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About Company

Our credo

Selectrenbau - a diversified company that is trusted by hundreds of customers and partners. Their respect was deserved by principles that make our credo.

1. Comprehensive approach.

Facilities complemented by our company will help you to avoid lots of troubles and financial losses related to the purchasing of necessary goods. We will timely complement the facility with original European, American and domestic products supplied at fair prices directly from manufacturers. For customers, it means the wide range of construction and finishing materials, furniture of various styles, lighting, decoration items, electrical equipment and other goods.

2. Shared responsibility.

Unlike salons or show rooms, we are the sole supplier and provide qualitative installation of various groups of goods (construction and finishing materials, furniture, lighting, decoration items, electrical equipment), and thus do not overprice offered products, but vice versa, make them be optimal for our customers. As we undertake the full supply of the project with necessary goods and services, the company bears the shared responsibility for its impeccable implementation. If the goods are acquired by you or for you in different salons and the installation is provided by extraneous construction, renovation and finishing teams, then not only all kinds of responsibility are lost, but also deadlines are missed. It often happens in real life. Products acquired at Selecrenbau are delivered to the facility according to the schedule, so that is why we never miss deadlines, damage goods and materials. Also we provide warranty with the following post-warranty service.

3. Transparent pricing.

Selectrenbau provides customers with a clear calculation, reasonable prices for all kinds of goods and works. Project complement department regularly carries out financial monitoring, as well as in Kiev and other regions in order to guarantee customers competitive prices for the goods of domestic and foreign manufacturers by projects complement with shared responsibility represented by our company. In this case customers do not overpay for advertising, storage, use of commercial and warehouse spaces and other overhead costs that retailers include in the prices (shops, salons and show-rooms). Due to the cooperating with hundreds of manufacturers of Western Europe and the USA, as well as with time-proved domestic manufacturers and direct purchase (without intermediaries), the company provides the extensive range of goods of different price categories.

4. European quality, terms and guarantees.

Our company consists of the team of certified architects, creative workshop of designers, project and engineering bureau, own construction and finishing teams. We carry out the range of services, using advanced technology developments of the Austrian and the German construction industry, professional equipment and tools. It enables to carry out project, design, renovation and construction works at the European quality level, providing customers the long-term guarantee and commissioning of work stages according to schedule.

5. Creativity.

There is nothing impossible for our specialists. We know that there is no limit to perfection, so that is why we are always looking for new technologies to create original, non-trivial projects. We say “no” to boring templates! We say "yes" to limitless creativity!

Each facility implemented by the company Selectrenbau is a fair cost, impeccable quality, timely commissioning and original image.