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Team of the company SELECTRENBAU has an extensive experience in the design, installation and maintenance of solar panels for water heating of any kind. Selectrenbau and our joint Austrian company SELECT Baubedarf und Handels GmbH sells the entire set of equipment and components for solar collectors for water heating from Germany and Switzerland for the best prices: Viessmann and Helvetic Energy.

As long as we still use non-renewable sources of energy (oil, gas), it is important to think about a reasonable alternative in the form of other sources that run on renewable energy. The company Selectrenbau installs solar collectors from its partner manufacturers - Viessmann (Germany) and Helvetic Energy (Switzerland). In addition to solid and gas-fired boilers, Viessmann also have good solar collectors in their assortment.

pan-vitosol_200-T_SP2A-otopleniye.jpg screenshot-by-nimbus%20(3).jpeg

The main advantage of the use of solar collectors in a private home or cottage is independence from electric mains and expensive energy (gas, oil). Set of solar panels is capable of providing the following processes in a cottage or a private home:

1) Heating;

2) Water heating;

3) Support of the heating system;

VakuumBlechfalz01.jpg VakuumFassade03.jpg

Collectors are divided into two types:

Flat - a flat-plate collectors’ absorber is usually protected by a body made of high quality sheet steel or aluminum, but with the front surface of the closed solar glass with a low iron content, which provides long-term protection from certain weather conditions. Antireflection coating on the glass reduces the loss of solar energy. Thermal insulation reduces the loss of housing. Body of a flat-plate collector is made of an aluminum frame without rafter cuts and sharp edges. Thanks to seamless, resistant to weather conditions and UV radiation sealing glass and solid rear wall of the housing a company can guarantee a long service life and high efficiency of the collector. Flat-plate collectors are mounted simply and securely on a flat or pitched roof, and can be integrated into the roof. In addition, collectors can be mounted on the facades of buildings or installed in any location. Flat-plate collectors are cheaper than evacuated tube, and are used for hot water, heating of the water in a swimming pool and to cover part of the load for space heating.

Vacuum - conversion of solar radiation into thermal energy in an absorber, in plane or in the tubular reservoirs, is more or less identical. Significant differences lie in the thermal insulation of the tubular collector absorber,which is liek a thermos, is embedded in an evacuated glass tube. Vacuum possesses of good insulating properties, so the heat losses will be lower than in flat collectors, especially at high temperatures, i.e. under operating conditions that are expected by substituting the heat load on the heating or air conditioning. Condition for reliability and long service life of vacuum tube collectors is the long-term conservation of the vacuum due to the reliable sealing. In reservoirs it is provided. The minimum quantity of gas (mostly hydrogen), which falls within the evacuated cavity, communicate with a thin film of barium (getter) deposited on the inner side of the reservoir tube.


Experts of the company Helvetic Energy created the newest type of solar collector system to protect it from overheating. They called this technology "smart system". In periods of prolonged solar radiation collector gets exposed to the sun rays for a long time and stores the excessive heat. Collectors by Helvetic Energy work in combination with special module, BackBox, which protects them from such overheating: when the sun shines, the glycol is pumped into the sewers, and the whole system is filled; when the desired temperature is reached or there is a risk of overheating and the temperature rises sharply, the system shuts down and the liquid flows back in BackBox without evaporation. This provides protection against overheating, and all system components are protected from undue stress. In case of prolonged absence (vacation), the system can be fully decommissioned.

Benefits of collectors:

- An independent source of energy;

- The possibility of mounting on the roof or on the facade of the building;

- Long life (20 years);

- Easy to connect the device to any network or water heating;

- Savings in payment for energy.