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FAQ about construction


How to start the cooperation with the company “Selectrenbau” in the construction field?

The interaction starts with the first phone call. You need to call and tell us what kind of construction you would like to make. What is the planned area of the facility and its location? Then we meet at your facility for inspection and discussion of all issues and nuances. After that, in our office we note your preferences and wishes, specify the time limits and prepare a provisional budget for the future works. At the end we sign the official agreement for the provision of construction services.



Do you carry out construction works only in Kiev and in its region?

As a rule, we perform our professional activity within the territory of Kiev and in its region, but we can consider the possibility of cooperation in other regions of Ukraine.



Does your company have a license?

The company "Selectrenbau" has valid licenses, in compliance with which we carry out the following kinds of activity: projecting and construction of buildings, assembly works and installation of utility systems. We are ready to provide you original licenses at the office.


How long does the construction process take?

There are a lot of facts that affect time frames: anticipated volume, complexity of the facility and customer’s requirements. Specialists of the company after consultation and detailed discussion of the nuances, will provide you with accurate information concerning the time frames.


Do you provide a warranty and for what types of construction works?

We provide a two or three-year warranty for all types of construction works, and also we perform the full range of post-warranty service. If any problem appears due to the fault of our company and before the expiration of a warranty period, then in such case we will quickly rectify the defects of our work free of charge. The terms of warranty are stipulated in the official agreement.


How to make a payment?

Payment is made in a way convenient for you (in cash or cashless). The payment is made in stages - for actually carried out, not for future works. The customer pays for a specific amount of work upon its completion.


How do you control the quality in the process of work at the facility?

The company "Selectrenbau" provides a threefold control over the work at the facility (foreman, project author, director). In such way, it completely excludes the loss of quality or delays in its schedule. Upon completion of the facility, we provide the warranty on carried out works and post-warranty service.


Can the price be changed during construction process?

Yes, but only according to the requirement of the customer. For example, during construction of a cottage directly in the working process you may have additional requirements or requests, which will affect the final cost. You can order the implementation of additional volumes or vice versa refuse a range of works. The slightest changes in the cost of work are applied only after their coordination with you.


What is a construction on the "turn-key" basis?

Construction on the "turn-key" basis includes the performance of the full range of construction works - from the construction of the foundation to the final finishing and arrangement of utility systems. As a result you will get a ready facility. If you have any additional wishes: landscaping, construction of a fence or construction of other additional facilities at the site, we will gladly implement them.


What is the sequence of construction works for example of a private house or a cottage?

If you have already obtained the building permission and the project of the house is ready, then the construction process of the facility includes the following steps:

  • earthworks (land leveling, etc.);
  • development (excavation) of the foundation pit;
  • casting of the foundation;
  • construction of walls and ceilings;
  • installation of the roof;
  • installation of windows;
  • arrangement of internal and external utility systems;
  • performance of internal finishing works;
  • installation of doors and stairs;
  • installation and startup of engineering equipment;
  • performance of external finishing of the facility;
  • land improvement (in case of additional order of this kind of work)).


Why is it better to consider the option of an individual construction, instead of buying a ready house?

Many customers come to us after unsuccessful attempts to find already ready house. It is not easy to find a house that will meet your preferences for 100%. The customer faces unreasonably high prices for ready houses of unsatisfactory quality. There are “hidden rocks” inconspicuous at first sight beneath the visually attractive appearance of the finished house. More often exactly these reasons convince customers that it is better to build a new house. During the construction of an individual house, it is possible for customers to fulfill their wishes 'from top to bottom' and satisfy their requirements for comfort and functionality.


Where are your works represented??

The information on projects implemented by the company is published on "Selectrenbau" website in the category "Our experience" of the main menu button. Also, photos of works customers can get directly at our office.