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Renovation of commercial premises

Renovation of all kinds of commercial premises, boutiques and shops is always in demand. The constant growth of a number of new sales outlets and the increasing competition between them caused the high demand for renovation or finishing of shopping facilities. Besides, the competition forces the owners to make facilities more attractive to buyers. That is why the offered projects also become more complicated and interesting. People usually pay attention to the outlets that stand out for their style or interesting and authentic design, both external and internal, and perhaps brand distinctive features as well. Visitors like to go shopping, entertain themselves and of course buy something. The more beautiful and comfortable the sales outlet is, the more often buyers come back there. The shop is like a display window: the more attractive the product and design is, the more attention it attracts. Every customer wants to buy only those goods which are stored in appropriate conditions (clean and fresh). Therefore, commercial premises, whether it's a boutique or a shop, which do not stand out for originality and neatness, after a while lose their regular customers, who find the desired impression going to competitors.

A shop is a place which should not only bring joy to the owner, but also draw the interest of a buyer. Every detail stimulates to buy. That’s the effect of style, color, lighting, decoration materials being used, etc. That is why you must thoroughly weigh and plan everything to the last detail before starting the renovation works. There is no doubt that the owner should determine the style direction and the concept of the sales outlet. However he/she must do this, taking into account preferences of the customers: current or potential. A buyer should feel the pleasure from making a purchase. This means that nothing should distract or, which is worse, irritate in the atmosphere. Comfort of the customers, this is exactly what the interior and renovation works of each shopping facility are oriented to..

It’s no good to save on the upcoming renovation, because it is a part of promotion of your business. Going inside the store, buyers evaluate its interior, which is automatically associated with the quality of goods. Comfortable, stylish interior will let you keep regular and attract new customers, while increasing the sales. Therefore, the renovation of such facility should be carried out professionally and with the use of durable materials. While designing commercial premises it is important to take into account everything, from suitable for buyers and sellers layout to professional finishing of walls, ceiling and floor, placement of furniture, shop equipment, lighting fixtures and other details.


One of the main activities of the company "Selectrenbau" is to provide the renovation of commercial premises, shops and boutiques.Over these years we have successfully complemented dozens of commercial facilities with unchangeable European quality. If you use services of the company, you will be able not only to refresh the interior of commercial premises, but also achieve ergonomics, rational use of every square meter. We carry out both “face-lifting” renovations and complex – on the "turn-key" basis. When carrying out works, we use only advanced technologies, professional equipment and tools, original materials. It enables us to provide customers the long-term warranty for all kinds of work.

We adhere to the principle of measured and fair pricing. Estimating department systematically analyses prices for the renovation works both in Kyiv and in other regions, and due to it we provide customers fair and competitive prices for all kinds of work. You pay when works are done.

As mentioned above, we provide both the “face-lifting” and complex renovations on the “turn-key” basis for commercial premises.

  1. “Face-lifting” renovation involves the interior finishing with the replacement or renewal of surfaces. We will professionally restore the floor covering, install suspended ceilings and wall panels, perform painting and plaster works. The positive side of such renovation is that you completely change the look of a room, making minor financial investments.
  2. Complex renovation is referred to as a complicated type of renovation that requires both time and financial expenses. It begins from the development of the design project, as in the process of complex renovation is made the partial or full re-planning of spaces. If necessary, we will move or assemble new partitions, doorways and niches. Engineers will project and replace electricity mains and communication systems. If in the course of works the intervention in the utility systems will be necessary, the employees of “Selectrenbau”will develop reliable communication projects needed for the proper functioning of equipment. We take care of ventilation and air conditioning systems that will provide the visitors and employees of commercial premises with comfortable atmosphere. We will also carry out electrical and low-power works: installation and configuration of video surveillance systems, fire and burglar alarm systems, telephone and computer networks.

At “Selectrenbau” work only professional executors, whom you can entrust the complicated renovation. We provide every customer with warranty on the carried out work, followed by the post-warranty service. We carry out renovation and finishing works in accordance with sanitary and hygienic standards and fire protection norms. European quality, well-defined timetable, fair prices - the components that create trust of customers to the company.

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