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Hotel renovation

In terms of modern hotel business a hotel is no longer a place for short day or night stand. It became a common place to also think about its proper renovation and interior design that could attract more new guests. At current stage of progress in this business sphere hotel design should have as high value as its architectural project, a backbone of the entire building.

Renovation of hotels is a complex task, and many nuances and factors should be considered before starting working over it. Almost whole importance is given to the selection of building and finishing materials for such project because, in that case, it’s going to be hotel guests (our client’s clients) who should appreciate results of renovation, so only wearproof materials must be forseen for these purposes.

It's very important, like in case with many other types of projects, that materials fulfill either esthetic or practical goals of hotel renovation, in other words, they must be solid and pleasant looking. For example, when you select finishing materials, pay attention not only to their esthetic features, but also try to find out whether they are eco-friendly and wearproof.

Besides above reasons, you should take into account terms of exploitation, passing zones, climate and thermal conditions. “Selectrenbau” PE provides room renovation of any type and purpose including hotel renovation in Kiev and other regions. We have only certified and experienced specialists working over the projects of different level.

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Our specialists will arrange a project budget where they compose all stages of an upcoming renovation. Our head of construction, director, designer, and architects provide quality supervision for the works being done at project site. So upon project completion we can certainly give a warranty for 3+ years.  

Our priotiy in work is holding to our obligations concerning terms and project budget to prevent our client from extra unnecessary expenses.

We hire only highly qualified specialists like finishers, designers, and builders etc. to do renovation of a hotel. We provide either cosmetic redecoration of separate premises of the hotel or entire renovation of the whole building. We will liven up any room according to author’s concept developed and approved. Our company settles to work of any scale using as many resources as it has.