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Landscaping work

In order to provide a private house, cottage, country restaurant or a club with a luxurious look, you cannot miss landscape design creating their appearance. Thanks to it, the area adjacent to the building gets a harmonious appearance. Used elements (plants, fountains, artificial ponds, alpine gardens, etc.) fall in line with a single idea, so therefore, have the special meaning. Landscape design - it is not just an art. It is rather characterized as a process that with a help of special elements reflects special tastes and character of the customer, status, and lifestyle. That is why each project of the area improvement from the company "Selectrenbau" has a distinct individuality.

Development of the project is the foundation for a beautiful landscape, which in the future will be a harmonious frame of the whole area. Professionally created project is the main document that will allow in the most efficient way, without errors and unnecessary expense, to perform on a given area the full range of works. Therefore, it is important to make a professional landscape design, which is developed, taking into account the specific style, certain rules, colors, fashion trends and, of course, wishes of customers.

Landscaping starts with a basic idea of how the area should look like. At first we study the peculiarities of the landscape, estimate its state, location and take into account the plants and buildings, which are already there. Then we develop sketches and make the space-planning solutions. This documentation includes the characteristics of the terrain, placing of the plants, paths, artificial ponds, rock gardens, location of automatic watering and lighting fixtures. Qualified landscape designers will offer you the most appropriate and functional solution for planning of the territory with the detailed reference to a specific place and indication of the landscape groups and functional areas.


Entrusting "Selectrenbau" with the development of landscape design, customers receive:

  • preliminary project, which includes a conceptual space-planning solution for the area in one or two variants;
  • general layout, which is made on the basis of the developed solutions for landscape design;
  • preliminary budget, which allows you to estimate the amount of assumed financial expenditures, to make the necessary changes in the project, if required.

The general layout provides a visual representation of the functional zoning of the area (exit zone, areas designed for an active or quiet rest), children's sports grounds and so on. The general layout represents the basic elements for the landscaping of the territory. These include places for bushes and trees planting, flower bed layout, hedging, places for the installation of landscape lighting, garden paths, artificial ponds, SAF (small architectural forms), retaining walls and etc..

Our specialists are ready to start the development of the project documentation after customer’s approval of the general layout.

Project documents include:

  • layout drawing, which is a general layout of the area with reference to specific places of road and path network, grounds, retaining walls and other structures;
  • ground leveling, that contains the calculations of the planned ground movement and displays the upcoming transformation of the terrain;
  • sectional drawings of nodes of paving and paths;
  • drawings and diagrams of artificial ponds and other water facilities;
  • lighting plan (layout and fixtures specification), including a schematic visualization of utilities installation;
  • scheme of drainage system for melt, rain and excess water disposal;
  • planting drawings representing the scheme of planting and the list of trees, shrubs and flowers;
  • design project of small architectural forms – children's playgrounds, arbors, pergolas, barbecue, etc.;
  • project of automatic or semi-automatic watering system;
  • estimate costs, which display the cost of works and materials offered.

Development of the landscape design concept is carried out in the company "Selectrenbau" at the same time with the designing of the facility. We lay out the lawns and set out the plants after a series of preparatory work, such as land leveling, formation of fertile soil, installation of lighting and water systems, arrangement of paths. However, due to the fact that "Selectrenbau" has its own construction teams and landscape architects, all the stages are carried out fast and smoothly. Landscape design is a science, and the staff of "Selectrenbau" is great at it.

selectrenbau-landshaft-raboty-po-landshaftnomu-dizajnu-9.jpg selectrenbau-landshaft-raboty-po-landshaftnomu-dizajnu-13.jpg selectrenbau-landshaft-raboty-po-landshaftnomu-dizajnu-14.jpg selectrenbau-landshaft-raboty-po-landshaftnomu-dizajnu-11.jpg
selectrenbau-landshaft-raboty-po-landshaftnomu-dizajnu-10.jpg selectrenbau-landshaft-raboty-po-landshaftnomu-dizajnu-6.jpg selectrenbau-landshaft-raboty-po-landshaftnomu-dizajnu-12.jpg selectrenbau-landshaft-raboty-po-landshaftnomu-dizajnu-8.jpg
selectrenbau-landshaft-raboty-po-landshaftnomu-dizajnu-3.jpg selectrenbau-landshaft-raboty-po-landshaftnomu-dizajnu-5.jpg selectrenbau-landshaft-raboty-po-landshaftnomu-dizajnu-4.jpg selectrenbau-landshaft-raboty-po-landshaftnomu-dizajnu-7.jpg