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Swimming pool building

Outdoor pool

Swimming pool – is both a luxurious and functional decoration of any area. The availability of such object is an indicator of individual style and wealth of the customer. In summer it becomes a saving oasis and fashionable ground for parties. For children there is no more fascinating entertainment than water amusements. And how pleasant it is to dip into the wonderful cool water after a busy working day!

It is important to understand that the swimming pool is not just an ordinary container that is filled with water. It is a hydraulic structure, the development and installation of which certainly should be made by professionals. A minimal miscalculation in technical parameters will make the facility unsafe for people. Furthermore, if necessary professional equipment and accessories were not taken into account and installed while the construction of the swimming pool, the water will become dirty in a short span of time and the structure will be unusable for its intended purpose.

For almost two decades, "Selectrenbau" has been carrying out theprofessional projecting and installation of outdoor covered and open-air swimming pools on the "turn-key" basis of different complexity levels. The installation of swimming pools is a complex process requiring special qualification, experience and knowledge of the equipment specifications. The perfect quality of works, correct selection of equipment and components, impeccable service of swimming pools is a result that our customers will get for sure.

If you are planning to install a swimming pool, but you are still undecided about its location, size and shape, technical parameters, we will gladly consult you. The selection is carried out individually and depends on the initial parameters of the territory, according to your suggestions for the style, functionality.


The leading role takes the professional selection of the required equipment and components, and specifically the following:

  • heating devices (electric water heater or water-to-water heat exchanger);
  • water purification and disinfection systems (pumps, filters, ozonizers, dosage stations, etc.);
  • embedded parts (water return nozzles, skimmers, main drain, etc.);
  • electrical equipment (automatic water filler, illumination, decontamination, etc.).

Construction of the swimming pool is divided into the following stages:

  • Projecting of the swimming pool.

Experts examine the territory, analyzing its state. Designers and architects select proper variants of constructions and offer them to the customer. We develop a plan for the necessary preparatory works and the project of a swimming pool, based on these data.

  • Preparation of the pit.

It is important to involve professionals into this part of work. Because any error at this stage, for example, the removal of excess soil layer, can cause complications or even make it impossible to implement the planned project. It is equally important to properly perform external heat insulation and waterproofing. Specialists of the company thoroughly consider this aspect, because at this stage they should take into account soil characteristics, location of the area and other factors.

  • Preparation to installation of embedded elements, pipeline, technological equipment, electrical wiring.

This includes the preparatory works for installing of the necessary equipment to maintain the swimming pool in perfect state, in particular, skimmers, pipes, nozzles, and so on. It is important to think in advance where it will be set, because after pouring of the pool it will be very difficult and unreasonably expensive to change something.

  • Pouring and plastering of the swimming pool.

There are many nuances hidden at this stage. It is important to set the rebars correctly, properly pour the concrete, removing the hollows and eliminating the probability of cracks, so it is necessary to use the special equipment. Our specialists apply: knowledge and experience, innovative Austrian and German technologies, professional equipment and tools for the construction of swimming pools. Therefore, the finished construction meets the European standards of quality and reliability.

  • Finishing works and commissioning of the equipment.

Specialists of "Selectrenbau" will ensure the synchronized operation of all systems. At this stage, the programming is adjusted and the operation of the equipment is monitored. At the customer’s request, we will install equipment for the swimming pool that fulfills additional functions. For example, underwater lighting and massage appliances. As a result, you get a functional and admirable swimming pool.

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selectrenbau-landshaft-stroitelstvo-bassejnov-10.jpg selectrenbau-landshaft-stroitelstvo-bassejnov-8.jpg selectrenbau-landshaft-stroitelstvo-bassejnov-7.jpg selectrenbau-landshaft-stroitelstvo-bassejnov-9.jpg
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