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Household buildings

The infrastructure of any facility is a complex of buildings and constructions which carry a serious functional load. For country houses and cottages these are garages, storage rooms, shower rooms, enclosures for animals, greenhouses, arbors, etc. For hotels, restaurants and clubs – these are open and closed areas for recreation, barbecue, terraces, boiler rooms, utility areas, laundry rooms, etc. For logistic structures – these are warehouses, weighing rooms, rooms for guards. For agricultural, livestock or farm enterprises – these are constructions for keeping poultry and animals, storage of vegetables, utility rooms and greenhouses. These and other facilities, that have an aesthetic appearance and are constructed in compliance with the required standards, ensure proper functionality and a year-round comfortable work of the staff.


Taking an order for the construction of household outbuildingsof any type, specialists of the company "Selectrenbau" carry out pre-project analysis of the territory, where the construction is planned. Thus, are determined locations suitable for the planned facility by illumination, wind rose, distance from residential or office buildings. On the basis of the obtained information employees gradually implement the following activities:

  • Preparation of technical specifications;
  • Projecting (development and coordination with the customer of a sketch and working project, draftsmanship, preliminary determination of specifications, estimates);
  • Final cost estimate for works (in stages) and materials (if necessary);
  • Coordination of the project documentation and obtainment of a permission at the relevant governmental institutions;
  • Preparatory earthworks for the construction of the facility(altiplanation, etc);
  • Detailed elaboration of working plans and schemes necessary to proceed to the construction;
  • Construction and assembly works (construction of the foundation, walls, roof installation and glass fixing in the buildings);
  • Laying of external and arrangement of internal utility systems (watersupply system, sewerage, electricity, ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems, etc.);
  • Carrying out of internal and external finishing works;
  • Exterior finishing and insulation of buildings and constructions;
  • Installation of equipment provided by the project (heating, cooling, cold / hot water supply, etc);
  • Commissioning of the facility.

Construction stages of the household outbuildingsare carried out according to the plan developed for each project. Only our own teams of specialists with years of experience are involved in the construction works. Each subdivision consists of employees with different specializations: concrete workers, masons, finishers, roofers, power engineering specialists, internal plumbers, and whereby, functional stages are carried out in strict interconnection with each other.

Types of household outbuildings and requirements to the construction

Regardless of the property designation, typically the same requirements are imposed to it: durability of operation, functionality, and comfort for people or adherence to the required technical specifications of animal husbandry. Therefore, before proceeding to the projecting of household outbuildings, specialists of the company will determine the purpose of their use, and then develop the required version of the project that includes the most appropriate materials.

The most popular are the following household outbuildings:

  • arbors, pergolas, terraces – they are made of forged metal elements, wood constructions, brick, natural stone. The design matches the style of other buildings located on the territory of a country house, a cottage, a restaurant, a hotel or an administrative building;
  • enclosures for animals and birds – provide separation for winter and summer maintenance, that is why they consist of light enclosed areas with insulated floor, walls, roof and removable feeders. They combine wire mesh, weld mesh, construction made of brick, stone or another material. The dimensions depend on kind and number of animals;
  • baths / saunas and guest houses are often joined together in a single complex, located near the pool or open bodies of water. They are constructed as permanent structures of foam concrete blocks, stone, or brick, on the foundation and with installation of utility systems. By exterior design they match other objects located on the territory of a cottage or a hotel, and inside they are usually finished with wood of different kinds, ceramic tiles and other appropriate decor;
  • warehouses are built of easily assemblable structures (sandwich panels), not providing the laying of a stable foundation. The heating and ventilation systems allow to set a comfortable temperature required for storage of different equipment, including plastic and rubber equipment and chemical fertilizers. Also assumed is the construction of separate warehouses for different types of content: grain, vegetables, fruits;
  • Workshops meet the requirements to a prospective use concerning the sound insulation, ventilation, height of the ceilings and size of the rooms. It is possible to make the construction of materials of different categories with laying of a foundation or without it;
  • laundries, boiler rooms, utility rooms are the auxiliary buildings, which meet the safety requirements. There are all necessary utilities inside. The materials being used, the type of roofing and arrangement of windows depend on the operational parameters of each facility and are selected on an individual basis;
  • Greenhouses, glasshouses are constructed of modern innovative materials that increase the use of solar power by plants. There may be different heating and water supply systems, that are developed on the basis of the list of plants intended for planting.

For professionals of the company "Selectrenbau" nothing is impossible. We solve any problem allotted for us by the customer. In addition, each household outbuilding corresponds to the general architectural concept of the facility.

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