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Cottages & Country Homes Construction

Hundreds of thousands of urban residents dream to build at least small, but their own country house or a large cottage that would be modern and with a maximum level of comfort. Successful and goal-oriented, they want to start the individual construction and implement the dream. This is quite understandable, because private residence in many ways characterizes the financial status and is a measure of rationality and level of income.

Nowadays, there is a constant demand for construction services which, as experts say, creates the supply. That is why there are more and more specialists in the field of construction. Services in this area are offered both by sole proprietors and big construction companies. For a customer it is not easy to make the right choice among the hundreds of proposals. Which of them will help to implement the dream? Of course you can begin the construction of a cottage or a country house on your own, but then the process runs the risk of being dragged on for more than one year. And the result of this activity causes serious doubts. That’s exactly why the effective option is to contact the specialists that will professionally execute the range of construction works on a turnkey basis and at the same time will provide a long-term warranty on the works


Why is the construction on the "turn-key" basis the best option?

Construction of a cottage or a country house on the "turn-key" basis with the company "Selectrenbau" will remove the necessity for you to search for building teams and purchase materials. One contractor is responsible for each working stage and the final result. For customers, it means to put responsibilities on professionals’ shoulders, just periodically monitoring the progress of the work. It means the economy of force, time, and money. Facility on the "turn-key" basis is surely a right choice made for the construction of housing and sensible investing.

Since 2000 “Selectrenbau” is a member of the group of companies “Select Austria –Ukraine”. Due to the cooperation with Austrian partners, for over 16 years we have been using European experience, technological inventions of Austrian and German construction industry, professional equipment and tools for the construction. We provide customers with long-term warranty for each type of work and commissioning of stages according to the schedule.

The priority activity for us is a comprehensive projecting and construction of cottages and also of country houses on the "turn-key" basis. We carry out a range of works - from geological-engineering works and geodetic works to the original interior decoration and land improvement. Skills of specialists allow constructing buildings from all kinds of material - brick, wood, framing, foam concrete blocks and other materials.

You can order not only construction works, but also the full complementation with construction, finishing materials. Estimating department systematically analyses prices for similar works and materials both in Kyiv and in other regions of the country and due to it we provide customers with absolutely fair and competitive prices, and we carry out the full warranty and post-warranty service. As we undertake the full supply of the facility with necessary construction materials and works, the company bears the shared responsibility for its impeccable implementation. We directly purchase foreign and domestic materials only from time-proved manufacturers and it allows us to follow the schedule stipulated in the official agreement.

What are the stages of the construction process of a cottage, country house on the "turn-key" basis?

The company's activity is transparent with always accessible information. We are interested in providing customers the full understanding of the specificity construction stages, because it is - a continuous time-consuming process, consisting of several interconnected and mandatory steps:

  • Projecting

Developing of the house project, where resources and details needed for the implementation are taken into account. After that, documents needed to obtain the permission to precede work are prepared. And the last - technical documentation for the upcoming construction is drawn up.

  • The construction of a "frame"

After obtaining of permits and approval of project documentation by the customer, the actual construction is started. This stage includes: laying of the foundation, construction of walls and floors, installation of roof and windows, integration of utility systems.

  • Finishing works

The finishing is often carried out according to the approved design project. It is directly related to interior and facade of the building. Inside the facility, finishing works are carried out after the setting of constant temperature and humidity. Exterior finishing includes the insulation of walls, application of stucco, decorative coating.

  • Land improvement

This problem is solved simultaneously with the construction. In such case it is a lot easier to provide the smooth matching of finishing materials for the walls of the house, paths or fence with each other. If you want to see within your territory an artificial lake or swimming pool, manicured lawn, attractive flower garden or a sports-ground, we know how to do it at a professional leve.

How does pricing policy work?

Detailed estimates, indicating the cost of the work and used materials are drawn up and agreed at the projecting stage. The following facts affect the final construction cost of the cottage, in the same way, as in the country house’s case: area, number of floors, type of foundation, used materials, the complexity of architectural and design solutions, etc. Our company develops and implements the project that corresponds to your wishes and financial possibilities. We will provide clear and transparent prices, with a guarantee of no hidden costs.

Advantages of the company "Selectrenbau":

  1. performance of construction works of any complexity and volume;
  2. individual approach to the customer;
  3. Use of Austrian technologies, original materials, professional equipment;
  4. Control at each stage;
  5. Fair prices with European quality, progress payment;
  6. Formal agreement;
  7. Long-term warranty on carried out works and post-warranty service.

We are confident that we will justify your trust and hope that the clear terms of cooperation and professional quality of the work will allow you to recommend our company to your relatives, friends and colleagues in the future.

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