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Home facade renovation and finishing

Facade – is a "face" and a visiting card of the building, which creates the first impression about people who live or work there. Besides the aesthetic exterior look, facade also has a protective function. It reduces the negative impact of atmospheric and mechanical effects on the carrying walls of the building. Therefore, in order to maintain the visual attraction and functionality of the building, it is important to periodically renovate the facade, regardless of its type. The renovation and finishing works on the facade allow both to renovate and improve the exterior look, saving the primary architecture and distinctive decorative elements, and also to drastically change the original exterior look of the building. Besides, it is very important to use only reliable materials while carrying out the renovation and decoration of facades. It is also necessary to strictly follow the technology and entrust works only to qualified specialists. The fulfillment of these conditions will ensure safety and durability both of the façade, carrying walls and of the building. Facade works help to maintain the aesthetic exterior look of the buildings during their use. Moreover, the more professional renovation of a façade is carried out (and it is worth to point out here the quality of used materials and skills of work contractors), the longer it will serve people, providing the protective function and bring pleasure with its beauty, novelty and elegance.

The company "Selectrenbau" offers customers a range of services related to the renovation and finishing of façades. We will execute the reconstruction and finishing for the façade of residential, public and administrative buildings. Over the years, we have acquired the wide experience in façade works of different complexity and volume. The specialists of the company will choose the right technology, which depends on tasks and functions of the building and planned budget. The use of European technologies, original materials, professional equipment, strict control at every stage, allow us to provide customers with long-term warranty on works.

We carry out both the “face-lifting” and complex renovations of facades on the "turn-key" basis, and in addition, we provide separate services for external restoration of architectural facilities.


The “face-lifting” renovation of the facade means a range of services that do not involve the serious interference in the construction of building walls.These include services aimed at the improvement of the external look of buildings: cleaning of dirty surfaces and elimination of cracks, fragmentary or full painting. “Face-lifting” renovation carried out in time, will extend the service life of carrying walls of the building, postponing the time for the major intervention, and will essentially save money spent on subsequent upkeep. “Face-lifting” renovation of the facade should be carried out at least once every 5 years. Timely painting and finishing of the façade of building will keep an attractive exterior look and protect walls from the aggressive environmental impact.

When it comes to the complex or major renovation of façade, it includes a range of stages. It includes not only the renewal of the external look of the building, but also works that will extend the service life. The list of works includes the alignment of walls, restoration (possiblyfragmentally) of destroyed façade elements with works on the restoration of masonry andmoldings, seam sealing, waterproofingand heat insulation. It is possible to carry out other works. Their quantity, degree of complexity depend on the state of the carrying walls of the facility.

The range of works carried out by the company "Selectrenbau" is extensive:

  • consultation, visit of the facility;
  • projecting;
  • selection of materials;
  • painting;
  • renovation, restoration and finishing of the façade with decoration plaster;
  • restoration of destroyed elements with works on the reconstruction of masonry, moldings, etc.;
  • work on seam sealing, waterproofing, heat insulation of exterior walls;
  • assembly of render system;
  • assembly of ventilated facades;
  • natural or artificial stone facing;
  • brick facing;
  • facing with metal siding;
  • facing with clinker tiles;
  • renovation and finishing of entrances, balconies, porch and other building elements.

Renovation and finishing of the façade at our company, it is:

  • performance of works of any complexity and volume;
  • complete control of work at every stage;
  • fair prices with European quality, progress payment;
  • official agreement;
  • long-term warranty for works with the following post-warranty service.
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