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FAQ about renovation


«How to start cooperation with the company "Seleсtrenbau"»?

The interaction starts with a phone call to the office. You call and tell us what kind of renovation you would like to make and specify the location of the facility. Then we meet at the facility for inspection and discussion of all issues and details. After that, in our office we note your preferences and wishes, specify the time limits and prepare a provisional budget for the future works. At the end we sign the official contract for the provision of repair and finishing services.



What are the advantages of the company?

Of course, the choice of each person is based on a range of their own criteria and principles. And if you fall under the category of people who prefer high quality, then the cooperation with us will definitely satisfy you. People, who contact us appreciate every detail in their environment and consider that the interior is to be thoroughly thought out, bringing comfort and coziness. Another principle of our activity is the highest level of scrupulosity and honesty in relations with the customer. The team of professional employees maintains the working process, and as a result, issues are solved quickly and without loss in quality. The main advantages of the company work: implementation of customer plans, strict adherence to deadlines, transparent pricing, European quality.



What types of renovation work do you carry out?

We mainly divide renovation into two types:

  • “Face-lifting” - does not involve the replacement of existing or installation of new communications, layout changes, etc. The main advantage of this type of renovation is a tangible result at minor financial expenses.
  • Complex (major) - includes a range of renovation and finishing works, re-planning of premises or installation of utility systems. It requires time and significant financial expenses. Major renovation entails the development of detailed project that will help to calculate the future budget correctly, plan types of woks, and take into account possible nuances and timeframes. Only when the drawn up project is approved by the customer, we immediately proceed to its implementation.

Only when the drawn up project is approved by the customer, we immediately proceed to its implementation.


Do you carry out the certain kinds of finishing works or, for example, minor “face-lifting” renovation?

Of course, we carry out both a complex renovation on the "turn-key" basis and “face-lifting” renovation of the premises. It is possible to carry out certain types of work on disassembling, painting and plaster works, installation of electrical networks, plumbing works and other types of work.


How much time is required from making-out of a budget till the beginning of works?

It directly depends on the number of orders being fulfilled at the moment. Usually one or two weeks from the date of signing of the agreement will be enough to start the renovation.


Is it possible to carry out the renovationin stages?

Yes, of course, it’s possible. It is only necessary to stipulate and to register this condition in the official agreement. While carrying out of the partial renovation, after the end of each type of works we sign the "Work completion certificate". You plan the further works on your own, telling us in advance about the start date.


How long can the renovation take?

The time frame for renovation and finishing works directly depends on your requirements, scope of the planned activities and level of complexity. You can get the specific information concerning the time limits after a detailed inspection of the facility by the specialists of our company.


What kind of warranty do you provide and for what types of works?

We provide a two or three-year warranty for all types of works, and also we perform a full range of post-warranty service. If some breakings or other damages happen due to the fault of our company and before the expiration of a warranty period, we will quickly fix the problems and rectify the defects free of charge. The time limits for carrying out of remedial works are stipulated in the official contract.


How to make a payment?

Payment is made in a way convenient for you - in cash or cashless. We draw up and sign the Delivery and Acceptance Certificate with the customer and the payment is made on its basis. Furthermore we are ready to provide a detailed financial report on purchased materials and carried out works.


Can the price be changed during renovation process?

Yes, such situation is possible, but only according to the requirement of the customer. For example, when carrying out the renovation of an apartment, we solve issues regarding cost reducing or increasing on the basis of additional customer requirements, arising directly in the working process. You can order the implementation of additional volumes or refuse a range of works. The slightest changes in the cost of work are applied only after theircoordination with you.


Is it possible to postpone the start of work for a month or two after the making-out of a budget?

The best thing is to prepare the budget nearly 2 weeks prior to the start of works. In fact, the cost of some materials can increase in a short span of time, and the estimates in a budget will be irrelevant. Renovation is a labor-consuming and serious work, so it requires a responsible approach. It is better to predefine the time frames and financial possibilities.


How do you control the quality in the process of work at the facility?

The company "Selectrenbau" provides a threefold control (foreman, project author, director) over the work at the facility. In such way, it completely excludes the loss of quality or delays in its schedule. Upon completion of the facility, we provide the warranty on carried out works and post-warranty service.


What materials do you use for renovation and finishing works? Who does make the purchase and delivery?

The use of materials of poor quality exposes the renovation process to the danger of soon destruction. Furthermore, it may be just dangerous to those who will be in these premises. We are not interested in the renovation remake at our own expenses, if such materials will cause defects. Only reliable and safe materials that meet international and state quality standards - that is the only criteria for the selection of materials, which is guiding us all the time. So we bear the full responsibility towards customers for the quality and reliability of used materials. When carrying out renovation and finishing works, we use modern Austrian and German technologies, professional equipment and tools. It allows us to provide customers with long-term warranty. At the customer’s request, the company "Selectrenbau" will organize the direct purchase (without intermediaries) and delivery of necessary materials to the facility. Complementation of the facility will help you to avoid numerous financial losses related to the purchase of necessary materials. We provide customers with transparent calculation and reasonable prices. Project complementation department systematically tests prices in the capital, regions and we guarantee competitive prices for materials of domestic and foreign production used for the complementation of projects with a shared responsibility represented by our company. In such case customers do not overpay for storage time, use of warehouse spaces and other overhead costs that retailers include in their prices. Materials, purchased at our company are delivered to the facility according to the schedule, so thereby we never break deadlines of the project, damage materials.