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Team of the company SELECTRENBAU has an extensive experience in the design, installation and maintenance of electrical installation equipment of any type. Selectrenbau and our joint Austrian company SELECT Baubedarf und Handels GmbH sells the entire set of electrical installation equipment and accessories for it from the manufacturers in Germany for the best prices: Merten, Jung, GIRA.

Electrical services for different types of objects: cottages, houses, offices, shopping centers, industrial sites:

1 Installation of hidden and open wiring

2: Install the input/output electrical switch boards

3: Installation of fixtures, switches and outlets

4 Installation of computer networks and telephony

5 Installation of satellite, cable and terrestrial television

6 Wiring and repair of electric switch boards, the installation of low voltage equipment

7 Laying of distribution mains

8 Installation of lighting networks

9 Installation and replacement of lighting equipment

10 Connecting the power electroreceivers

11 Installation and replacement of wiring accessories

12 Laying of cable lines

13 Unit of lightning protection systems and grounding (including deep grounding)

14 Installation of fire alarm systems and fire fighting

15 Installation of interphone systems

16 Installation of outdoor/garden lighting

17 Installation of power backup

18 Installation and integration of smart home

19 Commissioning and service work

20 Warranty and post-warranty service

Gira-Esprit-walnut-aluminium.jpg gira-Home-station-with-TFT-colour-display.jpg gira-Installed-surface-mounted-with-colour-camera.jpg Gira-radio-observer-180-16.jpg Gira-smoke-alarm-device-Dual-VdS.jpg

The main stages of the wiring in the facility:

Inner: complete electrification of the building, as well as in the houses adjoining different buildings like baths, garage or gazebo, summer kitchen;

Exterior: wiring the outdoor lighting home, yard and the street;

Installing stabilizers - necessary for the power under the unstable voltage.

Installation and connection of switchboards.

Compilation of technical paper according to the requirements and wishes of the client:

1) Disposition of the interiors

2) Mounting locations electric points, fixtures

3) Laying of cables and power lines.

After agreeing on the document arranged, complete electrical works at project site are performed, once these works have been finished we launch and test the network and grids.

Electrical accessories we provide from our partner manufacturers Jung, Merten and GIRA. All three firms are in Germany, they produce high quality and reliable electrical systems for complex wiring works in a cottage, private houses, offices, shopping centers and other facilities.

Gira-Info-Terminal-Touch.jpg Gira-KNX-system.jpg

Special emphasis is put on the KNX systems ("smart home") produced by these firms. All control processes in the house and numerous multimedia operations can be combined into one control center by means of a KNX smart house technology. Also, this system performs the calculation and visualization of energy use (smart counting). Scenarios of individual components included in the system can be programmed to change or set at any time. This, of course, is very convenient for the user, as the system can "adjust" to the individual needs of the person.