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About Company

Our advantages

“SELECTRENBAU” has been operating in low-rise construction, design and renovating sector since 1997, and since 2000 in cooperation with Austrian company «Select Baubedarf und Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H.». This cooperation has resulted in following advantages of our work:

-        Using of the latest technologies, inventions and equipment for conducting works in design, construction and comprehensive renovation of different room types at our projects;

-        Cooperation with many famous European suppliers of constructing materials, lighting, furniture and décor elements;

-        Direct deliveries from European manufacturers of designer lighting, furniture and décor pieces of different status including luxury. Guaranteed shipping of original products from the renowned brand to our client’s project;

-        Vast selection possibilities when choosing constructing materials and supplies for project setting (lighting, furniture, décor, wallpapers, tiles, floor coverings, sanitary engineering) according to the design projects we develop;

-        Organizing of all-inclusive purchasing of  constructing materials and items of setting according to the design project – you won’t have to waste time thinking out where and from whom to buy quality products by affordable prices, as we always offer competitive prices compared to Kiev market;

-        We keep evolving, follow the last trends in design and construction in USA and Western Europe, update our library of materials and different design brochures;

-        We meet with our client in a comfortable office, not in a café or at project site;

-        We’ve been working only with reliable contractors who proved their reputation during years of cooperation;

Given all the above advantages, we can give a guarantee for materials used in working process, as well as for lighting, furniture, décor, doors, windows, and other, because we can rely on our suppliers with whom we have been working for quite long period of time.

Also we give 2-3 years warranty depending on project status and completed works volume. This warranty implies supervision over the project, maintenance and fixing of possible flaws which may appear after all works have been finished. We are aware that there is nothing eternal and ideal, thus no one is insured against some defects which might come out on surface, so we do not forget about our client and its project upon completion – it’s crucial for us to understand how the house, office or apartment will “behave” itself during exploitation, and it lets us grow professionally and go further on, as long as there is no perfection limit in our business.