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Design supervision

Professional and high-quality control is a priority service from Selectrenbau. Author’s control is a control by the author of the project over the progress of construction, repair and finishing works, specified in the project documentation and approved by the customer. Due to the supervision services a customer gets full confidence that the facility will be made in full accordance with the way it was designed by the author, designer or architect of the project.

What is author's control?

Author's control is a comprehensive service which combines the control of the project author (designer or architect) over the full compliance of idea with the actual implementation. Through the supervision author of the project controls and, if necessary, adjusts the process of construction and renovation and finishing works according to the design project approved by the customer. Finishing materials, colors, textiles, furniture or interior decoration must fully correspond with the approved specifications or samples. In case the replacement of any element is necessary only author of the project can properly choose and offer an alternative that will not break the stylistic integrity of the project.


When and why the author's control is needed?

Person who is not very competent in the sphere of design, repair and construction has doubts about the reasonability of the author's control. After all, a professional design project already includes the required project documentation, one needs only to implement it. In fact, things are not quite as they seem. Construction and finishing works make a living and dynamic process, during which often can appear some problems, which are difficult to foresee at the design stage and only author of the project should solve them promptly. Moreover, there is also the human factor: no matter how qualified the builders are, they still can make a mistake. Only the author, who knows a project in details, can detect the defects that seem to be small, but can significantly affect the final result. The competence of person carrying out the author’s control includes the necessity to oblige the builders to fix their mistakes. In addition, during the work a customer often has new ideas: "Maybe it’s better to set a column here, and here we should make the arch instead of the doorway!". This situation certainly cannot be resolved without the author – he/she will tell the customer how effective the solution is from a technical and stylistic point of view. Ordering the author’s control, you will get rid of the problems related to the construction and repair, instead of this you will do your own business, travel or relax. You won’t waste the precious time and nerves on permanent control and coordination of everyday issues at the building ground. You do not have to worry that you have no time to check whether everything is all right at the building ground.

Architects and designers regularly control the construction process, continuously supervise the implementation of project tasks and ensure the quality of the works. Our priority – is to defend the customers’ interests, not builders’ and decorators’. Therefore the loss of quality of works or break of the work schedule is excluded. Upon completion of the facility we provide a warranty on the works done and provide post-warranty service.

Advantages of the authors’ control

Ordering this service the customer gets constant control over the progress of work on implementation of the project.

It consists of the following stages:

  • systematic visiting of the facility by the author (designer and architect) and control over the progress of work until its end;
  • control over all processes in order to check the compliance with technical documentation of the project;
  • accomplishment of the prompt measures to remove the detected deviations from the project documentation;
  • prompt amendment of the project (if necessary);
  • consulting and informing the repair crews on the issues concerning provided drawings or sketches;
  • informing customers concerning the questions related to the implementation of the project;
  • arrangement of furniture, installation of lighting, decoration of interior with textiles at the final stage.
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