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Office renovation

Office is a face and business card of the company or business. The first impression of visitors and partners depends on how modern, practical and presentable the office interior of your company looks. Professional interior design of office facility attracts new customers and it is favorable for the required decisions-making and effective cooperation. Interesting and original office is a demonstration of prosperity and prospects for the business development..

Over the years the constant loading of floor coverings, furniture, the active use by staff of water supply, air conditioning, ventilation systems and other interior elements affect the look and condition of the premises. When planning a “face-lifting” renovation or complex renovation on the "turn-key" basis, you need to be meticulous in the selection of a professional performing company. Such works should be entrusted only to a reliable company that is able to carry out both the renovation of facility and provide all kinds of extra works, including the cleanup service upon their completion..


One of the main activities of the company "Selectrenbau" which since 2000 is a member of the group “Select Austria-Ukraine”is to provide customers with professional renovation of office premises. For over 16 years, we carry out the works of any complexity: from “face-lifting” renovation and to the complex renovation on the "turn-key" basis. Due to the collaboration with foreign partners, we apply Austrian and German technologies, use professional equipment for works of any complexity. If you apply for “Selectrenbau” services, you will get not only the renovated interior of office premises, but also harmoniously organized workspace and improved ergonomics for the rational use of every square meter. Experience has shown that well-designed and carried out renovation of office premises increases the productivity of employees and improves the productive capacity of the company..

As we have our own staff of professionals with different qualifications (painters, plasterers, tilers, electricians and heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems specialists), it allows us to implement complicated tasks, providing European quality and reasonable prices at the same time. We adhere to the principle of measured and fair pricing. Renovation consists of the continuous and gradual process with the implementation of planned range of works. You pay when works are done. You do not pay per square meters, but for the work carried out qualitatively..

At «Selectrenbau» you can order not only the renovation of the office, but also the full complementation with renovation and finishing materials. Estimating department systematically analyses prices for the similar kinds of work and materials both in Kyiv and in other regions, and due to it we provide customers fair and competitive prices for works and materials. And we carry out warranty and post-warranty services. As we undertake the full supply of the facility with necessary renovation and finishing materials and services, the company bears the shared responsibility for its impeccable implementation. We directly purchase foreign and domestic materials from time-proved manufacturers and it allows us to follow the schedule stipulated in the official agreement..

Characteristics of materials we use

Renovation and finishing services of offices also include works on the arrangement of working areas and employee lounge rooms, where the special attention is paid to surfaces (walls, floors, ceilings). We use only original and reliable materials that in addition to the basic characteristics guarantee: the durability, sound insulation, fire safety, antistaticity, moisture resistance. These requirements to the used materials are considered as mandatory when our company carries out renovation works in office premises.

Kinds of renovation:

We divide renovation into two types:

  • “face-lifting”;
  • complex on the "turn-key" basis».

“Face-lifting” renovation

“Face-lifting” renovation is a highly-requested service that helps refresh and change the interior. Competent finishing will provide the respectable look to the office premises in a short time at minimal financial expenses. Premises are not exposed to re-planning, global and time-consuming works. Quite often, the “face-lifting” renovation is ordered for rented offices, as in such case, it is impossible to carry out dramatic actions to improve the external look of premises, provide re-planning or reconstruction. “Face-lifting” renovation is a simple renovation and finishing works. It does not include re-planning, wire installation and wiring, installation of complex systems of air conditioning, ventilation, heating and etc., and it reduces the cost. When “face-lifting” renovation is completed, office becomes more functional and comfortable. It is possible to zone the space in order to provide the employees an easy switchover from one working process to another. Anyway, you need to thoroughly think through the details and plan future works.

As a rule, we provide the following services:

  • preparation of surfaces (leveling, sanding, puttying);
  • painting or wall covering;
  • painting of doors and windows;
  • installation of suspended ceiling;
  • new flooring or restoration of old floor coverings;
  • repair of wiring;
  • painting of pipes, radiators of water and gas supply systems, heating.

Complex renovation on the "turn-key" basis

Means the full transformation of the workspace and allows expressing the corporate style and specialization of the company.

This type includes:

  • re-planning;
  • ruggedization of constructions;
  • renovation of the roof and facade;
  • wire installation and wiring;
  • installation of modern air conditioning, ventilation, heating, fire safety, video surveillance, alarm systems, etc.;
  • demolition of old and assembly of new glass or gypsum board partitions;
  • replacement of windows and doors;
  • floor leveling and screed laying.

We offer the following advantages and guarantees:

  • we carry out renovations of offices for almost two decades and have an extensive experience in this area;
  • personal approach to each customer;
  • the use of innovative Austrian and German technologies;
  • use of professional equipment, original and reliable materials;
  • complete control of work at each stage;
  • European quality for an affordable cos;
  • handing-over of works at each stage according to the time schedule;
  • long-term warranty with the following post-warranty service.
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