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Hotel interior design

The exterior of the hotel is a thing that initially attracts the attention of guests. That is why, the professional development of the design project of its interior is so important and needful. The most luxurious hotels and modern mini-hotels try to carry out complete modernization of the interior in order to maintain the competitiveness. It is done to get a memorable and the most comfortable atmosphere for guests. To order the interior design of the hotel means to make sure that the interior design of the room will be well-balanced according to the selected style, functionality and comfort.

Hotel design significantly differs from the design of private houses, and design principles are quite different here. The best hotel interiors are interiors designed in the same style direction, applied to every room: foyer, lounge zones, restaurants, rooms. Only professional designers and architects are able to combine hotel zones with so different functions in a single composition, covering or, vice versa, using the constructive features of the building with interesting effect.

One of the priority areas of the Selectrenbau work is the development of author’s design projects and comprehensive implementation on the “turn-key” basis of hotel business facilities. Since 2000, Selectrenbau is a member of the group of companies Select Austria – Ukraine. Over these years together with Austrian partners we have implemented dozens of similar facilities. At each stage of the project, the company offers the customer appropriate cooperation conditions, and fair prices for projects, in spite of the range of works. We provide the comprehensive range of services: beginning from the preparation of the design project, its complementation and to the implementation on the "turn-key" basis with warranty with the following post-warranty service.

Together with Austrian colleagues we develop the design of the hotel in any stylistic direction and level of complexity. During implementation process of the project, we use Austrian and German innovations and technologies in the field of design and architecture, qualitative and reliable construction and finishing materials, furniture and lighting, electrical equipment from foreign and domestic manufacturers with direct purchase and supply (without intermediaries).

When developing the project, designers and architects take into account various parameters of the premises - form and foyer squares, characteristics of functional zones, escape routes, sound insulation rates and offer the most suitable solution for this facility. We perform all work stages, from the selection of the idea, projecting and to the installation and arrangement of interior design items with full understanding of design concept and customer preferences. It allows to create an author’s design, emphasizing the prestige of the facility.

Professional project of the hotel at European level - it is not just the selection of furniture and finishing materials, it is the development of a comprehensive design that includes the consideration of every detail, as only details combined in one consistent system, create the exterior of the facility and guests’ engagement. Professionals of Selectrenbau will select needed finishing materials, furniture, lighting, electrical, decoration items and etc and also will highlight the key points in the competent and professional way, ensuring the compatibility of these elements, combining separate details into one complete and impressive picture. The creation of the hotel project includes not only the development of the interior for hotel rooms, but also the interior of the foyer, reception, corridors and other premises. It is a difficult task to keep the single style in every detail: both in hotel rooms, and in the decor of the common premises, restaurant halls. But having the relevant experience, we will easily implement it.

The design of the hotel is to be carefully thought out, as it is necessary to combine current trends and utility. When planning the hotel interior, it is important to remember that this establishment provides the solution of tasks, set both for private and public buildings. That is why every project is to enrapture by beauty and astonish by comfort, but at the same time, meet the sanitary and fire safety standards.

When developing the project, our specialists will certainly take into account the following points:

  • Arrangement of distribution pipelines;
  • Assurance of engineering systems performance;
  • Equipping of the hotel with video surveillance and fire safety systems, and with other necessary facilities.

When projecting and implementation of the facility, we use reliable materials that conform with all standards of fire safety, environmental regulations, and are resistant to dirt and wet cleaning, mechanical damage, and deterioration. When working on the project, we take into account installation nuances of air conditioning, ventilation, heating, electrical supply system and select the easy to use plumbing and lighting equipment. These components are the basis for the comfort of guests and staff.

Why to choose Selectrenbau?

  • Over the years, we have implemented dozens of projects for the hotel business;
  • Thoughtful layout, functionality, comfort and safety of premises;
  • The use of innovative Austrian and German trends and technologies;
  • Control of all work stages;
  • Fair prices with European quality;
  • Strict compliance with taken deadlines and responsibilities.