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Team of SELECTRENBAU has an extensive experience in the design, installation and maintenance of solar panels of any type. Selectrenbau and our joint Austrian company SELECT Baubedarf und Handels GmbH sells the entire set of equipment and components for air conditioning systems by manufacturers from Japan for the best prices: Toshiba, Daikin, Mitsubishi.

An air conditioning in the rooms of the cottage is necessary, first of all, in those areas where there are windows with large glazing square. The larger the square of glazing, the more heat is supplied to the room and air-conditioning system must be compensated for. Selecting a specific technical solution depends on the number of premises, the possibility of successful placement of outdoor units, design solutions, design features of the building, a combination of air-conditioning system with other engineering systems.


Traditional separate split systems. It is air-conditioned with one external and one internal unit for small volumes premises. A qualitative model is equipped with a variety of additional filters, various functions and modes (volumetric air flow, air flow adjustment, night mode, the sensor determines the number of people in the room, etc.). If one large or a maximum two small rooms must be conditioned in the house, a separate installation of split systems is the best option, a simple one, but guarantees maximum comfort.   

Multi-split system. The most popular and affordable kind of conditioning for several rooms of a country house. Multi-split air conditioners are the most suitable option in case when placement on the facade of a large number of external units is undesirable and allows you to save the architectural appearance of buildings. It should be noted that the power of one multi-split system can be reduced by 20% compared with several, separate, single-split air conditioner. A single outdoor unit connects multiple indoor units of various capacities and types (wall, floor, ceiling, channel, etc.). Indoor units of channel type for a country house - it is a comfortable and aesthetic (concealed indoor units) solution. Internal channel unit can be placed at any hardware or utility room under the ceiling (in the pantry, closet, bathroom, etc.). Conditioner blocks of the channel type have several advantages: hidden installation of the indoor unit, a high level of comfort (no sharp cold air), quiet operation, the ability to supply fresh air into the room, compatibility with a ventilation system, a uniform distribution of the air flow is very comfortable and energy-saving type of equipment.


Multi-zone system. The most advanced and effective air-conditioning system for homes with a free and non-standard layout, mansions of large area using VRV and VRF multi-zone systems. Installation of these systems allows you to adjust the temperature and air replacement in several areas. The number of external units of various types can be added continuously and reach several tens without running additional freon lines. Modern multi-zone systems can be controlled and managed, even with a personal computer.

Central air conditioners are designed to create a full-fledged microclimate ensuring the necessary conditions for the process, especially in large facilities. This is the most complete system, with which it is possible to achieve the optimal parameters of the air. Central air conditioning can supply fresh air into the room, remove used air cooling and heat the room to clean and humidify the air. Due to the fact that the central air conditioner is made up of sections, we can construct a variety of system configurations, depending on the specific conditions and requirements.

Rooftops. At projects with a flat roof rooftops can be installed. Rooftops are used for air heating, air-conditioning and ventilation. Roof-tops are very similar to central air conditioners, but they are installed outdoors in the open air. All system components are assembled in one unit. No need to run indoor freon line. However, it should be diluted ductwork on the premises and connected to the air conditioner.


Chiller-fan coil system. Called chiller is designed to cool the water. Cool water, through a pipeline, is supplied to the fan coil units that are installed indoors, in the same way as the indoor unit. Thus, the chiller - fan coil is similar to the multizone system in which no Freon, but water or glycol circulates between the outdoor and indoor unit. The main advantage of this system is almost unlimited length line, to which it is possible to connect the required number of fan coil units in the total power does not exceed the power of the unit.

Our company works with well-known and reliable manufacturers of air conditioners and air conditioning systems, including such brands as: Toshiba, Daikin, Mitsubishi and others. We provide a full range of services for air conditioning systems in houses: design, installation, configuration and debugging, maintenance.