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Renovation of apartments

In turnkey renovation of apartments, as well as in any other sphere, it’s quite important to rely on trustworthy contractors who will fulfill your thoughts and requirements concerning future renovation, which would become a basement for the next step, interior design. The client also has to determine and approve at least approximate planning and chalk out preliminary re-planning in rooms. Useless to explain why it’s important to do it beforehand in case with renovation, as it’s no good to do re-planning or critical changes on the half way to the goal.

Our team of professionals carries out a comprehensive turnkey renovation, and not complex cosmetic or overall renovation of the apartment in Kiev or just separate rooms, kitchen, corridor, or bathroom. We have all facilities covered to do that: experienced team of professionals, reliable contractors to carry out different works of renovation in different types of room, partner relations with many European manufacturers of tiles, stone, parquet, finishing materials etc. On a preparatory phase of renovation it’s important for the client to find trustworthy executors, whom he could start to think over the future renovation or even interior design with. One should oversee many nuances: date of building construction – you need to understand how far you can go with re-planning there, which will help you line out certain borders for renovations; number of floors in the building, actual state of all communications (power grid, water supply system), ceiling height, walls’ thickness, and many other not less important details. It’s more comfortable and easier to do renovation in newly constructed building comparing to many years buildings which were constructed long ago, but there’s no warranty against flaws which might arise after the new building has been completed. During the renovation process our company strives to make up for those flaws left inadvertently by builders, what is quite important for the client who intends to live there for a long time.

 An experienced construction company who carries out different services in renovating-constructing and finishing works of any level will not be able to give an exact quote for all works and terms of completion at least until the first stage of renovating is finished. It’s risky and not responsibly of the executor who claims to be a professional in his sphere. Any professional renovation must be done step by step to give a client an opportunity to control and evaluate each stage with introducing some corrections into the design plan. A service “turnkey renovation” implies the abovementioned working scheme at the project.