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Design of country houses and cottages

Each person has own idea how the house should look like. Some people prefer minimalism of the city apartment, someone - spaciousness of the country cottage. One person is content with capabilities of monotonous projects of apartment complexes; another one prefers to create his own facility that will chime with world-view and lifestyle. Exactly these people - self-sufficient, tending to surround themselves with comfort and beauty are customers of our company. For them, we project cottages and country houses that have not only a charismatic design, but also a high degree of functionality. Both fashion trends and modern technologies are taken into account in the project. We project original houses with their own character and unique image.

One of the main activities of the company "Selectrenbau" is a professional projecting of author’s facilities of countryside real estate. Since 2000 "Selectrenbau" is a member of the group of companies “Select Austria –Ukraine”. Over this time in collaboration with Austrian partners, we have developed and implemented hundreds of facilities of countryside real estate. European experience of colleagues, collaboration on projecting, Austrian innovations and technologies in the field of design and architecture allowed us to implement facilities of any complexity and style directions.

We approach to projecting works of each facility exceptionally individually, finding required conceptual solutions for the specific case. In collaboration with Austrian partners, architects and designers of "Selectrenbau" develop the complete project where creative suggestions are confirmed by the methods of technical implementation, selection of materials. At the same time specialists take into account the relief features of the site provided for construction, architectural style of neighboring facilities, natural landscape. Thus, the cottages built upon the project, fit harmoniously into the surrounding space, allowing the owners to enjoy life in the house of their realized dream!

Projecting stages of country houses or cottages

Creation of a project is a labor-intensive, but a very exciting process, in which the customer is directly involved along with the professionals. It is the future owner of the house, who should feel how the building must look like, so that the specialists of “Selectrenbau” are able to represent the customer’s idea on the paper. However, we can also offer the concept corresponding the customer’s requirements by ourselves: over the years of work our specialists became psychologists in some way, who after discussion of the wishes understand what will actually be better for a specific customer.

Each project includes the following stages:

  • Design. It involves the development of premises interior. It is a model in 3D, which allows to see the design elements from different angles and in different sizes. It describes the general style, decorative elements and materials used;
  • Architectural stage. It is the basis for obtaining a construction permit, therefore it consists of technical specifications, drawings of the house and its parts. The documentation contains information about the layout of the indoor premises, laying of the foundation, construction of the roof, ceiling height and thickness of the floors and walls (load-bearing and partition walls), placement of doors and windows, design of the stairs, bathrooms, location on the building site. The data is displayed in digital form with indication of dimensions, specification and legends, as well as in visual form (3D). Each element of the project is agreed with the customer, and after that we calculate the final budget;
  • Engineering. It is required for installation of utility systems. It describes the entries into the house and laying schemes of water supply systems (pump, pipes, taps), sewerage, air-conditioning, ventilation (exhaust ducts), heating (boiler, pipes), electric power supply (connection to a centralized power supply, construction of an alternative source, cables, sockets, lighting fixtures). Additional is fire safety, video control system. Calculations are based on the estimated volumes of power and water consumption, however, they allow a potential increase in the future;
  • Constructional or working stage. It is required during the construction works. It contains the calculations regarding the amount and cost of materials. It describes the technical aspect of the facility construction, for example, the laying of the concrete blocks in the foundation or the diameter and spacing of rebars while reinforcement; list of works on the construction of intermediate floors; determination of the pitch angle of the rafters, and a number of other important details. It also includes the schedule, amount and cost of works.

Getting the full package of project documentation, the customer will be sure that from the very first day the construction of his house will be carried out according to the professionally developed plan, which, in fact, is every project. We do not miss even a single detail while working on it, because every number, every comma - is a basic information that plays an important role for the construction.

Over the years of successful work, we have developed hundreds of original projects that in the following were turned into luxury buildings. They are our pride and demonstration of the welfare of their owners.

Advantages of projects are as follows:

  • individual approach to each project, whatever its volume;
  • absolute compliance of the project suggestion with environmental conditions (architectural style, natural landscape);
  • projecting in accordance with needs of the owners, their lifestyle;
  • professional carrying out of each stage;
  • author’s control at every stage of cooperation;
  • comprehensive review of the project sections, excluding the slightest mistakes;
  • easonable quality-to-price ratio;
  • trict compliance with undertaken deadlines and responsibilities.

If a future owner orders at "Selectrenbau" the development of a project of the country house or cottage, he receives documentation, compiled in accordance with the requirements of architectural and town master planning authorities, so there are no difficulties for the customer to obtain the building permit. We abide by all standards and it is the basis for the construction of a reliable, comfortable and beautiful property.