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Heating / Climate

About team
About team

Specialized professionals with many years of experience in the field of design and installation of air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems on objects of any complexity. Full scale quality control. Warranty and service.


Design and installation of heating systems for residential and public buildings. Selection and supply of materials and equipment. Long-term guarantee. Service.

Air conditioning
Air conditioning

Selection, assembly and installation of air conditioning in premises of different sizes and purposes. Climatic equipment provided by industry leaders. Long-term warranty and service.


Design, assembly, installation and maintenance of modern ventilation systems. Quality control, fair prices, a clear timetable for implementation and long-term guarantee.

Customer wishes:

  • provision of the comfortable environment at home or at work;
  • cost-effective operation of the equipment with high efficiency;
  • professional projecting and installation of climate control systems;
  • continuous and reliable operation;
  • reasonable prices;
  • quality guarantee and maintenance service.

Why to choose "Selectrenbau":

  • 16 years of experience in projecting and installation of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning systems;
  • competent projecting, taking into account construction features of the facility;
  • selection of an appropriate technical solution with increased efficiency and extensive operational capabilities;
  • comprehensive approach to the solution of all tasks;
  • shared responsibility for the complementation with equipment and implementation of works;
  • original equipment and component parts from leading manufacturers of Western Europe and the USA;
  • fair prices for equipment and services;
  • multi-staged control of projecting and installation stages;
  • provision of warranty package;
  • post-warranty service.

How we work:

  • Preparation of technical specifications;
  • projecting (development and coordination with the customer of a project, draftsmanship of laying schemes of utility systems);
  • make up an estimate and cost calculation for works, equipment and materials;
  • sign of a formal agreement with prepayment;
  • purchase of equipment and components, laying of utility systems and their installation;
  • carrying out of commissioning works;
  • acceptance and sign of the completion certificate;
  • acceptance and sign of the completion certificate;
  • provision of a warranty and post-warranty services.

The company "Selectrenbau" - heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems of impeccable quality

Regardless of what a person is doing in the room and how long it takes, one should feel comfortable there. Only in a favorable microclimate created with a help of special equipment, work and rest time can be spent in a comfortable way. It is no secret that our general state, mood, ability to work are directly conjugated to the environment we stay. At the same time, both the excessive heat, and hypothermia affect us equally negative. It is possible to remedy the situation and provide the temperature and humidity conditions that comply with sanitary standards only if to select and assemble the proper heating circuit and install the special climate control equipment.

As a member of the group of companies “Select - Austria - Ukraine”, we have gotten the possibility to use the European experience, apply advanced Austrian and German inventions and technologies for projecting and commissioning works. We are a single supplier of component parts, carry out the competent installation of utility systems, so that is why we do not overprice the equipment and works offered by us, but vice versa we make them acceptable for customers. As we undertake the projecting and full supply of the project with necessary equipment with subsequent installation, the company bears the shared responsibility for systems operation, and also provides the full-fledged warranty and post-warranty services.

Over the years, the company cooperates with many world leaders of climate control equipment, in particular: Helios Ventilatoren, Viessmann, Vaillant, Nargassner, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Daikin, making direct purchases (without intermediaries) and delivery of equipment and component parts directly to customers’ facilities at fair prices. The quality of supplied goods is confirmed by international and national certificates and long-term warranty.


When the weather is cold, the fully effective functioning of buildings is impossible without heating. Apartments and cottages, offices, shopping and entertainment centers, restaurants and cafes – any place where we spend our working hours or leisure time is to be provided with the comfortable, favorable atmosphere..

Therefore, specialists of the company, who are responsible for projecting, complementation and installation of heating systems, solve issues set by the customers at a professional level. When projecting, we certainly take into account the construction features of the facility, type of glazing, time that people spend within the territory, availability of heat generation sources. We develop systems running on gas, liquid or solid fuel, using infrared emitters, alternative sources of energy.

Competent, informative heating projects are the basis for professional installation, carried out by specialists of "Selectrenbau". Elements of heating systems are installed in strict accordance with the regulations that guarantee its perfect further operation. We use different special equipment that allows us to use innovative technologies and optimize all stages of the installation process. We create heating systems with excellent performance characteristics that correspond to the needs of property owners and provide the reduction of cost loading.


The main goal of the ventilation is to provide the removal of polluted air and the inflow of clean air into various rooms. It is especially important for facilities where there is an increased flow of people (shopping centers, cinemas), and where specific work operations are carried out (manufacturing workshops) or where the food is prepared (restaurants, fast food establishments). Also it is equally necessary to install the full ventilation in houses, as exactly it eliminates the high humidity in bathrooms, combustion products, produced by boilers of autonomous heating and unpleasant cooking odors. Therefore, starting the projecting of ventilation systems, the specialists will certainly take into account the purpose of the facility, its architectural and interior features that allow them to find right solutions for the construction of ventilation shafts, air ducts and determine the necessary capacity of the air exhaust / pressure equipment.

The installation of ventilation, carried out by employees of “Selectrenbau”involves the use of modern tools, innovative technologies and materials. As a result, customers get the full-fledged ventilation of their facilities carried out either continuously or intermittently, operating in automatic mode or by means of manual adjustment that functions on the basis of the principle of natural circulation or forcibly. Installation of the additional filters in ventilation systems helps property owners to avoid such problems, as the condensate formation, mold, fungus.

Air conditioning

Referring to the creation of full-fledged comfortable environment at home or at work, it is impossible not to mention air conditioners. Long time ago these devices have become a part of everyday life, bringing in it such desirable coolness in summer heat. In the apartments and country cottages, offices, shops, cinemas, nightclubs, restaurants - everywhere we can see dozens of air cooling equipment that make our staying in these places much more comfortable.

Specialists of the "Selectrenbau", who carry out projecting and installation of air conditioning systems, base their work on customer's needs. For us there are no technical conditions for which it is impossible to select one or another air conditioner. Therefore, we are constantly monitoring offers from cooling systems manufacturers and take into account all new goods produced by them, from single-packaged window air conditioners to complex multi-channel systems. During project development, we certainly take into account the area of the premises, interior features, including to the complementation indoor units that are suitable according to the location type and functional capabilities..