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Renovation of clubs and cinema theatres

A club or a cinema is a place where you can relax and have fun with friends, close people and colleges. Some people like to have rest at the disco; someone enjoys watching an interesting movie at the cinema. There are a lot of variants of places for you to spend time in an amusing way: almost every day new cinemas and clubs are opened.

How to withstand the pressure of competitors and attract visitors to your establishment?

If an entertainment establishment wants to withstand competition, it is necessary to change or refresh the interior, making professional renovation regularly. And it is better to entrust it to the team of professionals, who know their job thoroughly. Every single person, who walks inside, first of all pays attention to the original interior and to the rate of coziness and comfort. Owner should remember that visitors should get ready for positive impressions right off the bat. Only in such case they will have a desire to visit the establishment again, advising it their close people and friends.

The first visual contact will form the image of the establishment, and only then service and bar will undergo the evaluation. To match the tempo of life of young people, interior and exterior need regular modernizations. Quite often it may turn out to be a difficult task for their owners. The company “Selectrenbau” works to solve this problem. We have thoroughly studied the specifics of the work of such establishments, use modern technologies and equipment, and know visitors’ preferences. According to this information we develop the memorable interior that will attract new visitors to the establishment.

We carry out the project from the beginning to the end

One of the main activities of the company "Selectrenbau" for 16 years is to provide customers with professional renovation and finishing of entertainment establishments. The team of qualified specialists has implemented dozens of facilities of different complexity. That is why you can be sure that you will get only professional renovation for fair and reasonable cost, provided by European quality. We are ready to vouch for each type of carried out work and guarantee that the implementation will be completed within strictly allotted time. We provide services of renovation and finishing works on the "turn-key" basis partially or in full range. We carry out the projecting and installation of air conditioning, ventilation, electricity supply and fire safety systems and others. Comprehensive approach and accuracy in the allocation of responsibilities - the only right solution that enables us to cut time allotted for the renovation. Our skills in conjunction with the customers’ preferences allow selecting the required variant - from the development of design project to its implementation.


Offered types of works

We carry out both “face-lifting” and complex renovations on the "turn-key" basis.

“Face-lifting”is a suitable variant for the improvement of exterior look of the facility that actualizes its image and style. This type allows changing the exterior look of the establishment promptly.

As a rule, it includes the following works:

  • painting and plaster works (ceilings and walls painting;
  • replacement or restoration of wall and floor coverings;
  • repair, replacement or repainting of doors, installation of plinths;
  • repair of damaged or replacement of low-voltage electrical wiring.

Complex renovation on the "turn-key" basis is a number of activities which require major financial investments and time frame for the implementation. This type will allow not only change the interior, but also make it be interesting and technologically effective, improve characteristics, add style and comfort. During complex renovation process may be provided partial or complete re-planning, changes in the ceiling and walls construction.

Often, it involves the following works:

  • re-planning (disassembly of old and assembly of new partitions);
  • internal and external finishing (painting, plastering works, etc.);
  • aying of electrical wiring;
  • installation of modern air conditioning, ventilation, heating, fire safety systems, etc;
  • replacement of doors and windows;
  • floor leveling and screed laying;
  • façade restoration, roof repair.

Peculiarities of club renovation carried out by the company "Selectrenbau"

For clubs interior plays the primary role. Atmosphere is the most important for visitors. As a matter of fact, clubs with stylish and original design attract more visitors. That is why it is necessary to carry out the face-lifting renovation at least once a year. The external look of a trendy entertainment establishment should match the tempo of life of young people, be fashionable and attractive. When carrying out renovation works in a club, the priority is given to the original light and sound. These two components are aimed at the creation of atmosphere that favors relaxation and festive mood. When selecting professional equipment specialists take into account the following parameters:

  • Club area;
  • Ceilings height;
  • Perimeter configuration;
  • arrangement of bar and tables.

The ability to handle this knowledge is required in the process of renovation, and it is used by specialists of our company. In addition to the interesting exterior look, each club is to be equipped with efficient security system (especially fire safety). We will undertake care of the life and health safety of visitors and will install necessary security features.

Peculiarities of the cinema renovation carried out by the company "Selectrenbau"

It’s a pity, but in recent years the number of visitors of the movie theaters has been gradually decreasing. It is no wonder, since many cinemas were repaired many years ago, and their premises became old-fashioned. Visitors can not enjoy a movie, which is being shown with the help of outdated equipment, while sitting in a hard and old chair, which you need to reach going through a narrow aisle. Because of these problems, the renovation of a movie theater becomes rather a necessity, than a recommendation. The daily flow of visitors prompts to carrying out of regular, professional and modern renovation. And it's advisable to make it as soon as possible, in order not to stop the work of the theater for a long time.

Experts of "Selectrenbau" will be glad to do the current “face-lifting”renovation in the new cinemas, as well as restoration of the old ones. Professionally renovated interior will create comfortable and modern environment in a movie theater that will let viewers enjoy the wonderful game of actors and exciting scenes. The well thought-out interior will welcome the visitors by immersing them into the magical charm of the world of cinematography.

While making the renovation our experts will replace the lighting, sound and video equipment, create the unique interior and assemble comfortable furniture. We will take care of the installation of fire safety systems. There are a lot of people watching movies in the cinema, and it is necessary to ensure a comfortable microclimate for them. For this purpose, there will be a powerful system of ventilation and air conditioning installed in the cinema hall. We are interested to do everything so that the cinema visitors admire not only the film they watched, but also the design of the hall. Our common main goal is satisfied visitors!!

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