mechanical damages are eliminated, the building insulation and soundproofing are improved and the use is extended. Restoration or renovation of exterior walls includes: cleaning, restoration of the damaged layer and decorative elements, stucco, insulation, joints sealing and elimination of cracks, filling, waterproofing, painting or cladding. Renovation of the facade with "Selectrenbau" means the European quality standards, reliability and fair prices. We provide services on renovation and finishing of facades of country houses, cottages, offices, shopping and entertainment centers, administrative and other buildings.

Renovation of the facade is performed in three stages:

  • surface preparation;
  • restoration of damaged fragments;
  • final finishing works.

Customers get beautiful renovated facades, which will last a long time.

selectrenbau-remont-fasada-doma-4.jpg selectrenbau-remont-fasada-doma-5.jpg selectrenbau-remont-fasada-doma-7.jpg selectrenbau-remont-fasada-doma-10.jpg

A roof plays the role of a specific "crown", which completes the architectural appearance of the building. It must be not only harmonious by its structure, but also safe, because exactly roof is affected by the climatic effects: snow, hail, rain, wind and direct UV rays. A durable roof becomes a barrier to moisture, cold and heat, saving comfortable warmth in winter or cool in summer. Therefore, the installation of the roof is of a great importance to people that appreciate their own well-being. If customers entrust this process to "Selectrenbau", they get a reliable partner who provides the professional implementation of required roof works. Experience, skills to solve problems of different complication level, use of innovative equipment and reliable materials, compliance with the requirements of project documentation guarantee the achievement of the desired result. After completed renovation the roof will restore its lost reliability and barrier functions.

selectrenbau-stvostroitelstvo-kottedzha-pod-klyuch-8.jpg 66699898989.jpg selectrenbau-stroitelstvo-kottedzha-5.jpg selectrenbau-remont-fasada-doma-2.jpg

The company "Selectrenbau" is a European quality at every stage of work, timeliness of implementation and strict adherence to the budget.