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Design for clubs and cinema theatres

The main component of the popularity of entertainment clubs are extraordinary vibes and original design. People visit them in order to experience the specific state of mind and remarkable atmosphere. The element that creates such kind of public mood is a bright and memorable interior, thought out to the last detail, including sound effects and lighting.

New trends in the interior design of clubs

Current concepts of interior solutions for clubs are constantly changing. Today they have acquired features of freedom and courage. Therefore, the following points may be considered as the main components of the successful club:

  • stylish, surprising with novelty design, embodied original ideas;;
  • high-quality light and thought out lighting effects;
  • modern music.

Bold decisions require professional implementation. To develop such kind of interior, it is needed to take an approach that requires knowledge, vast experience, ingenious thoughts and boundless imagination. Only professionals can be entrusted to create the design for the club.

Selectrenbau embodies ideas to life

We create professional and exclusive club projects of any complexity and stylistic directions for over 16 years. Since 2000, Selectrenbau is a member of the group of companies “Select Austria – Ukraine”. Together with Austrian partners we have implemented dozens of similar facilities that always met customers expectations. It enables us to perform the projecting and create the design at the proper level, providing customers the long-term guarantee and implementation of the facility according to the schedule. With us you can realize in life your bold ideas, as we offer only professional and functional solutions. Every our projects is unique..

In addition to the design project, we provide our customers with everything needed to embody ideas. We will professionally perform construction and finishing works. When working on the project our specialists pay special attention to the comfort and safety of visitors. We will professionally project and assemble the modern air conditioning systems, ventilations, electricity supply and fire safety systems, etc. We will carry out the full complementation of the facility with necessary materials and goods from foreign and domestic manufactures and we will successfully complete the implementation of the facility on the "turn-key" basis and provide warranty with the following post-warranty service.

Each customer gets only high-quality result from us which is completely satisfying. It is very important to us that the results of the implemented work have prompted you to contact us again and recommend us to your friends and partners. We will help your establishment to outstand among competitors and bring you profit.

Design of the cinema

The passage of time changes priorities and trends. But cinemas, as before, continue holding leading positions among the most popular kinds of rest. To visit the cinema means to have a good time. Cinema is a properly thought-out space, where superior comfort, high technologies and professional design are combined. Even a single detail can not be missed here, each one plays its role: light, sound, selection of repertoire, screen and seats location, pleasant atmosphere. Nowadays, thanks to audio and video technologies it is possible to create the participation effect while watching a film, if special effects are adjusted in the right way. To create an intangible world- is the main task of the film industry. Therefore, the interior of the cinema should conform to it, otherwise the idea will not work. New materials, upholstery, proper and professional placement of sound and light sources will help to achieve the effect of immersion.

Proper zoning and image making

One of the key factors affecting the image of the modern cinema is considered to be the design of multiplex cinema, interior public zones and showroom. It is important to create the integrality of the cinema: interior of the foyer should be harmonized with interiors of screening rooms, cafe, restaurants and even stairs. At the same time restaurants and cafés, located in the right way, may become more profitable than cinemas. The most important thing is to combine every element harmoniously.

Professional design as a priority

To create a professional design of the cinema is not a simple goal, it requires special knowledge and work of skilled professionals.

One of the priority services of Selectrenbau is the provision of professional interior design for cinemas and screening rooms. The primary goal for designers and architects is to meet the requirements for light, sound, professional film equipment and fire safety. We never forget about the comfort of visitors and we will offer you only thought out to the last detail variants of the future interior, combining all your wishes together and we will create on this basis, an original and unique interior. Our team - professionals with vast experience and many years of work. Specialists will develop both an individual and comprehensive design projects. We will professionally perform construction and finishing works, assemble modern and efficient air conditioning systems, ventilation, heating, fire safety system and other equipment, carry out the full complementation of the facility with necessary materials and goods from foreign and domestic manufactures and we will successfully complete the implementation of the facility on the "turn-key" basis and provide warranty with the following post-warranty service.

Work principles

Transparency and clarity of work are criteria that create the atmosphere of trust between our company and customer. Detailed information about the project minimizes misunderstanding and helps to build a fruitful union between designer and customer, with commitment to the desired result.

The project development goes through a range of stages:

  • The first preproject consultation;
  • Preparation of technical specifications;
  • Signing of an official agreement;
  • Photofixation and measurements of the premises;
  • Functional space zoning with arrangement of professional equipment, lighting and furniture;
  • Sketch drawing of the facility;
  • Selection of professional equipment, lighting, furniture, decorative items and finishing materials etc.;
  • Creation of a manual or 3D visualizations;
  • Preparation and drafting of technical documentation;
  • Complementation and decoration of the facility.