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Commercial premises design

Nowadays, the number of new shops and retail outlets is increasing in exponential rate. The offer of necessary goods doesn’t surprise anybody and it is not enough to attract customers. Discounts and wide range of goods are only half the battle. What else may have an impact on the decision of potential customer to buy goods here and now? Of course, it is a design, whether it's a shopping center or a small shop. Just ingenuity and unique interior type may turn out to be effective ways to keep the customer. Stylish interior of a boutique or shop thought out to the last detail and designed in compliance with the rules of design excellence, triggers positive emotions, desire to come back here again and certainly tell friends about this wonderful place. Spirit is willing not only to spend more time here, but also make purchases with pleasure and it will certainly bring profit to owners of trade organizations. Therefore, a lot of attention should be paid to the professional design, as it will highlight the status of the facility and attract new potential customers in the future.

One of the main activities of the company Selectrenbau for over 16 years, is the development of interiors for commercial centers, shops or boutiques. Designers and architects find professional solutions, combining the beauty and practicality in their plans of the interior. The development of author’s design that will not look like other interiors is a task set for our employees. We are able to develop and implement the comprehensive, creative, modern and unique interior on the “turn-key” basis. Template work is not for us - every project is distinguished by its bright ingenuity. There are no impossible tasks for us. Our aim is to hear from the customer - "Yes, that's exactly what I wanted and even better." If you order the development of the project at our company, you make a sure step on the path to the successful business that brings results and consequently profit.

It is to be remembered that the interior of retail premises must fully comply with certain theme and chosen style that will help to create its attractive image. For example, if it is a shoe or clothing shop, when planning and developing the project, it is better to use large glass windows, where will be located fashion trends of the season, and for grocery store - bright and colorful shades that won’t let customers pass by. Unfortunately, not every owner of a boutique or shop can size up the complexity and work content in the field of accurate design. First of all, it is important here to choose the right style of design, on which basis, will be developed a single combination of all elements. It should be both expedient and of aesthetic value.

Our specialists will take into account all wishes, give valuable and practical recommendations, develop a non-trivial design, characterized by originality, beauty and authenticity. If you are undecided on the choice of style and design concept of retail premises, professional designers will gladly help you with it. Depending on the target group of potential visitors, the interior design may be calm, restrained and austere, or just the opposite, bright, catchy and memorable.

Designers and architects of Selectrenbau over the years of its successful work, have accumulated experience in interior development of different styles and directions: we create both a non-trivial, catchy and provocative interior in modern hi-tech style with its bizarre forms and also interiors in a peaceful, classic style. We know how to create an interesting interior, memorable for customers. Our main task in the development of the interior is to create a unique and original style that will make customers come into the store or boutique again and again, making as much purchases as possible.

When working on the project we pay a lot of attention to the comfort and safety of visitors. We will professionally project and assemble the modern air conditioning systems, ventilations, electricity supply and fire safety systems. So, for example, if it is too stuffy in the salesroom, customers won’t have the desire to stay there for a long time and, accordingly, you as the owner, will lose profit.

Our advantages:

  • We create design projects for commercial premises for almost two decades and over these years we have implemented a great number of facilities;
  • We use only original materials, equipment and components;
  • competent layout, functionality, practicality and safety of the premises;
  • work on the project is carried out with a glance to the wishes of customers and under the full author’s control;
  • we appreciate every centimeter of free space and we know how to use it efficiently;
  • transparent pricing and European quality;
  • strict compliance with taken deadlines and responsibilities;
  • warranty and post-warranty service.