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Repair of cottages, houses and villas

The number of people, who prefer to buy property outside the city, increases every year. Living in a country house or a cottage distracts from the noise and rhythm of the city, allowing you to enjoy the nature and fresh air. Own private house outside the city gives an opportunity to implement bold ideas and fantasies in design and functionality of the residence. In such house it is possible to place: sauna, swimming pool, billiard room, gym and other rooms necessary for different amusements. The owners have wide opportunities, the main thing is to professionally implement the cherished ideas.

It is more reasonable to buy a house that needs a renovation, than to buy a fully finished house. The real estate agents include the cost of finishing works into the final cost of the cottage. While the construction of facility the preferences of property developer are taken into account, but not of the future owner of the house. In fact, everyone has their own wishes concerning style, colors, texture and shades of finishing materials, furniture, lighting fixtures and so on. The professional renovation and finishing works in the country estate is a labour-consuming and complicated process. In addition to the standard works, private house needs, for example, the proper reconstruction or modernization of systems of water supply, sewage, and heating. The harmonious and comfortable life of your family depends on how well the renovation tasks will be solved.


It is possible to do the renovation in a private house or a cottage in several ways:

  • every year to renovate one thing on your own or with the help of specialists – external or internal finishing, utility systems, to renovate the facade or the roof. In this case, the renovation process becomes slow and will unlikely be comfortable for the family that constantly living in the house;
  • to carry out the renovation works in parallel, but with the involvement of several construction teams. This is an acceptable solution, but in this case there will be a crowd of workers of different specialities in the house, and you as the owner of the house will constantly coordinate the work of several contractors and solve the arising problems by yourself;
  • to enter into a contract with a company that will professionally carry out the complex of renovation and finishing works within the time limits set. Such solution is optimal and right, since this approach reduces the duration of work and the quality becomes much higher, than in two previous cases.

One of the main activities of the company "Selectrenbau" which since 2000 is a member of the group “Select Austria-Ukraine” is to provide customers with professional renovation of country estate.Over these years, we carry out works of any complexity: from “face-lifting” renovation and to the complex renovation on the "turn-key" basis regardless of the type or size of the building.

Due to the collaboration with foreign partners, we apply Austrian and German technologies, use professional equipment, and the availability of own professional staff with different qualifications (painters, plasterers, tilers, electricians, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems engineers) allows us to implement the most complicated tasks, providing European quality and reasonable prices. We adhere to the principle of measured and fair pricing for carried out works. It is a continuous and gradual process with the implementation of planned activities. You pay when works are done.

At “Selectrenbau” you can order not only renovation works, but also the full complementation with finishing materials, electrical fixtures and other goods. Our estimating department systematically monitors prices for renovation and finishing works and materials both in Kyiv and in other regions, and due to it we provide customers with fair and competitive prices for all kind of work and materials, carry out full warranty and post-warranty services. As we undertake the full supply of the facility with necessary materials, equipment and works, the company bears the shared responsibility for its impeccable implementation. We directly purchase foreign and domestic materials from time-proved manufacturers and it allows us to follow the schedule stipulated in the official agreement.

We provide:

  • partial or complex renovation on the "turn-key" basis of your facility;
  • all kinds of renovation and finishing works (laying of floor and wall coverings, installation of doors and windows, electrical equipment, plumbing fixtures, air conditioning, heating, ventilation, etc.);
  • installation or replacement of communication systems, both inside of the building and at the site;
  • Along with the internal works at the facility, we can offer a range of facade works (restoration, heat insulation, installation of ventilated facade, roof repair). Experienced specialists will provide the improvement of the site. We will develop and implement the landscape design around the house of any complexity and at all levels. We will bring to life ideas and wishes: an artificial lake, covered pool, winter garden or playground..

    Collaboration with us:

    • use of only professional equipment, reliable materials;
    • complete control of operations;
    • official agreement;
    • fair prices with European quality, progress payment;
    • handing-over of works according to the time schedule;
    • long-term warranty for the provided work with the following post-warranty service.
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