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Covered parking and garages

Modern people can not imagine their life without a car. In the morning, afternoon and evening, thousands of people get behind the wheel in order to come to work or return home after work. Thanks to the availability of transport, the traffic around and outside the city has become much more dynamic, which, in turn, facilitates the solution to much larger number of working issues. However, the expansion in the number of vehicles has engendered a serious problem - a lack of parking places on the territory of organizations, shopping centers, entertainment centers and other often-visited facilities. Therefore, buildings (private houses, office buildings, etc.) projected and constructed by the company "Selectrenbau" are necessarily provided with a covered parking placesor garages, the construction of self-contained buildings in the locality of already operating facilities.

Types of parking places

Conventionally, parking places, used by the owners of vehicles, are divided into the following categories:

  • By location (facilities of city significance – shopping and entertainment centers, fitness clubs, restaurants, hotels, galleries, airports, railway stations, industrial and public facilities – industrial enterprises, ports, administrative buildings; residential buildings – multifamily houses, private cottages, villas);
  • By the time of standing at the parking (constant, hourly, daily, seasonal);
  • By the relation to other buildings (detached, built in, underground or surface parking);
  • By the number of storeys (single-storey, two-storey, multi-storey);
  • by the way of movement between the storeys or levels (automated, mechanical, ramp-access parking).

When beginning the development of a parking lot or a car park, specialists certainly take into account the estimated number of cars that are supposed to be placed on the provided territory, type of soil and topography of the construction site, distribution routes of utility systems (sewerage, electrical grids, water, heating). Only thereafter, customers get the preliminary project, which becomes a working one after its coordination in accordance with technical and financial nuances. Absolutely all kinds of car parks that are built by the company, meet the following evaluation criterion:

  • Functional entry / exit system;
  • Competent laying of utilities systems and their connection;
  • Smooth ground covering, from which dirty spots are easily washed off;
  • Construction of a reliable roofing that protects cars against precipitation;
  • Installation of a comprehensive ventilation system (underground parking places), creating the appropriate microclimate and purifying the air;
  • Use of non-flammable and non-toxic materials that ensure the safe operating conditions.

Regardless of the type, parking places, built by specialists of our company, perfectly serve people for many years, ensuring safety and, if so to speak the "comfort" to their cars.

Types of garages

Garage is a place for keeping the car that has in addition to the main, a range of additional functions. As a rule, there are stored tools necessary for automobilists, interchangeable tires, oils, cleansers. Garage may have an inspection pit or a separate sewer outlet for the water runoff after washing, workshop. That is why we take the projecting and construction of garages with the same responsibility as in case of other more or less large facilities.

We offer our customers the following types of garages:

  • Detached garage – it is constructed at a distance from the main building, but it provides the easy use at any time of the day;
  • Built-in or attached garage – it is designed at the same time with the house and can either be adjacent to the wall or placed on the ground floor;
  • Garage modules – it is a series of several compartments (4,6,8,10), which are separated by walls and have a separate gate, but are united by a common roof.

By the type of materials being used and by the design features garages can be divided into:

  • Permanent – this type has a firm foundation, concreted (reinforced) floors, insulated walls and roof, and perhaps a repair pit or the second floor. The walls can be constructed of brick, cinder blocks, foam concrete blocks or sandwich panels;
  • Portable – they do not require a firm foundation. The floors are arranged on a planned flat level surface, followed by the creation of a gravel pad and cementing. Walls and roofs are constructed with the use of metal structures, and with possible further heat insulation. The structure can be moved from one place to another.

No matter on what garage customers set their choices, construction works of facilities will be carried out in accordance with specifically developed schemes. They include the following stages:

  • Selection of the location, that corresponds to the function of a building;
  • Development of a project and coordination with a customer, providing the layout in 3D format;
  • Earthworks for land leveling and laying of necessary utility systems;
  • Construction of foundations;
  • Construction of walls (brick, foam concrete blocks, stone) or assembly of metal constructions;
  • Roofing;
  • Electrical installation works;
  • Insulation and finishing of walls, ceiling, flooring;
  • Installation of gates (swinging, automatic, vertical-lift, steel shutter), installation of windows, gratings (if any is provided by the project).

"Selectrenbau" guarantees customers the timely implementation of each construction stage and the highest quality. Any garage built by us is a construction that fully meets owners’ requirements. Cars, kept there, are completely protected not only from weather cataclysms, but also from the access of unauthorized people. We always embody architectural projects in a perfect way that blend harmoniously into the surrounding landscape, but do not go beyond the scope of financial possibilities of customers.