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Heating is one of the especial systems of the building. In cold season, it creates the comfortable, warm atmosphere in rooms and makes it possible for a person to feel comfortable, even in fierce frost. It is both about residential houses and apartments and places where one comes for work or stays during vocations (business centers, hotels, restaurants, shopping and entertainment centers, etc.). Therefore, the design and installation of efficient heating systems is an activity which the company "Selectrenbau" pays a serious attention to.

Of course, the further operation of the heating system depends on the extent to which it was well-projected. However, equally important role in it also plays a professionally performed installation. As the slightest discrepancy or misalignment of elements lead to the loss of a coolant, radiator damage, faulty operation of a boiler and a pump. Therefore, company specialists rigorously approach to the installation of the component parts of the project, accurately selecting equipment, component parts that meet technical requirements, and competently, using the latest equipment and tools and carry out their installation. Equipment of well-known international manufacturers ideally meets these requirements: Viessmann and Vaillant (Germany), Hargassner (Austria) and other companies we cooperate with, and it was highly appreciated both byour heating engineers and numerous customers. Since 2000, "Selectrenbau" is a member of the group of companies «Select Austria - Ukraine". It enables us to make direct purchases (without intermediaries) and delivery of the equipment and component parts directly from leading international manufacturers to customers’ facilities for fair prices. As a result, we create heating systems that not only provide people the comfortable environment at home, at work or on vacation, but also reduce the financial burden for property owners, reducing utility bills.


Heating design

Every stage of the work, including design of heating systems issolely based on professional approach. First of all, heating engineers, make an assessmentof the facility (both of a completed and future one) to determine construction features of the walls, floor, ceiling, thermal conductivity of glazing, the number of storeys, time that people spend there (permanently or intermittently) and their quantity, layout features of facilities. On the basis of obtained data we offer customers several options of heating, including various types of furnaces or boilers, circulation pumps, pipes, radiators. Heating engineers will develop the system with different levels of automation, complemented with alternative energy sources (generators, solar collectors, heat pumps). After the preliminary project approval, we make an estimate and produce drawings required for the project implementation. We take into account construction features of the building, so heating systems developed by us fully comply with intended purpose and financial possibilities of the customer.

Types of heating

By the method of coolant inflow, heating systems are divided into the following types:

  • Central heating is typical for apartment buildings, office buildings, urban infrastructure and education facilities;
  • Autonomous heating, installed in private cottages, country houses, hotels, restaurants, shopping and entertainment centers.

Each of them has advantages, which we elucidate our customers in details, helping to make the right choice. However, more and more customers prefer to shift to the autonomous heating, of course, if technical feasibilities allow it.

By the type of the coolant there are the following categories of heating:

  • water. Heating is carried out by means of water injected inside (pipes, radiators) and heated to the required temperature in the boiler (electric, gas, solid fuel). The circulation is maintained by means of pumps or provided by natural (gravitational) circulation. It is used for apartments of multi-storey buildings, private houses, cottages, hotels, recreation centers;
  • Steam. Involves the installation of a special steam generator, so more often it is used for industrial organizations, where steam is produced as aby-product of the activity. Its set consists of pipes and radiators, where the heating hot steam circulates in a closed circle. The fallen condensate flows into the steam generator again;
  • Air. Operates by means of warm air streams injected into the room or through the ducts equipped in the ceiling, walls, under the floor. The source is hot air curtains, blow heaters and special convectors that work on electricity. More often they are installed in shopping malls, recreation centers with separate houses, hotels, halls of office buildings and bank institutions with high flow of people. It operates in the programmable automatic mode;
  • Open flame. It is used in furnaces - Russian, Dutch, fireplaces and allows warming of small areas. It is used as a basic one (when laying special ducts for the movement of hot smoke) and as an additional source of heating in private houses and cottages, restaurants. It has a pronounced aesthetic function;
  • Infrared. Is created by means of special infrared emitters. It increases the temperature of household articles, which warm the air in return. It can be located on the floor, walls and ceiling, depending on the construction features of the interior. It is used for apartments and country houses, recreation centers that are not designed for year-round work, in the office centers, winter gardens.

In the development process of a heating system, we take into account nuances of the further operation. So we quite often offer our customers combined variants, combining, for example, the water system and infrared, air and water, water and open flame. Thus, we achieve the needed level of heat emission due to the economical use of expensive energy recourses.

Heating from "Selectrenbau" - it is a warmth of the house, office or enterprise that does not depend on the changes in weather conditions. Only your feeling of comfort - is the main regulator of its work.

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