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Renovation of restaurants & cafes

What influences the popularity of the restaurant, cafe or other similar place where visitors come to relax and have rest? Of course, this is delicious food and cozy atmosphere. A professional chef and an exquisite menu will help you with the first factor affecting the attendance, and we, the team "Seleсtrenbau" that has been carrying out professional renovation and finishing works for 16 years, will provide the atmosphere of coziness and memorable interior, attracting visitors with sophistication and style. It is important to remember that comfort and cozy atmosphere, along with chef’s art of cooking influence the decision of guests whether to come to you again or choose competitors. While the guests wait for their orders, they listen to music, communicate and study the interior of the dining room. Even regular visitors would be excited to see the renovated interior, nonstandard and bold designer’s solutions.

While making the renovation, it is necessary to not only design the interior of dining room for the visitors, but also to take care of the functionality and safety of personnel facilities (utility rooms, kitchen, etc.), which must conform with fire protection and sanitary regulations. This conformity is necessary, since it will help to avoid the occurrence of force majeure situations and their consequences in future. Modern and original finishing materials for kitchen and personnel facilities, reliable fire safety equipment will enable the staff to carry out thе daily work without worrying about safety. Professionally equipped, functional and safe workplace will allow the chef to easily create culinary masterpieces and please the guests.


You need a professional renovation of café or restaurant, if:

  1. Profitability of business decreases without any clear reasons. Change of decor will give guests new impressions.
  2. Your establishment has not been renovated for more than ten years. Restaurant or cafe still has the original and imposing appearance, if the previous renovation was carried out professionally. However, for efficient running of a business, where profit margin directly depends on the visitors’impressions, a decade-long pause in development is unacceptable. The world around us is constantly changing, and the needs of customers are changing along with it, so you need to keep your finger on the pulse of these changes, offering trendy interior novelties.
  3. You need to urgently get a competitive advantage. When a few restaurants or cafes were opened near your establishment, intended for the same target audience, then you have to compete for your visitors. Renovation – is a sure option.

One of the main activities of the company "Selectrenbau" which since 2000 is a member of the group “Select Austria-Ukraine” is to provide customers with professional renovation of restaurants, cafes and bars.Due to the collaboration with foreign partners, we apply Austrian and German technologies, use professional equipment, when carrying out works of any complexity. We help customers to make the restaurant or café look stylish and comfortable, be functional and safe. Over these years we have complemented dozens of facilities that bring stable profit to their owners. We are ready to provide guarantee for each type of work and ensure that it will be completed within strictly allotted time.

We carry out works of any complexity, from the “face-lifting” renovation and to the complex renovation on the "turn-key" basis».

Face-lifting” renovation is a simple refreshing of the interior. This type is aimed at adding some fresh touches in the design and creation of an attractive and cozy atmosphere. It includes minor re-planning and won’t require large financial investments.

As a rule, it includes the following works:

  • painting and plaster works (ceilings and walls painting);
  • replacement or restoration of wall and floor coverings;
  • repair, replacement or repainting of doors, installation of plinths;
  • Repair of electrical wiring.

Complex renovation on the "turn-key" basis is a complicated type of renovation. You will need major financial investments and time frame for its implementation. It is intended to change the interior in order to provide it modern look and technological effectiveness, improve characteristics, add style and comfort. During the complex renovation process, the partial or complete re-planning, major changes in the ceiling and walls construction are provided.

Often, it involves the following works:

  • re-planning (disassembly of old and assembly of new partitions);
  • internal and external finishing (painting, plastering works, etc.);
  • laying of new electrical wiring;
  • installation of modern air conditioning, ventilation, heating, fire safety systems, etc.;
  • replacement of doors and windows;
  • floor leveling and screed laying;
  • façade restoration, roof repair.

Cooperating with us you will get:

  • stylish and author’s facility;
  • thought-out planning, which will be appreciated by staff and visitors;
  • comfortable and functional rooms, that meet sanitary and hygienic standards and fire protection norms;
  • complete control of working stage;
  • official agreement;
  • fair prices with European quality, progress paymen;
  • handing-over of works according to the time schedule;
  • long-term warranty for the provided work with the following post-warranty service.

Customers’ trust is the main value of the company "Seleсtrenbau". For years of activity we have gained considerable experience and reputation of the company that you can surely advise to friends and colleagues. And as we believe, our main advantage is the provision of services of European quality.

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