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Backyard landscaping design

Building with elaborated architecture brings pleasure and creates a positive image of the owner. It is expected that the surrounding area will emphasize the beauty of the construction. Exquisite taste, originality, ability to appreciate beauty –guests will learn all these qualities of owners, walking along neat lawns on paved sidewalks leading to the front door. Judge for yourself, what do you primarily pay attention for, when you go by or park a car near the building? Of course itis the extent to which the surrounding area is landscaped. Yes, and it is very pleasant to invite guests to sit at the babbling fountain or in the picturesque gazebo.

For business image it is important not only make a positive impression on visitors and customers. Going to the office through the adjacent area, potential partners are already able to decide for themselves whether to cooperate with you and sign contracts, make deals. If the landscape, surrounding the office looks neat, presentable, it allows emphasizing the status and stability of your business.

Since 2000, “Selectrenbau” is a member of the group of companies “Select Austria – Ukraine”. In collaboration with Austrian and German partners, using European experience, advanced Austrian and German technologies, we develop an original and comfortable landscape design, implement landscaping projects on the "turn-key" basis. Time saving, diverse special knowledge and technologies in the field of projecting and improvement of land plots – these are the services that our company offers you. We have been creating the beauty, style and comfort within the territory that surrounds different facilities for almost two decades and during this time we have implemented hundreds of projects.


At “Selectrenbau” you can order not only the landscape project, but also thefull complementation with needed materials and equipment. Estimating department systematically analyses prices for landscaping works and materials both in Kyiv and in other regions, and due to it we provide customers with fair and competitive prices for all kinds of work and materials and we carry out warranty and post-warranty services. As we undertake the full supply of the facility with necessary materials and services, the company bears the shared responsibility for its impeccable implementation. We directly purchase foreign and domestic materials from time-proved manufacturers and it allows us to follow the schedule stipulated in the official agreement.

Landscape projecting of the area: there are no little things here

It's ideal, if landscape projecting is made at the beginning of the construction of any building. And there are several reasons for it:

  • When the design of adjacent territory is thought out in advance, it is easier to provide the interconnection of construction materials, such as finishing of the fountain and facade of the house, as well as the color of paving tiles. It is important in a case if building materials are purchased in another city or even country.
  • Layout of utility systems will not spoil the landscape design, if they were planned out from the beginning. In such case, watering com plex, lighting of the territory, storm sewage system will not spoil the look of the area .
  • The landscape project developed in advance allows leaving space for the future extension. Specialists will take into account the necessity to change something in the future, advise where to place these additions, and offer some variants.

There are situations when building is not constructed, but is purchased as a prefabricated one. The adjacent area of such facilities is not always admirable. However, there is a solution for this problem, because the landscape projecting involves works both "from scratch", and also creation of the beauty around already existing facility. And here it is important not to miss anything and take care of the beauty that surrounds the building.

Stages of landscape projecting:

  1. Specialists on-site visit to carry out the inspection of the area;
  2. Drawing up the technical specifications;
  3. Development of project documentation;
  4. Selection and preparation of material and equipment specifications;
  5. Cost estimating;
  6. Working drawings;
  7. Carrying out of landscaping works.

So, at the beginning, our specialists analyze the territory: soil, relief, area, slopes - these data affect the selection of the future landscape view. Of course, you will have your own wishes that will be taken into account. Technical specification is developed at this stage and it reflects general provisions, according to which the landscaping is carried out.

The basis of the project documentation is a general lay-out. In it you will see sketches of the facilities you want to place within your area. Dendrologic plan and planning drawing depict greenery that will adorn the landscape. You will learn the exact ratio of design elements and territory from the layout drawing. And how without installation schemes of watering and lighting systems? Now we proceed to the selection of materials, equipment and draw up an estimated budget, calculate expenses for works and materials needed for them. Then the summary estimate is made - the total cost of landscape projecting on the "turn-key" basis. Working drawings show technical details that are designed to maintain created landscape in the desired condition. The arrangement of lighting points, schemes of automatic watering and wastewater systems and so forth are represented in them. The final stage - work performance on the landscape.

If you contact our company, you can be sure that you will get a professionally designed project for the fair and reasonable price with European quality. Our goal is to create a landscape design that will correspond to customers' ideas about ideal.

selectrenbau-landshaft-landshaftnoe-proektirovanie-3.jpg selectrenbau-landshaft-landshaftnoe-proektirovanie-8.jpg selectrenbau-landshaft-landshaftnoe-proektirovanie-2.jpg selectrenbau-landshaft-landshaftnoe-proektirovanie-11.jpg
selectrenbau-landshaft-landshaftnoe-proektirovanie-4.jpg selectrenbau-landshaft-landshaftnoe-proektirovanie-13.jpg selectrenbau-landshaft-landshaftnoe-proektirovanie-5.jpg selectrenbau-landshaft-landshaftnoe-proektirovanie-9.jpg
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