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Customer requirements:

  • stable maintenance of comfortable environments for living and/ or working;
  • cost-effective operation of the equipment with high efficiency;
  • timeliness of preventive maintenance;
  • prompt repairs and corrective maintenance;
  • acceptable prices;
  • high professional level of employees.

Why choose "Selectrenbau":

  • 16 years of experience in various kinds of services;
  • Service staff and specialized professionals;
  • Use of professional tools and equipment, application of modern technologies;
  • Prompt fulfillment of any assignment;
  • Fair prices;
  • Multi-step approach for timeline control related to works being executed;
  • Punctuality and responsibility of the personnel;
  • Long-term guarantee.

The way we work:

  • accept an application over the phone (in case of emergencies), or determine the date of planned activities;
  • schedule an appointment with the customer at a convenient time, when our specialists may visit him; discuss with the customer the estimated cost of works and consumables;
  • visit the object (site) and refine the required volumes;
  • carry out maintenance or emergency work;
  • carry out commissioning and arrange signing a Service Acceptance Certificate;
  • check payment for work and materials provided.

Company "Selectrenbau" - European level services

In order to ensure the smooth functioning of all the utilities and electrical appliances in your apartment or house, you need to perform periodically maintenance of it. The modern construction involves the use of innovative technologies, therefore only professionals with necessary equipment and skills are able to provide the necessary service. The company "Selectrenbau", which specializes in complex construction and renovation of various facilities, provides timely and professional after-sales service of electrical equipment, plumbing appliances, engineering systems and communications.

Maintenance of apartments

Each apartment owner seeks to create an environment corresponding to the concept of comfort and harmony. In this process the owner aims to provide the desired level of living conditions, which in turn should be achieved by use of various conveniences. The most important of them are being installed during the construction: water supply, sewerage, air conditioning, heating, electrification. Therefore, the staff of Selectrenbau provides apartment maintenance services which include a range of works that are necessary for normal functioning of the following systems and equipment:

  • Water supply (pipes, valves, mixers for bathroom and kitchen);
  • Sewer drain (plumbing pipes for bathrooms and kitchens drains);
  • Heating (central and autonomous - boilers, pumps, pipes, radiators, geysers);
  • Electricity (wiring, sockets, switches, lighting, stabilizers, uninterruptible power supply devices);
  • Air-conditioning (cleaning outdoor units with high pressure washers, cleaning indoor units with special antimicrobial and antifungal agents, replacement of filters).

By entering into the contract of maintenance services on a regular basis, we make a commitment to eliminate domestic problems that may occur and to prevent them.

Complex individual home maintenance services

Anyone who spent at least a small part of his life at private home or cottage, can estimate of how much labor is required to ensure the effective maintenance of internal systems and communications, as well as of external, let alone the home building. And especially in the off-season when there is an urgent need to prepare the building and area outside for winter or hot season. To minimize the owners time and provide them with a constant comfort, we perform the planed or force majeure work. In particular, we provide maintenance services as following:

  • Regular inspection and replacement of worn-out elements of water supply systems (including maintenance of pumps and wells), heating, sanitation (including cleaning the drain hole);
  • Maintenance of equipment for air conditioning and ventilation, fire alarm and video surveillance, gate control and other facilities included in the program of "smart home";
  • House exterior walls maintenance;
  • Roof renovation or repair;
  • Controlling the outdoor lighting and watering systems, periodic programming;
  • Seasonal work in the outside area.

The range of our proposed private home maintenance services is wide and varied. Our regular customers are sure that they can safely entrust us with the care of their property - everything will be carried out professionally and on time.

Home communications maintenance

Following the transferring apartment buildings from communal ownership to the condominium category, the question on tenant’s mind today is: who can replace the housing and maintenance organizations (the HMOs) and provide the home maintenance services? We know the correct answer: there are specialists of the company Selectrenbau. The list of our services includes maintenance that suits the particular needs of each multi-storey residential building:

  • Boiler rooms maintenance (within roof space, in cellar, in the outdoor area), heat meters installation or dismantling for inspection, routine maintenance on preparing for heating season and finishing it, replacement of riser sections and radiators in the apartments;
  • Water supply and sewerage systems maintenance;
  • Preventive work and ensuring the smooth functioning of electrical panels, outdated wiring replacement, staircase and outdoor lighting control.

The pricing for our services is transparent and fair. We have gained a reputation as a reliable company, which employs professionals, who are masters of their craft. Therefore, signing a contract with us for maintenance service, you are guaranteed to get the services at European level.

Landscape Services

To make the area outside your house look pretty and welcoming, a constant laborious maintenance should be provided. Whatever the area, a year-round attention must be paid to it, and this exceeds possibilities of the most home owners.

We are always ready to help, providing the full range of landscape works, including:

  • Lawn care service (mowing, fertilizing, weed control);
  • Planting annual plants;
  • Pruning trees and shrubs;
  • Phytosanitary treatment (spraying pesticides, herbicides);
  • Snow and fallen leaves removal;
  • Activities to prevent icing up;
  • Preparing plants for winter;
  • Winterizing watering systems and timely connection in the spring;
  • Maintenance of the landscape decoration and outdoor elements (terraces, walkways, children's playgrounds, fences, pergolas);
  • Paths and paved areas refurbishment;
  • Cleaning ponds and pools.

Placing order of full range of landscape services with us, the customers of Selectrenbau can enjoy all year round a wonderful view of the surrounding area, getting the most out of every moment of their life.