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About Company

Our team

Наша команда


Kovalev Volodymyr - director

Education - Kyiv, KCEI

project controls engineer

Nikolai - project controls engineer

Education - Kyiv, KCEI


Valeriy - engineer

Education - Kherson, KNTU


Sergiy - designer-painter

Education - Kyiv, KCEI, КІСІ


Volodymyr - management

Education – Kyiv, KNU


Viktoria - architect-designer

Education - Kyiv, KNUTD

tehcnical supervisor

Oleg - tehcnical supervisor

Education - Kyiv, KCEI

budgets manager

Oleksiy - budgets manager

Education - Kyiv, KCEI

“Selectrenbau” Team

Innovative technologies for the optimization of manufacturing processes are constantly introduced into the sphere of the global construction industry. To master them to perfection is a task faced by every professional and it issuccessfully solved by "Selectrenbau" personnel.

The personnel policy of the company is based on the recruitment of employees with specialized education, working experience at various facilities, creative thinking and commitment to results. We welcome in our team people who want to learn new European technologies and improve their professional skills. Thus, the staff of "Selectrenbau" is a team of professionals, where the knowledge and experience of the elder generation of employees is supplemented by ambitions and innovative ideas of the younger generation.

The governing corporative principle of our activity is an integrated approach to the projecting, design, renovation and construction of facilities. Therefore, the company consists of the following complementary departments:

  • Department of architecture and projecting - includes architects, project engineers working on the development of projects of various buildings (country houses, cottages, offices, office buildings, shopping and entertainment centers,hotels, restaurants, industrial and agricultural facilities, etc.);
  • Creative workshop of designers develops the style, selects materials, decoration, furniture and lighting for each room;
  • Estimating department - performs calculations related to the materials purchasing and work performance;
  • Operational department - consists of constructing engineers, power engineers,foremen, performing quality control and timeliness of performing operationsrequired by working project;
  • Landscaping service - solves a variety of problems related to the improvement of the facility, so that is why it includes land-surveyors, geologists, landscape designers, power engineers and hydraulic engineers, dendrologists, landscape architects;
  • Supply and complement department - is responsible for a timely supply with materials required for the renovation and finishing works and construction of the facility and also supplies the company with necessary consumable items, equipment and machinery;
  • Law department - provides and controls the compliance with all necessary laws, regulatory system during work process. It develops and sign agreements with customers, suppliers;
  • Compliance department – provides the obtaining of building permissions, prepares the set of documents needed for the commissioning.

Construction, renovating and finishing teams deserve special attention. Each mason, tiler, concrete worker, painter, plasterer, roofer, electrician, plumber, working in "Selectrenbau" is a professional with serious experience under the belt. All of them periodically take specialized trainings, courses, mastering innovative technologies and their skills to use new equipment.

Efficient work management and professionalism of our employees allow us to create and successfully implement the most complex projects. Departments and services can work both independently, performing certain types of work, or in a team, commissioning the facility on the "turn-key" basis. It enables us to use the working time of the personnel and technical resources effectively. For customers, such personnel policy provides the following advantages:

  1. development of the full project, including architectural, engineering and design aspects;
  2. detailed budget calculation with prices fixed on the day of the agreement conclusion;
  3. compliance with the schedule, including devices of engineering systems and landscaping;
  4. European quality of work;
  5. use of high-quality materials and equipment from proved manufacturers;
  6. warranty and post-warranty service.

"Selectrenbau" team offers endless possibilities to embody original ideas.

  • We do not just create unique concepts. We find necessary technologies, mechanisms and tools for their implementation.
  • We do not just say that we appreciate time and money of customers. We demonstrate it in our daily work.
  • We do not just say that we appreciate time and money of customers. We demonstrate it in our daily work.

Our team is a creator of hundreds of unique facilities and trust of numerous customers.