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Team of SELECTRENBAU has an extensive experience in the design, installation and maintenance of solar panels of any type. Selectrenbau and our joint Austrian company SELECT Baubedarf und Handels GmbH sells the entire set of equipment and components for solar panels by manufacturers from Germany and Switzerland for the best prices: Viessmann and Helvetic Energy.

Our company also offers its customers a cost-effective solution for power supply of a cottage or a private house. For this purpose, we use solar power generating panels from companies Viessmann and Solar World (both - Germany), which are based on a single-crystal and polycrystalline silicon crystals. These panels are built up through the glass lamination. The back of the panel is protected by a special film. Thus, solar cells are protected from a climatic impact. In addition, due to its relatively low weight, such a panel is not difficult to lift and mount on the roof.

vitosol_100.jpg sunmodule_protect_p-bild_de.jpg

The main benefits of solar electricity panels:

- High-quality performance for over 25 years;

- Correct selection and combination of all the components of the panel;

- Protective frame panel is made of aluminum;

- Quick installation: easy connection of electrical connections, mounting kits for vertical and horizontal installation on the roof provided by the manufacturer;

- Built-in bypass diodes provide high performance panels, even if the collector is partially in a shade;

- Protective glass has a high capacity that ensures optimal absorption of the sun rays;

- All modules are certified according to European standards IEC 61215, 61646, 61730 EWG 89/392;