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Office interior design

For any company the visiting card of its business is the office. When customers or partners come into it they pay attention to the overall atmosphere and design straight away. From this they draw a conclusion about the trustworthiness of the company. It is the appropriate business atmosphere in the office which makes a positive impact on the perception by partners and customers. However, this is not the only factor due to which you should pay special attention to the professional design of the office space. The functional and professionally designed interior will create a favorable working environment and will help to make the rational use of the available space. The leaders of successful companies understand this and put it into practice. Author's design of the office interior will not only create the desired image of the company, but will also successfully market its products or services.

Those days when it was enough to make a renovation, arrange the furniture, set the lighting and get to work, are gone. The requirements to modern office became much stricter and more varied: through the separate elements it should indicate the sphere of activity of the company, take into account the corporate policies and style, emphasize the caring attitude to the personnel and respect to customers.


One of the main activities of Selectrenbau is the development of author’s interior design of the offices. In order to create a project, we take as a basis the philosophy and corporate values of the customer’s company. Designers and architects thoroughly study and work on the information about the brand, features of corporate policy and principles of company work. Taking this into account and, of course, wishes and requirements of the customer, they begin to develop the concept of the interior. It involves not only the creation of stylish and functional office, but also the optimal allocation of working places. Experience of Selectrenbau and hundreds of completed projects prove: it is possible to create an ergonomic office, where staff can work with the comfort and pleasure. We will develop a project of the office and will combine elements of decor, furniture, lighting, partitions, and organize the workspace so that every employee feels in the right place. Creating every office interior, we take into account the wishes and specific requirements.

Our main task – is to implement customers' wishes, using the experience and professionalism. If you contact us, you will get a harmoniously planned space, finishes of high quality, well located furniture, lighting and office equipment.

We aim to create comfort, ergonomics and maximum of convenience. Regardless of whether you have a large office or small, we take into account the fact that the staff should feel comfort in it at any time of the year. That is why we thoroughly think over the air conditioning and ventilation systems, and proper organization of working places, adding a touch of brightness and style to them. As to development of the interior of director’s office, in created projects it always demonstrates the trustworthiness of the company and makes an impression on partners and customers.

Designers and architects will develop the office interior in any style direction. In projects they will use with the same interest strict classics as well as ultramodern high-tech with its non-trivial and innovative solutions.

Of course, the leading role in the design development and implementation plays the cost of such project. Do you consider that office is to meet modern trends in the world of design? So it means you need to find a company that will satisfy your requirements for price and service level. Since 2000, Selectrenbau is a member of the group of companies “Select Austria – Ukraine”. We purchase goods and materials directly from European and American manufacturers, importing them to the country at reasonable prices. The delivery of the original materials, furniture, lighting and decoration items to the facility is performed strictly within the agreed time frames. Customers get fair prices and do not overpay for the use of retail areas and other extra charges of salons and shops.

We will surely please you with European quality of performed works and provide the implementation of the office on the “turn-key” basis according to the schedule. The renovated office will be an honor to employees and will attract the attention of new partners and clients. Make any dream come true with us! Make your office be stylish, functional and comfortable.

The main advantages of Selectrenbau projects:

  • we create design projects of offices for many years and over these years we have implemented hundreds of facilities;
  • projects implemented by us outstand with European quality, thoughtful layout comfort and functionality;
  • creation of the image and exclusive author’s interior design, taking into account the branding policy of the company;
  • the use of innovative Austrian and German trends and technologies;
  • we appreciate every centimeter of free space and we know how to use it efficiently;
  • Author’s control of every cooperation stage;
  • reasonable quality-to-price ratio;
  • strict compliance with taken deadlines and responsibilities.
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