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Design for restaurants, cafes, and bars

Stylishly decorated interior of the restaurant, cafe or bar – is one of the main components of a successful business, along with exquisite cuisine and attentive service. This is a visiting card of any establishment, as well as its chef or menu. In order to emphasize the specificity and the status of the restaurant or cafe in combination with the cuisine, you need to create an appropriate design. After all, it is the design of the hall which makes the first impression on visitors, which, as we know, you cannot make twice. Will the customers be satisfied or disappointed, depends not only on the cook’s skill or waiter’s kindness, but also on the entourage which reflects professionalism, talent and artistic taste of designers and architects who worked on the interior decoration.

When designing the interior of such objects one needs to follow key principles common to all, without exception, restaurants, cafes and bars. The internal space first of all, must be designed so that the routes of staff and visitors become as comfortable as possible. Location of tables and chairs in any way should not cause the feeling of crowd and discomfort to the visitors. The most important thing designers care about while creating the right interior – is comfort and ergonomics of the room, and only after that – the creation of the necessary atmosphere and interior decoration.

One of the priority areas of the Selectrenbau work is the development and implementation of author’s design projects for restaurants, cafes and bars. Since 2000, Selectrenbau is a member of the group of companies “Select Austria – Ukraine”. Together with Austrian partners we have implemented dozens of projects for restaurant business. Such collaboration opens us the access to the European experience of colleagues, collaboration on the implementation of projects of any complexity and styles, Austrian innovations and technologies in the field of design and architecture. In our projects we professionally combine requirements for the comfort and author's style of the design, according to the status of establishment.

Choosing the style and the basic concept, defining the target audience, based on various criteria, such as social status, etc - this is what interior design starts with. Taking into account the preferences of customers, we develop a style direction, think over range of colors, choose equipment, furniture, lighting, decoration items and other elements necessary for each facility that we design. Designers use in projects pure styles: high-tech, modern, Italian, Oriental, Moroccan, Provencal, as well as their combinations. Facilities get a unique image, which is emphasized through the layout, furniture, elements of decoration, lighting, and range of colors. In addition, it is important to choose your own "highlight" in design, which will remain in the memory of visitors and make an establishment stand out from the competitors. The task is not easy, but professional designers and architects of Selectrenbau will successfully cope with it.

If you want to avoid headaches and unnecessary financial expenses, entrust to experienced specialists of our company the comprehensive implementation of a facility on the "turn-key" basis, beginning from the selection of the concept to construction and finishing works, with subsequent warranty and post-warranty service. The project, developed with a glance to individual features will be accurately implemented under our author’s control.

A variety of factors influence the visitors’ impression about the establishment. That is why, working on the object, we use the full range of planning, engineering and technical, and decorative solutions. Designers and architects imagine themselves as prospective visitors, projecting their reactions and emotions, and excluding the negative factors. So you can be absolutely sure that:

  • kitchen flavors will not appear in the hall. We will use modern systems of air conditioning and ventilation, correctly calculate their capacity and set them in a professional way;
  • navigation will be understandable and convenient for visitors. Guests will be able to easily find the needed areas without interfering with each other and distracting the staff;
  • visitors will feel comfort. Halls and terraces will be equipped for people with disabilities (elderly and disabled). It will be easier for them to move around the room, and for staff to serve;
  • children of visitors will not be bored. They will be busy with something interesting in a special play space and let their parents relax. We will be happy to plan the separate children's area for the establishment;
  • the average bill will increase. Your profit directly depends on the bill of each table. In order to make guests stay longer, they should feel comfort at your place. Creating an atmosphere that visitors will want to enjoy a little longer, you will extend their stay. During this time they will spend more and thereby will increase the average bill, increasing also the profit of establishment. We will help to make the business more efficient.

Advantages of Selectrenbau:

  • We create design projects for restaurants, cafes and bars for almost two decades and over these years we have implemented dozens of successful facilities that bring stable profit to our customers;
  • houses implemented by us outstand with comfort, functionality, practicality and coziness;
  • the company performs comprehensive implementation of facilities on the "turn-key" basis. It means that we do not only develop the interior design, but also provide its full complementation and implementation.
  • author’s control of every collaboration stage;
  • we appreciate every centimeter of free space and we know how to use it efficiently;
  • we use only those materials, components and equipment, in the quality and reliability of which we are 100% sure;
  • reasonable quality-to-price ratio;
  • strict compliance with taken deadlines and responsibilities.

Selectrenbau will create an attractive, unforgettable facility which will bring the maximum of comfort to guests, and increase of profit to you, as an owner!