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Engineering design

The project of engineering systems, located inside the building is an important part of the architectural project of a country house, cottage, office building, hotel or restaurant. Exactly it determines technical parameters and scheme of distribution pipelines that provide the full use of a building. Specialists of Selectrenbau always place a particular focus of customers on the necessity of competent and efficient engineering design, based on the comprehensive approach. Only in such way can be developed the needed model of a facility supply with required resources: water, electricity, gas, heating and achieveв their economic use. We provide our customers projects of engineering systems, where all elements are selected with a glance to the operational and financial practicability. Developing engineering projects, we always take into account the specificity of the buildings and satisfy customer needs, creating ideal conditions for life, work or rest at any time of the year.

Standard engineering project consists of the following parts:

  • water supply and sewerage project - involves choosing the individual technical solution and making calculations for the installation of water supply and sewage systems in different parts of the facility. It schematically shows the path from the well or the central water supply connection point to the water draw-off point, from connection of the fixture to the sewerage to septic or to the entrance into the city main line. It reflects the technical parameters of the equipment being in use. It takes into account the norms and regulations, including sanitary norms. It is complemented with an economic justification of choosing certain accessory equipment;
  • heating, ventilation, air-conditioning project - is designed for energy-efficient heating system in winter and cooling in summer, provides a comfortable indoor climate. It contains calculation models and drawings that determine the location of pipelines laying. It specifies the type of operation, capacity of boilers and other heat generating equipment, type of radiators or convectors, placing of equipment in the under floor heating system, the parameters of ventilation trunks, and air conditioners. The elements included into the project are selected taking into account the constructional features of the building, interior design, therefore they fully correspond with the intended operating conditions, both in functional capabilities and aesthetic requirements;
  • power supply project - is based on individual technical parameters of connection of each facility to electric network, and includes calculations required for operational and emergency power supply. It determines the placement of electric control rooms, equipment, diagrams of electrical wiring, sockets, lighting fixtures and fixed connection of electrical appliances. It is complemented with voltage regulators, autonomous sources of power supply and connection diagrams, which excludes the absence of power at the facility while the emergency or scheduled outages. It is calculated taking into account the increasing demands for electricity, so it has the small capacity reserve;
  • low current systems project - fulfilled as a separate layout of the telephone network, internet connection and cable TV, as well as in combination with other components that make the "smart home" system. It involves the use of special programming equipment, control units. It contains technical specifications of the equipment being in use, and the schemes of cable allocation.

Taking into account customer’s demand for modern technical security systems, we offer them such services as: the development of projects of security and fire alarm systems, video control systems. Each of them successfully solves the set tasks.

When developing engineering projects of apartments and houses, office buildings and hotels, restaurants, shopping and entertainment centers, we take into account the specificity and purpose of the facility, selecting the appropriate equipment for intended purpose and usage. Therefore, projects of utility connections differ from each other, but they certainly contain the following sections:

  • engineering analysis of systems which determines the heat losses (for heating), air exchange (for ventilation), surplus heat (for air-conditioning);
  • determination of basic equipment, including technical and economic justification of the selection of boiler or water heater, convectors, ventilation systems, air conditioners;
  • determination of the mains, which consists of a hydraulic or aerodynamic sections, the calculation of pressure losses;
  • equipment layout which shows the places of installation for boilers, electric heat generating equipment, ventilation chambers, diesel generators, switchboard rooms, and servers;
  • detailing, which lists the pipings of basic equipment and units;
  • layout of additional equipment (heating radiators and convectors, air distributors, internal cooling blocks, sockets, lighting fixtures, cameras, sensors, acoustic elements, control units), indicating their areas of coverage;
  • layout of the mains (pipelines, air ducts, electrical and telephone cables) with an indication of their dimensions;
  • the main working data of utility systems (water flow and consumption of a heat transfer agent, the amount of sewage water, electric power consumption, calculated current force and capacity);
  • a list of automatic equipment being used in the project and the description.

Each project of engineering systems may contain a different number of sections, but they are always professional and maximally informative. Our specialists involved in the development of projects, take into account all nuances of the future use, so that is why they offer solutions that meet customer’s needs. We guarantee long-term, efficient and safe operation of the equipment provided by projects