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Country house & cottage design

Country houses are becoming more popular in our country. This trend is explained by the fact that owners of country real estate get not just a large area, that is admittedly important, but also vast opportunities. Such house or cottage allows to implement all conceived ideas about interior design and eventually get a bright facility with an individual image. It is a difficult task to create an exquisite design of the cottage or country house, especially if you try to implement extraordinary ideas from magazines.

One of the priority areas of the Selectrenbau work is the development and implementation of author’s design projects of country real estate. Since 2000, Selectrenbau is a member of the group of companies Select Austria – Ukraine, and has implemented together with Austrian partners hundreds of projects for country houses. Such collaboration opens us the access to the European experience of colleagues, collaboration on the implementation of projects of any complexity and styles, Austrian and German innovations and technologies in the field of design and architecture. Also, we have a rare opportunity for Ukraine to make direct purchases at reasonable prices for you, organize the supply of high-quality materials, furniture, lighting and decoration items from the Western Europe and American manufacturers to the facility. Customers get fair prices and do not overpay for the use of retail areas and other extra charges of salons and shops.


How do we see the interior of your house? In the same way as you do: really exquisite, but certainly comfortable and functional. We absolutely agree with your belief that country house is the only place where you and your family get inspiration, vivacity and you are in a good mood. Here you take your mind off the tiring city noise and finally relax. A team of professionals of Selectrenbau will design country house interior together with you. We will carefully listen to the ideas and cherished desires and we will offer you our vision and implement the house of your dream together.

Have you ever wondered what goes first in the interior design of the country house? Harmony! The inside space must be harmonious not only visually but also from the technical point of view. It is rather difficult to achieve such result. But talented designers and architects of Selectrenbau are real professionals. It means that vast experience and specialized education allow us to assess the "possibility" of your house accurately, and, accordingly, provide the perfect design of the interior that will meet your expectations.

House project, implemented by our company, will both help you to create the desired atmosphere and accentuate your individuality and originality. If you are confident that the design of the country facility is to be created with the European level of quality, meeting your needs and requirements, then Selectrenbau is exactly what you are looking for. You can surely entrust us the development of the design project of your house and comprehensive implementation on "turn-key" basis.

Architectural style plays an essential role in the creation of the design project of the country house. We will help to unlock the potential of your building. The style selected by designers and architects for the project depends only on the wishes and preferences of the customer: democratic modern, original high-tech, restrained English style or luxury Empire style.

To combine them together harmoniously into one complete image of the interior, landscape and facade of the house, go to our designers and architects, and they will help to do it in the best way. Creative and professional team is constantly improving their knowledge and tracks the latest trends in the world of design and architecture of Western Europe and the United States, introducing modern solutions in the country real estate projects.

The main advantages of country houses projects:

  • We create design projects of country houses for almost two decades and over these years we have implemented hundreds of facilities;
  • houses implemented by us outstand with comfort, functionality, practicality and coziness;
  • works on the project are carried out with a glance to the customer wishes and under full author’s control;
  • we will fully take into account architectural features and even material, the house or cottage is built of;
  • we appreciate every centimeter of free space and we know how to use it efficiently;
  • we use only those materials, components and equipment, in the quality and reliability of which we are 100% sure;
  • reasonable quality-to-price ratio;
  • fulfill taken responsibilities and adhere to timescales.
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