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About our landscaping team
About our landscaping team

Specialized professionals with many years of experience. Competent organization of all processes, full scale quality control, application of modern technologies, materials and equipment.

Landscaping work
Landscaping work

Author solutions. Development of original projects of any complexity and area not restricted on style, local topography, climatic conditions.

Backyard landscaping design
Backyard landscaping design

Turnkey complex landscaping projects. Project development and implementation in joint work with the Austrian partners.

Man-made water features building
Man-made water features building

Individual design, installation and construction of artificial ponds, fountains, cascades and streams of any complexity and scale. Selection and supply of materials and equipment.

Swimming pool building
Swimming pool building

Turnkey design and construction of indoor and outdoor swimming pools of varying complexity. Selection and supply of materials and equipment. Warranty and post-warranty service.

Backyard improvement
Backyard improvement

Complete range of measures of landscaping: leveling, utility installations, pathway installations, lighting, watering, planting trees, etc. Warranty and post-warranty service.

Customer wishes:

  • original and comfortable design of the territory;
  • improvement of the area functionality;
  • reasonable price;
  • timely completion of the work;
  • quality guarantee.

Why to choose "Selectrenbau":

  • long-term experience in the creation of landscape projects with different styles;
  • comprehensive approach to the solution of landscaping tasks;
  • use of modern trends and technologies;
  • development of a unique landscape design;
  • own project bureau, construction and engineering teams, green space workers;
  • provision of the full-fledged care of landscape elements (plants, watering, lighting, water ponds);
  • fair prices with European quality of services;
  • adherence to timescales and optimization of the processes that reduces expenses;
  • ong-term warranty and post-warranty service.

How we work:

  • specialists carry out the inspection of the facility to determine the volume of work, its specificity, familiarize with the peculiarities of the landscape;
  • projecting (development and coordination with the customer of sketch and planning decisions;
  • make up an estimate and cost calculation for works and materials;
  • determine the time needed for the implementation of works;
  • sign of a formal agreement with prepaymen;
  • preparatory earthworks;
  • carry out a range of works according to the landscape design project;
  • acceptance and sign of the completion certificate;
  • final payment for completed works and provided materials;
  • provision of a warranty and post-warranty services.

The company "Selektrenbau" - the creation of a spectacular landscape harmonious

The company "Seleсtrenbau" will create a spectacular harmonious landscape It is a natural human need to see the beauty around you. And if such a beauty is also in harmony with the house, creates additional convenience or emphasizes the presentability of the office – it is especially nice. However, not every real estate owner has the opportunity to spend time on the development of the concept, to calculate the most suitable option by the cost and implement the intended design of a landscape. The pace of life does not allow to stop, in order to organize the arrangement of the territory by yourself.

Since 2000, “Selectrenbau” is a member of the group of companies “Select Austria – Ukraine”. In collaboration with Austrian and German partners, using European experience of colleges, advanced Austrian and German technologies, we develop a charming and comfortable landscape design, implement landscaping projects on the "turn-key" basis. Time saving, diverse special knowledge and technologies in the field of projecting and improvement of land plots – these are the services that our company offers you. We have been creating a harmonious image, style and comfort within the territory that surrounds different facilities for almost two decades and during this time we have implemented hundreds of authentic projects.

We provide customers with absolutely fair prices for all kinds of landscaping works. We guarantee the authentic origin of used materials. As we undertake the full supply of the project with necessary goods and services, the company bears the shared responsibility for its impeccableimplementation. In such case customers do not overpay for storage time, use of warehouse spaces and other overhead costs that retailers include in the prices. We complement projects of any purpose and volume with necessary materials and equipment, purchasing goods only from time-proved manufacturers that allows us to strictly follow the schedule stipulated in the official agreement. Project complementation department systematically analyses prices both in the capital and in other regions, so as a result we guarantee customers fair and competitive prices for domestic and foreign materials needed for the project complementation and also carry out warranty and post-warranty services.

We carry out a full range of landscaping works at the facility:

  • development of the landscape design project;
  • creation of artificial ponds;
  • construction of swimming pools;
  • landscaping (automatic watering of lawns, lighting of the area, land leveling, setting out of plants, etc.).

The development of landscape design project

Landscape design is an art, which can bring joy, cheer up and, in general, improve person’s emotional state. At the same time, this is the activity that requires serious approach. To create a harmonious landscape around the house at a reasonable cost and without failures in implementation, it is necessary to develop a professional project, which would be the basis for carrying out of a full range of works at the certain area. Each landscape design project is very individual, so its components are developed exclusively for each customer.

The landscaping starts with a search of an idea how the area should look like. And here you cannot go without the services of specialists, who professionally work on the creation of landscape concepts. At first they estimate the peculiarities of the territory, its state, location and what plants and buildings are already there. Then they make the landscape design sketches and plans. This documentation takes into account not only the basic aspects, such as the characteristics of the terrain, placing of all the plants, artificial ponds, rock gardens, paths, etc., but also the location of the lighting fixtures and automatic watering.

Due to sketch or 3D visualization you will see how the implemented landscape design will look like. Designers will offer you the most competent and functional solutions for planning of the area with detailed reference to a specific place and indication of the functional areas and landscape groups.

Creation of artificial ponds

The statement familiar to many of us that a man can endlessly look out at the water flow is still popular. That is why if there are a flowing fountain, stream, waterfall or a pond within the territory, they will become pleasant resting places for house owners or guests. In such way you can arrange a romantic place that attracts visitors on the territory of a country café or restaurant. They will spend time in a special way listening to the sound of a mini-waterfall and babblement of the stream.

To create a technically effective project of an artificial pond the following will be needed:

  • first of all, specialists inspect and analyze the territory, where you want to see, for example, a pond with a waterfal;
  • then comes the most interesting part - discussion on how the future beauty should look like. At this stage we listen to customer's wishes, compare them with the possibilities of the area, offer a variety of design projects and options of the artificial pond look;
  • then, we select necessary materials and components for the creation and for the perfect work of the system.

Construction of swimming pools

Private swimming pool is a sign of social status. But this is not the only reason why customers contact us in order to construct it. It's really nice when there is an opportunity to cheer up before work, swim in the clear water right at home. And for children it is such a fun entertainment in summer, because they really love to splash and dive!

We offer two options for installation of the swimming pools on the territory adjacent to the area: indoor and outdoor pools. For both types of structures we provide a thorough calculation of loads, careful selection of materials and equipment. Completed projects must be, above all, safe and reliable. Therefore, we cooperate only with reliable manufacturers, which ensures the use of only high-quality materials, equipment and components. Furthermore the cost of these goods remains quite affordable. Designers will offer you a variety of options for this seemingly uncomplicated construction (of any form, completeness, almost for any type of the territory), and engineers and builders will construct this object.


It is better to solve this issue at the stage of construction, renovation or reconstruction of the facility. Then it is a lot easier to provide the seamless combination of finishing materials for the walls of the house, paths or fence.

The work on the landscaping includes:

  • land leveling;
  • arrangement of paths, lawns;
  • projecting and installation of outdoor lighting;
  • automatic watering system for lawns;
  • trees and bushes planting;
  • installation of fences;
  • construction of sports grounds for children, tennis courts, basketball courts, mini-football fields, etc.

Specialists of "Selectrenbau" help tocombine suggestions for design, financial opportunities, current trends and peculiarities of the territory. If you want to see an artificial pond or a swimming pool, manicured lawn, attractive flower bed or a sports ground on your territory, we know how to do it at a professional leve.